"We got him" voices yelled from around the corner.

It was late; ice had started forming on the grass. We were running through the old part of town. Their no building stood anymore, it was all ruins.

"Go now" I whispered to her.

"Why?" she snapped back

"I'll tell you later"

"Fuck you" she hissed "I am staying here with you"

"No, you can't stay, GO!"

"I am not leaving"

"Leave now"

"I'm not leaving till you tell me what's happening" she yelled.

"He's over here" a voice yelled behind them

"See, they don't know your here"

"Shut up" she was irritated "tell me now"

"No" with that I ran faster than she could. I didn't realise were I was.

"Ha" a man walked slowly to me. "We told you not to run"

"So what they sent you to get me, where's your friend?"

"He will be here soon" the man laughed. I looked around for any way to escape. It was no good. I was in an old building. Most of it was destroyed. A few walls were still up.

"So, you think you can take me" I yelled in panic to trying to make him move. I got ready to run for it.

"Hold it" the man pulled out a gun "you're not going anywhere"

"What are you waiting for? kill me!"

"He's waiting for me" another man limped in "remember me"


"Let me remind you than" he lifted up the leg of his pants to reveal a scar from his ankle to the middle of his thigh.

"Oh, I remember you now" I laughed "you're that guy that tried this before but failed"

"Yes, but now you die" he pulled out his gun and fired. I hit the ground wondering why I wasn't dead. I heard cry coming from the wall behind me. Did she find me?

"You" the man from my memory yelled at his colleague. "Find who's crying and kill them"

The first man ran off as I prayed for her to escape. "Now" the man walked to me. "You can die at my feet". He kicked me and fired his gun.