"Nate, no—"

"Please, sis," Nathan Conwell gave her 'the face'. His very sisterly friend, Jessica Graham, had never been able to resist his completely innocent, pale face and his clouded, brown eyes that were greatly magnified by his thick lenses.

The female werewolf forever stuck in mid-transformation mode stared down at him determine to resist this time. She repeated over and over in her mind, 'No, no, no, no, noooooooo—'

"For me?" he asked innocently.

Jessica stared the short, crippled prodigy down for a few moments longer before her gold eyes and pointed ears started to twitch. "Fine, Nate. I'll go. But you'd better get Lee and Ang' to go, too."

Nathan smiled widely. "I will. And I'll have you a dress made immediately."


"I don't dance, Conwell."

"I'm not saying you have to dance, Lee," Nathan, countered. "Don't think of it as a dance; think of it as an intimate get-together. A formal one."

Lee Daring, who had laid out on the couch with his arms folded behind his head on the arm of the couch with his father's old hat tipped to cover his face, grumbled, "I don't do 'formal'."

Nathan rolled his eyes and used his arm brace crutch to limp over behind the couch. "C'mon, Lee. Jessica will be there."

The blonde with a messy mop of hair hesitated, "...No. I'm not going. And even if I wanted to—I don't have a suit. Just my trench coat."

"I could have one made for you," suggested the newly thirteen-year-old.

Lee made a grumbling sound. "What's this stupid dance for anyways?"

"I told you—think of it as an intimate get-together," Nathan said then elaborated, "And it's to celebrate the New Year. The fact that we've managed to change a rundown college campus in the middle of nowhere to a refuge and school for those who were affected by the Meta Epidemic and have this place last till the New Year is quite a feat, don't you think?"

"Eh," Lee shrugged from where he lay.

His eyes rolling once again, the young prodigy tried one final time, "There will be free food."

"I'll sneak some leftovers," stated the blonde stubbornly.

Nathan sighed exasperatedly and turned, limping toward the door. When he reached the door, placed his hand on the scanner panel, and waited for the door to slide open, he stated, "I'll get that suit ready for you."

Lee sat up quick putting a hand to his old, detective hat to keep it on his head, "Nate—!"

Nathan was already gone. Outside the room, he limped down the hallway with a slightly amused look on his face.

To himself, the young boy muttered, "Now to see if I can convince Angel..."



"But Angel—"

"Mr. Conwell, I have patients to tend," Angel Meriwether said as she searched the shelves of her medical laboratory for a specific medication needed by one of her patients.

"Yes, but that is why we have med bots—to give you a break every now and then," Nathan pointed out standing behind her near the medical examination table on which an injured meta-teen lie.

While she measured out the proper amount of the medicine and put the liquid medication in the bag that an IV was attached to the meta-teens arm, she said, "A living being is more efficient than a robot, you know."

"Please, Angel," he pleaded.

"I said no and that is final, Mr. Conwell," Angel stated fervently, bandaging her patient's wounded leg. "Besides, what use would you have of a halo-less angel at a dance?"

"Admittedly, I don't need a halo-less angel," Nathan stated, still standing in that spot, "But I do need a friend."

She stopped. After quite a pause, she sighed, "Alright, fine, Mr. Conwell. I'll be there."

Nathan smiled and nodded gratefully. "Thank you, Angel. I'll have you a dress made and will see you then."

Angel turned to face him, "Mr. Conwell, I really don't need a—"

Strangely enough, he was gone.