Playing God, I Lost an Angel

I am someone you don't want to meet

Someone you might just pass on the street

Though you don't know what I've done

You don't know, not one of you, none

And I wish you could know, as you pass me by

How I let my best friend die

He was an Angel, the sweetest of all

He worshipped me as God, or pain would befall

I broke his arms, I broke his legs

I tore off his clothes and fucked him into the bed

And through it all, he never complained

Not even in the hospital, where he went for the pain

I didn't care, because he was mine

I could do what I want to him, all of the time.

And he never stopped me, never asked why

The only time I stopped was when he would cry

"Can't I love you, why do you hate me?"

I looked down at him, my disgust easy to see

And I replied, "You don't get it, do you, bitch?

You're mine to destroy, mine to make flinch

And I don't give shit if you love me

I'll never love you, I'm God, you see."

And saw he did, and worship he did

And I just smiled as he did what I bid

Until the day his skin turned gray

And his body started to waste away

"He's dying," the doctors said to me,

But, like a fool, I couldn't see

Because I was God, and I wanted him well

I pretended tragedy could never befell

My slave, my bitch, my slut, my whore

Who soon enough was on Death's door

And when I found out, I couldn't believe

And finally, finally I see

That I am not God, I am not good

I've never been, and never would

Because he was the Lover, the King, the Prince

I was nothing, except his bitch

And now, here it is, my story I tell:

Playing a God, I lost my Angel