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Midnight Eyes

Chapter 1

Evelynn Circe Chase was only fourteen when her mother died. She had gotten out of bed that morning, in the mood for some pancakes and strawberries, and instead found her father crying at the kitchen table with a letter in hand. When Eve read the letter she cried too, knowing that her mother wasn't coming back. Not this time. She never knew beyond the time of death and the place. Not how, not why. Eve wasn't a stupid girl by any means. She had figured it out long ago when her mother left for weeks at a time on business trips then came home bruised and battered. Eve realized her mother was a spy two months before her death somewhere in Russia. Eve joined the army when she was sixteen, hoping she might learn something about her mothers' death. She was given a Honorable Discharge after being critically wounded by a car bomb in Iraq at twenty-two. She had been laying low in New York since with a friend met in the service.

Jason Devereaux was only fifteen when he joined the army. He had a loving enough family, but was bored by the prospect of a simple life in the country lands of Pennsylvania and moved out as soon as he finished school at the age of fourteen. When he was stationed in Iraq, he met Evelynn Chase. The two became great friends and worked well together in the field. Both of them had been caught in the car bomb incident and were discharged.

Eli Brooks was only twelve when he learned how to make his first pipe bomb. He had always been a devious child with little respect for authorities above him. Youtube was often his best friend and he learned almost twice as much from Wikipedia as he did from school. People came to him if they needed protecting—his brute force enough to scare anyone into running with their pants full. He was never too awfully popular in high school, but he got by with flying colors. He was also part of the black market, dealing in weapons from guns to C4 to things he might prefer unmentioned. Eli never really cared for company, keeping to himself outside of work. It wasn't long before he met Eve and Jason.

He could tell right away they were war veterans. Just the way they carried themselves told him a lot. The man seemed to loom over the black haired beauty protectively, and his face was stern like he rarely smiled.

They had called him a week before, asking him to meet them here. They said they wanted to talk guns, which meant a good sales day for him.

"So. I hear you want guns. Something simple? I've got a few Beretta's 9mil's I need to get off my hands." Eli started conversationally, taking a sip of his water as he looked at them. The girl had piercing green eyes that had seen far too much. A single scar marred her face, but not her raw beauty. If anything, it made her look more powerful, like she had enough experiences to give his great grandfather a run for his money. Eli knew this girl had done more for her country than he would ever be able to do. But, maybe he would damn well die trying, because according to the man named Jason, they wanted him to come along for the ride.

"What? I thought you said you wanted a gun deal," He said incredulously, replacing his glass on the table with a thud.

"We need an expert," Eve said calmly, the first time Eli heard her speak. Her voice was smooth and soothing

Eli glanced at her, surprise kept out of his expression. "Look, lady-."

All of a sudden Jason was standing, and Eli's arm was twisted painfully behind his own back.

"Don't be disrespectful." Jason snarled quietly in his ear.

"Jace…" Eve said in warning, motioning with her hand for him to let him go and take his seat. Jason did what she wanted without question.

Everyone who had turned to look at them went back to their business, forgetting almost instantly what had just transpired.

"We need a weapons specialists. We know what we need to in the field, but we're going to need someone better, with more contacts." Eve explained simply. She sat somewhat relaxed, but posed for danger if it came.

"I still don't know what you're recruiting me for." Eli argued.

"I'm going to find out who killed my mother."


That had almost been a year ago, and they were still no closer to their goal. It didn't take long for the three to become great friends, always protecting each other's backs. Often times they would end up having to save Eli's butt when he got into trouble and was being tailed by the FBI.

Needless to say, the three made a great team. They had an apartment in downtown New York they usually shared, not small but not big by any means.

Eve was spending the night there alone, both the guys off doing something else. She browsed through an old gun magazine, admiring the well crafted rifles and RPG's, wishing her pension could somehow pay for the weapons she wanted. No matter though. If she wanted anything of the deadly sort, she could just ask Eli to make a few calls and the guns would be here lickety split.

A loud sound broke through her thoughts, bringing her back to reality.

Eve flopped onto her bed, pulling her pistol out from under her pillow and aiming right at the door.

Eli didn't expect to have a gun pointed right at him when he walked in.

Eve sighed, replacing the gun under her pillow and once again taking up her magazine.

"Geez Eve, even more paranoid than usual!" Eli chuckled. He dropped the brown paper bag he had had been holding next to Eve and sat on the bed next to her.

"I accidentally dropped this in the hallway." He said simply, pulling out the heavy glock that had clattered to the floor. "I'm guessing you thought someone was trying to kill you?"

"You'd be surprised how many people want to kill all three of us right now." She replied simply, taking the glock from his hand and inspecting it. Eve started taking it apart, cleaning each piece as she disassembled it like a pro.

"Mostly just me," Eli corrected.

Eve smirked at him. "Maybe you wouldn't have so many enemies if you didn't anger everyone you didn't like."

Eli shrugged. "I don't like very many people these days."

Eve was apart to reply when her phone started ringing, effectively ending the conversation. She saw it was Jason and picked up on the second ring.

"Hey Jace, what's—."

The voice that answered her wasn't Jason. "You're friend just got shot. I've stopped the bleeding, but he's not in good shape."

"Wait, who are you?" Eve snapped, worry soaring. Jace had been shot before, but not in a city setting that wasn't at war. Something was up.

"Just a girl who was at the wrong place at the right time."

"Where are you?"

The girl gave her the address of a parking garage downtown. It'd take them twenty minutes to get there if they left now, not accounting for traffic.

"What's wrong?" Eli asked, perking up at the sound of trouble. Eve put a finger up.

"At least tell me your name," Eve tried.

"Maybe when your friend isn't dying." With that, the mystery woman hung up, leaving Eve without a clue as to what was going on past the fact that her friend was in trouble.

"What happened?" Eli asked again, putting the gun back together and fishing some bullets out of his pocket.

"Someone tried to kill Jace."


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