Wind swirled around the room and the outlets began shooting sparks. Maggie scooped Miles up into her arms quickly and covered his eyes gently with her hand. Hopelessly confused, Miles grabbed at her fingers with his tiny hands and sobbed. She tried to console him, rocking and bouncing him slightly.

"Shh, sh, it's okay, shhhh, shush," said Maggie.

Sydney stood, holding Sandra. She put a hand on the back of her head as the little girl buried her face in her mother's shoulder. In pain, Sadie cried long and hard.

"What did he do to her?" asked Sydney, frightened and uncertain.

Maggie thought for a moment. "Well... I think he was curious when he opened his eyes...and in pain... Maybe he transferred some of his pain into her when she looked at him. But if she only glanced at him, the pain should only last for a few minutes."

Gently stroking her back motherly, Sydney looked at Sadie sadly. "It's ok, sweetie..."

Miles tried pushing Maggie's hand away, but of course, he didn't succeed. Maggie looked down at him sympathetically. Then, she raised her eyes to Sydney, "We have to cover his eyes. Don't you see now?"

Glumly, Sydney glanced at her daughter then back to her mother-in-law, "Yes...but I still...I still don't like it. It's horrible to do this to him."

"I know it is, dear, I know it is..." Maggie said. "Maybe later on in his life...we can let him uncover his eyes...just for a short period of time...but for now..." She sighed. "We have to cover his eyes."


After informing her husband of the conclusion Maggie had come to, Sydney looked down into Miles' crib, leaning against Mason. Miles had ceased crying but let out cries of frustration as he tried to take the blind fold over his eyes off. Sydney laid a hand on the crib, and Mason put a hand over hers trying to comfort her.

Closing her eyes, she let a tear roll down her cheek. "I hate this."

"I know you do," Mason said softly. "I hate this, too. I thought this was over with when Master Andre healed my mom... Apparently it skips a generation."

Sydney cried silently for a moment then asked with a voice raspy from crying, "What are we going to tell him when he's old enough to ask? That he's so dangerous we had to blindfold him? That's horrible to say."

"Syd, we'll..." Mason paused, needing a moment to think. "We'll let him talk to my mother. She's the best person to explain this to him. She knows what it feels like to be forced into blindness like this."

"And...and what about his education? We can't send him to school...and we can't just isolate him inside these walls," Sydney pointed out.

Putting some thought into it, Mason replied, "My mother knows Braille. She'll teach him it. Then, we'll homeschool him for a while...and when he's old enough...we'll ask him if he wants to try going to a public school to meet people. And if he wants to, we could get him a special tutor to explain the things the teacher can't show him."

"Well..." started Sydney. "I'll quit my job at the some research on the blind...figure out how to teach him...and I'll homeschool him."