Prologue: 'Lucy Pevensie'

Officer Brown sat behind his desk. His big belly barely fit in his suit. His small desk light shone over his desk, the only light that was still burning in the long room filled with desks. He was looking at the large board with photos, descriptions, maps and arrows. He still had some work to catch up and was in no mood to go home. He sighed and lit another cigarette. Officer Brown ran a hair through his tin and few hair and opened another folder. The brown paper felt as if had been recycled twenty times. He looked at even more photos. Blond. Brunette. Beaten. Smiling. Stoned. Black. Mexican. Tourist. Lost. Photos of so many different people. Young and old. All gotten in trouble. All went the wrong path. There was been so much going on with all the rebellion. Suddenly Officer Brown almost dropped his cigarette. He leaned forward and placed a photo under the small light on his desk. No way! 'Shit,' he hissed. He placed his glasses on his nose, just to be sure. Still, he had been right, it had been her. A small girl, 5'6 according to the wall behind her, looked straight into the camera. No emotions. No fear. No guilt. She had quiet a normal face, only her nose was a bit small. But her eyes had made officer Brown recognize her. The fierce grey-green eyes, strengthened by the black eyeliner she wore and the dark make-up on her eyelids, he would never forget. Only now they gave him chills. The girl wore her hair in a simple, but still big, bun. A small updo Mohawk gave her face more strength, even though it really did not need it. Officer Brown read the sign the girl held in her hands. Lucy Pevensie, he read and smiled. Always fake names, but he knew her real one. 'Michelle Conner,' he said and sighed. Yes, he knew her. She was the runaway daughter of one of his colleagues; Ray 'Terminator' Conner. Ray was a big, strong, muscles fellah. Long, tall and muscled, he could freak you out in a second. Yet, most of the time, he was a real good man. You just should not upset him. His two sons, Damian and Jason, looked a lot like him. Tall, brown hair, muscles, big arms, wide smile. Susan – another police officer who was the first to call Ray 'Terminator'- had nicknamed Damian, the oldest, 'Ben Affleck' for a while, because he had been in love with JLO for a while. She had given Jason the nickname 'Josh Hartnett', because he had small eyes and soft features. But, as they got older, they lost their 'boyish' nicknames and also became 'Terminators'. That nickname was mostly thanks to their last name and their strength. But they always made fun of it. Still, before they lost their 'boyish' nicknames their mother left them for another man and never spoke to them again. Within a few months, Ray met Michelle. Far too quickly, according to his sons. They never liked the woman much. Still, Ray staid with the woman and she became pregnant. Nine months later Ray was again father, this time of a girl: Michelle. His girlfriend became angry for naming their child after his first wife and left him. Damian and Jason were first mad at their dad, but they were 15 and 13 by that time and Ray talked some reason into them. They accepted the girl and welcomed her as their sister. Michelle grew up in a loving yet busy family. The thing with Michelle was, that she was very clever and intelligent. She quickly knew things and could quickly see through people and knew how to play them. Damian acted more like a father than like a brother to her, giving her the feeling she had to prove herself more and more. She grew bolder, rebellious. She started to pick fights, on school, at home and on the street. Ray tried to talk with his daughter, but Damian only yelled at her. And so, one night in September, Michelle had enough. She took her bags and left. That had been three years ago. Michelle had been 14, Jason 27 and Damian 29. They had not heard a word from her since. All that flashed through Officer Brown's mind. He exhaled some smoke and sighed. He had to do this. He picked up the phone and dialed the number. He had to tell Ray. Not just a friend and colleague, but also a police officer who had to tell the parent his underage daughter had been part of a fight. He dialed the number and took a deep breath. 'Conner,' the low voice of Damian sounded a bit fuzzy. Brown's eyes quickly found the clock, it was almost midnight. 'Damian, its Brown,' he said and took another suck from his cigarette. 'I'll get dad,' Damian immediately replied with a yawn. Brown could hear Damian yell for his father. Followed by stamps on some stair. Ray asked who it was and Damian told him it was Brown. 'Please don't tell me this is about your keys,' Ray sighed, he sounded tired. 'We found her Ray,' Brown said, ignoring the sarcastic comment, 'We found Michelle.' '…' Brown heard Ray walk and close a door. Brown realized he perhaps should have told Ray to sit down, but it was too late for that now. 'Where?' 'Here,' Brown said and heard Ryan sigh, 'She was brought in for beating up some guys downtown, got out because everyone told she did not do it.' 'Shit,' Ryan hissed, 'Did she say anything else?' No, not much,' Brown took a deep breath, 'and that her name was Lucy Pevensie.' 'What do we do now?' Ray asked after a moment of silent. Brown heard the background was just a silent as where he was. 'Wait, until she does something again,' Brown sighed. At least she's alive,' Ray sighed. They said their goodbyes and hung up. Both Ray and his sons were policemen. Ray's brother was a SWAT member. His father had been a soldier. Many of his other relatives also worked with the police, SWAT, FBI or in the army. Michelle had been the first one since decades to go 'off road'.