There's a tug of war going on in my head

Pushing me back and forth between right and wrong.

I promised myself it will never happen again,

But it feels just so good that it's hard to stay strong.

Now that the fears and tears of the past have faded,

I'm not exactly sure; I wonder where I'm headed.

Sometimes I get scared that I'll get hurt again

If I dare to let my shield down,

Most of the times I am tempted to run far away,

Abandoning this suffocating town.

I ask myself if it's okay to put everything at stake.

I wonder if I'm again making the same mistake.

There's still fear, and uncertainty, and a nagging doubt-

Am I pushing myself too far?

My heart keeps reminding me what my priorities should be,

Aching from the healing scar.

I'm in no rush, I'm still young; let me take it slow,

There's no need to live life like there's no tomorrow!

There's a tug of war going on in my head

A battle between the choices that I make every day.

But I know as long as I believe in myself

My God will always show me the right way…. :)