AN: I wrote this on my way home from a walk, and was frustrated for a while because I couldn't get a good rhyme scheme going, but then I decided to just go with it. :) Putting my thoughts and feelings into words is tough for me, but I tried my best. 3 AN

It's hard to write poetry
When the language of my thoughts
Is the sound of your love plucking my heartstrings,
And it's hard to describe what I feel
When I've always been somebody's friend,
But now out of the blue, I am your darling.

It's hard to think straight
Because in the middle of nowhere,
I can pretend that you're waiting for me around the next corner,
And it's hard to care too much about rhyming,
Because my thoughts are a mess and I'd like you to be here
With gentle hands to put them in order.

It's hard to deny that while I love this place,
This path of asphalt pebbles in a corridor of trees,
The serenity and the soft summer breeze
Are no substitute for you and your love beside me.

And it's hard to keep writing
Because my emotions have no rhyme or reason
And while I'm running on instinct alone,
I hope the rawness in my flawed pencil script
Is enough to transcribe my heart onto paper.

But it's easy to love you
Because it's easy to feel
The swell in my chest, and know that it's the effect of devotion,
And it's easy to let myself tumble head over heels
Because I know that the free fall is worth it,
And that a two-year plunge will end in your embrace.

So it's not easy to wait,
Because like an altered cliché,
I'm your beau in distress,
Awaiting your caress
In my suburban castle up east.
But, my dear prince, my love gives me strength
And I would wait two thousand years for you.