Special thanks to Kqmagicgirl who let me use her character Maggie Stellar and helped me create Mason, Miles, and Sadie.

Mason Stellar looked up from his weak, exhausted wife and head the words from the nurse: "Congratulations, Mr. Stellar. You have a healthy son."

His spirits soaring, the father welcomed his first newborn son with open arms. The tiny infant was perfect. He had been born with a head full of pale auburn hair and such adorable miniscule features.

"Hello there, Miles," Mason smiled. The baby boy refused to open his eyes. He put so much effort into closing his eyes tight that his eyelids were wrinkled as well as the corner of his eyes. Mason watched intently as Miles Gene Stellar took his first few breathes.

Sydney looked up tiredly and her eyes met Mason's. "Let me...see him."

Her husband gently set their son in her arms. Faint as she was, her blue eyes sparkled at the sight of him. She looked to Mason and smiled lightly, "We make a beautiful child."

Mason let an amused smile spread across his face. "That we do."


"Don't you think it's odd he hasn't opened his eyes yet?" Sydney asked, looking down into one-week-old Miles Stellar's crib. The infant lie asleep beside Mason's old stuffed bear-Professor Teddy.

Mason, in his doctors' uniform, came and stood beside her. "Ehm, yes. The doctors at the hospital checked him over already though. He wasn't born with his eyelids sealed or anything. He just may be a bit...slower than most."

The worried look didn't leave Sydney's face at her husband's words. "I... I don't know, Mason... It just...you know how I can see others' pain? Well...I can see his pain. And it has something to do with his eyes."

The doctor paused, a certain dreading glint flashing over his eyes. Sydney had looked up at him in time to catch it.

"Honey...what is it? What's wrong?"

"Nothing, dear, it's...nothing." He sighed. "Well, I best be off to work. Don't want to be late."

Kissing her cheek, he hurried out of the house. On his way out, he grabbed his lab coat and closed the door.

Sydney folded her arms, "Mason! Rgh."


Two weeks after Miles' birth, Sydeny received a visit from her mother-in-law. Unlike most stereotyped mother-in-laws, this one did not nag at her constantly or complain about her cooking.

Margaret Stellar smiled broadly as the door was opened for her. "Hello, dear-where's my grandbaby?"

Sydney smiled back and opened the door further to reveal Miles in her arms. "You want to hold him, Mrs. Maggie?"

"Of course," Maggie said, taking Miles and craddling him as she was welcomed into the home. "And how many times do I have to tell you, dear? Call me Maggie."

The two women and pint sized boy made their way into the family room, Maggie talking with Miles the whole time.

"You're such a cutie; yes, you are!" Maggie played with him, tickling his stomach. "Oh, yes, you are, you adorable little thing-i could just eat you up!"

Sydney laughed softly watching them.

Tickling him some more, Maggie asked, "Are you gonna open those little peepers for me, Miles?"

Her face fell, and Sydney spoke up, "Maggie...he hasn't opened his eyes since birth."

"Oh?" Maggie blinked. "Well, that's odd. Is there a reason he hasn't opened his eyes?"

With a pause, Sydney replied, "I... All I know is that his eyes are in great pain. But the doctors can't diagnose him with anything. They say he's perfectly healthy."

Maggie paled a shade. "His eyes are hurting?"

"That's what I said," stated Sydney with a nod. "Why? What's the matter?"

"I think he inherited my powers," replied the older woman.

The auburn-haired, young parent quizzed, "Telepathy?"

Maggie Stellar shook her head. "No. The Glare."