This is a WIP, meaning it's a work in progress.

I am still unsure about character names and personalities.

When I fell off the 4 story building's roof, I suspected that today wasn't going to be my day. Yeah, that's me.

Sure, some people say my life is wonderful because of my inherited fame from both my father and mother, but it was the opposite. If only they knew my real "wonderful" life, they'd change their mind. I've always been struggling in school to keep up, and yes, I was one of those people who got made fun of—not because of my looks or anything, but my stupidity. I have a split personality and talk to myself whenever I'm lonesome, or possibly whenever the other side takes over. I admit it; I'm a mess.

Even with my parents, I feel like dying. They're a real pain, though they don't care what my attitude is in school. But they're parents so I hear this line every nine weeks, 'YINYANG, I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU THAT THE NEXT TIME I SEE THIS BEHAVIOR, NO MORE VIDEO GAMES ORR FRIENDS!' and so I'm still annoyed. I don't understand parents, never shall I, never will I. My excuse, 'Sorry mom, I'm so forgetful and worthless' blah, blah, blah. Before you know it, I'm playing games and hanging out with my friends. So believable.

I was running late for school one day, so my mom decided it would be a "great" idea to drive me (really all she wanted to do was make sure I didn't ditch, what a smart woman). As my mother watched as I successfully walked through the doors I sighed heavily when she drove away. She knew that every teacher or supervisor would make sure I couldn't escape, so pretty much, I was locked in.

My best friend Masaaki was standing there waiting for me when I arrived. He smiled lightly with a small greeting, "yo~" he said happily ruffling my hair. I smacked his hand off of my head and looked up at him.

"And you do that why?" I had to ask after the umpteenth time he done that.

He shrugged. "Dunno," he admitted and smiled. If I literally counted how many times he smiled so fearless there would be too many to keep inside my brain.

We both waited for the bell to ring before quickly dashing off to our classes. By the time I got into class, I was already bored. Why must the world to this to me-? I'd constantly ask myself. The world may never know… I sighed heavily.

I walked over to my chair and stretched still tired from the morning wake up call. The bell had rung, reminding everyone, 'Get to class, or else you TARDY!' Everyone scrambled into the room and sat down, acting as if they were there the whole time. The teacher walked in, "Yeah, I know a lot of you guys were tardy, but you're all lucky—BIG TIME" she mumbled and started drawing pictures of anatomy on the board. Oh great, my specialty, I thought. When it comes to my hands, Ryota (my other split personality…. Yes I named him…) is shaky and can't keep still for long, so I go clueless and my hand is going crazy. Personally, I think Ryota is senseless, feeling both no emotion and he has a mind of his own. Why? I don't even know.

The teacher started babbling on about art and how their faces should be more humanoid. Of course, I turned tiresome waiting to do something "fun" and it never happens.

I felt like I was trapped in prison—never able to get out until my time is up. What a pitiful life I was living. By the time I'm done with school, I'd be what, 20? What am I doing with my life? I asked myself.

The teacher looked back and glared at me because I was staring down at the floor. She sighed and continued drawing, pointless figures. "Don't forget—the faces must be realistic" she'd remind us over and over. That word, I hated it so. If I was ever able to pick up a pencil and draw properly, it surely wouldn't be realistic. I'm more of a cartoonist, not some low- life self-portrait.

The teacher had finally passed out papers, and I was clueless. Now what am I supposed to do? I asked myself. I turned to a classmate, "What did she say we were supposed to do?" I asked quietly towards her. She shrugged,

"Never told us yet." And there was a good time for a face-palm. I slapped my forehead lightly and sighed.

"Yeah… I knew that…" I mumbled mostly to myself. She smiled lightly and turned forward and I did also.

"ALRIGHT CLASS." She exclaimed to catch everyone's attention. "You will be drawing a relaxed pose, and it will be due, TODAY." She put more stress on the word 'today'. I tensed, somebody kill me now.

I took a deep breath and started with a light circle, leading to a gentle structure of the face. What really took my surprise was that Ryota hadn't taken over yet. I sighed in relief, drawing small lines of hair to show it was flowing downwards. The expression the man was showing was closed eyes and a neutral mouth, with a lazy sigh.

By the time I started drawing the shoulders that appeared from the neck, Ryota bounded into stage. My hand started moving dramatically fast, with scribbles drenched all over the page. There was no way to push him back. Oh come on… that one was priceless! I thought to myself. It was painful to watch as my work got destroyed by myself.

The teacher looked over at me doubtfully, never understanding what was wrong with me. She walked over quickly pulling the paper away from me. "I don't understand…" she mumbled. "This was a delightful piece of work" she continued mumbling to herself.

I sighed heavily, feeling Ryota taking over more. "It was a worthless piece of junk," I said, well, really Ryota said out loud. The teacher gave me a death stare, "I'm still taking it," she mumbled. I (Ryota) smiled and I (really me) slapped my forehead. WHY? Although I'm not a great student, I don't want people thinking negative about me, not like I already don't have rumors spread about me.

Class ended and I dashed out the door, taking over again. I sighed leaning against my locker disappointed at Ryota. HOW DARE YOU, I thought to myself and to him, but he'd never reply. He mocks me, ruining my already horrible reputation.

Masaaki stretched while walking over to me. "Yo~ ready for history class?" he asked with a grunt at the end. I shrugged and sighed.

"I really don't want to be here permanently…" I mumbled. Masaaki smiled and laughed lightly. "Agreed~" he said still laughing lightly. I smiled at his stupidity.

"Well, com'on…" he mumbled and we began walking to History. By the time we walked in, Masaaki and I sat down in the only two chairs left by each other. I sighed taking out a sheet of paper, waiting to write down notes. Masaaki looked over at me, "I'm boorrreedddd…" he complained.

"Me too…" I mumbled and sighed heavily. When the teacher stood up and started writing on the board, I never noticed that I drifted off into a light snooze. History. Who really wants to go into the past? Whether if it was amazing or dreadful? I'd never know.

Only a few selected people know about my split personality, so everyone stares at me awkwardly whenever I do those weird things that Ryota does. Masaaki was one of the few. He's been my best friend ever since the beginning.

Masaaki shook me and I woke up quickly. "Huh?" I mumbled aloud. Masaaki smiled lightly.

"Sorry, you fell asleep," he smiled reassuring. I nodded tiredly and stretched looking over at his note.

"Dang…" I said shocked. He nodded and I quickly started jotting them down. I'm a real mess, aren't I?