Lee led her onto the ledge. The ledge was a grassy peak that wasn't too far from the Meta Refuge. It had a perfect few of the city of Jacksonville. The night sky was also a lovely sight from this point. The two stood near the edge and took in the sight.

With a blink of his eyes, Lee realized that a certain someone had snuck her hand into his. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and smiled, coloring lightly.

From Jacksonville, New Years' fireworks shot into the air. Jess looked up at them and her face brightened at the sight. On the other hand, Lee took one glance at the fireworks and turned his attention back to Jessica. He noticed her necklace, and it dawned on him that that was the holographic projector.

With his free gloved hand, he reached for her necklace and picked up the lovely charm. Jessica looked down to see what he was doing. Applied light pressure did he, and the projection of real human skin and light blue eyes flickered away.

"You don't need that, y'know," said Lee. "I think you look fine just the way you are."

Jessica looked down bashfully. When she looked back up, their eyes met, and she stepped closer. An electric current raced up Lee's back as her face leaned closer to his.

A celebratory rocket shot off course and hit the ground below the edge of the ledge. In a huge explosion that blew Lee's hat off his head and exposed his mess of exceptionally long blonde hair, the ground crumbled from beneath them. Lee backed out of the way quickly. Meanwhile, Jessica was standing over a huge chunk of ground that crumbled away in the explosion. With a scream, she fell.

"Jess!" Lee's arm quickly shot out as he dropped onto his knees. He grabbed hold of her hand quickly and held on tightly. His other hand joined in the effort, and he pulled her to her feet.

Jessica breathed hard once he had pulled her far from the edge. She stared back as the earth and grass descended far below. A small brown figure was seen floating away in the wind.

"You know..." as her breath gradually began returning to her she managed, "You know you just gave up your hat for me."

Lee looked up and noticed his precious hat, his dear father's hat, floating away. That hat was the only remnant he had of his father, the man he had held at such high respect and had loved more dearly than anyone. His father had given it to him hours before he was shot to death on one of his detective jobs. Lee swallowed a lump in his throat and looked back to her with a lopsided grin that held a bit of uneasiness, "It's just a hat."

A smile spread across her face, and she leaned in close. Without realizing it, Lee had also leaned in. She was so close, and he had the desire to lean in the rest of the way and kiss her. In her eyes, he could see she shared a similar desire, and she wasn't about to hesitate.

Quickly, Lee pulled back. "No. I—we can't. I'll shock you."

Jessica grabbed him by his collar and pulled him back in and to her eye level. "Listen here, Daring. I trust you. I know you can control your powers. You just have to try."

Then, she leaned in, and planted her lips on his. Seeing as she didn't jerk and scream in pain, Lee relaxed into the kiss and at that moment, everything was perfect. As though to prove this, the Meta Refuge set off their own fireworks; and it colorfully lit up sky behind the odd couple.

On the second floor of one of the many buildings on the abandoned campus, Nathan limped out onto the balcony of what used to be a special dorm for the principal of the old college. The balcony faced the ledge, and the young boy genius was just in time to see his sisterly figure and the electro meta-teen share their moment.

"Well, look at that..." he muttered, propping himself up with his crutch and watching amused.

"It's about time."

Nathan turned his head to see Angel walk onto the balcony behind him holding a familiar brown hat and seeing the sight as well.

"This landed on my head as I was making my way to this wing," she said. "I began to wonder if Lee had died."

"Eh, well it would seem he's quite alive," Nathan remarked with an amused half grin looking back at the scene. He then turned around to face Angel and leaned against the balcony, propping himself up with the arm brace crutch. "So, Dr. Meriwether, do you plan to stay with us for this next year?"

Angel sighed and leaned against the balcony across from him. "I'm not sure. If Mira remains on this planet, then I will stay. But if she parts from Lev'n, I may be leaving."

The young prodigy's face fell. "You really benefit this team. And this refuge. Your medical skills are needed."

"I know—but sadly, stopping Mira is my main objective," the blue eyed immortal looked up at the night sky staring up at the stars. "I have found many friends here... However, the sad reality for me is that as you all age and eventually die, I'll live on. Until, of course, I'm slain."

"I'm... I'm sorry, Angel. I suppose I never...considered that," Nathan looked down with a sigh. "You've had to move on...many times, haven't you?"

Nodded did she. "Every generation...for two thousand years."

Nathan paused, "...Well... You're always welcome here. So long as I'm living."

"Thank you, Mr. Conwell," Angel nodded. "I believe this New Year will be better than the last. But there will be greater challenges still to come."