I think that I have discovered the root issue of what could potentially be called human issues

Even though I don't like to think that I have issues

And I think that I have less issues than people in general

Actually, I am quite sure of it

But maybe that's my ego talking

It's really hard to tell sometimes!

(The idea that there are different parts of me talking is really funny. Even mentalspeak. .)

Because I try to see things with objectivity

(And not say mean things or even think mean thoughts because it is probably kinder not to do so and people are a generally well-intentioned and sometimes really appealing and interesting but also infuriating lot)

Which is actually quite stupid because everything is so relative

Like my perception of people –

Who makes friends based on the quality or depth or substance of someone

Is it really up to me to decide

Then again maybe it's better than liking likeminded people or those with similar interests I don't know

Franny was right – sometimes everything seems to be about the human ego

Which makes sense but is such a pain in the ass

This way of thinking that we like people who bolster our opinions I mean

Isn't it depressing?

Probably liking people for who they are = interrelational aspect of true self-actualization

And self-actualization is something we think about at the very peripheries of life

Not something that messes around with 'normal' or 'daily' life

And big thoughts are to be had in moderation

I think that Maslow was right

And following the steps of a freaking hierarchy is in good taste

Even though what my friend refuted about what I said about how psychology rocks because so many people are studying it makes sense

But what a lot of people say makes sense

If you really think about it

That's the trouble with being 'too open-minded'

And soaking things up like a sponge

Because it is good to have our own opinion

But that is also something that keeps changing

Like how everything changes but not really

I feel thankful that I am living life less vicariously than ever before

'taking charge' is what they call it

I quite like stream of consciousness writings

Sometimes on the train I look at people and wonder what goes on beneath the surface

Actually, it happens quite a bit

Particularly when I am alone travelling on public transit

To understand the essence of anyone via following the wavelength of their thoughts and its interaction with their behavior would probably be the greatest intangible achievement in the world