"Beware of easy friendship." My mother has always warned me.

I have been known of trusting people, namely strangers, quite easily. Not one has yet to take advantage of my being too gullible.

I am used to the fact that maybe I am very much too gullible, everything seems believable, especially friendship.

I could easily become friends with people who I have just acquainted with because of my positive attitude and energetic aura.

I am always humble to anyone, to everyone.

Of course, I should have known that one would take a great advantage to my humbleness and bring me down somehow.

I was called beautiful and cute, yes of course. Maybe because of my long strawberry blonde locks, big almond shaped blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and pink lips. I am not tall, no no, I stand at 5 feet and 2 inches.

My mother too is quite short, I guess I have taken on her genes, though I have many of my fathers traits… well that's what my relatives and close friends tell anyways.

My father left my mother and I when I was about four and a half years old for another family, said he wanted a change, he wanted a new life, he said he didn't love my mother like he had before.

His leaving might be the reason why I am always so welcoming, it is because I sometimes imagine myself in my father's shoes and think of the troubles his current wife's children could cause him.


Acceptance was a big thing for me; I have always accepted the truth with a positive attitude and calm emotions. I have accepted that my father wasn't ready for a child like I. I have accepted that I was too naïve for my own good. I have accepted a lot of things, I could go on, but I would be wasting your time wouldn't I?

"Hello." I greeted cheerfully to a man on the other side of the bench that I was presently perching on.

"Hello to you too young lady." The man smiled at me and then stood up to walk away.

I smiled and watched him as he strode towards the pathway of the park.

He had curly auburn hair that was slicked back with what I would assume was gel, and he was wearing an expensive looking business suit, he walked as if he wanted people to be intimidated by him. I of course had the opposite effect; I thought this man was quite unique than the other businessmen I encountered before.

He had a way of turning to the right, swerving his foot just a tiny bit to keep his upright posture. Definitely, arrogant, but kind.

I am observant that way.

In usual days, I would remain seated here on this bench, sometimes moving to one bench to the other, until the sun disappears from my sight.

I would watch birds fly over my head, and sometimes come down to the bread that I would throw over on the pathway. I would listen to the chirping as they settle on branches of the trees that surrounded the park. I would watch them fly away and only to come back with more birds.

"Good afternoon miss." A gentle voice said.

I turned around to find a little boy, about seven years old, smiling cheekily at me.

"Oh why, hello there." I smiled back.

"My brother thinks you're cute." He stated, looking back at a boy my age trying to look as if he were oblivious to our staring.

The little boy had platinum blonde hair, adorable green eyes, and deep dimples.

"Oh, well tell him he is pretty good looking himself." I giggled taking another peek at the little boy's brother.

The siblings were very much alike, though instead of the younger sibling's platinum blonde hair, the older brother had a darker shade of blonde. It wasn't enough to be a brunette but it might be called a dirty blonde my some.

"Okay!" the little boy replied and started to walk away happily, but as if he remembered something, he turned around, "My name's Ty, and my brother's name's Kyle."

I smiled at their names for they sound very much alike and responded, "My name's Heart."

"Heart? That's a very good name." Ty grinned and went back to running towards his brother.