Chapter 1

It was late, the sun already set, but there was an air of excitement in the castle. It was the summer solisle. The day in the year when the day and the night were excalty the same length. This natural event triggered an unusual reaction from the people who in-habited the fire kingdom, everyone's powers were blocked for two days and three nights. Normally this would cause some concern due to the enemies the fire people had, however recently they had captures the warriors of Altanis. They also lost there powers during the solsticee, and so the people of Londar were free to party insafety..

However, while this was all good of for the people of Londar, humans weren't excalty known for thinking straight while drunk, which left the warriors of Atlantis worrying in there cells. General Darren Blake of the Atlantis army, sighed as he listened to the noises which filtered down though the windows of the prison. They were high up in the tower, meaning they could clearly hear the feasviatives which were going on in the plaza below. He looked around the prison over his men.

They were in one big cell room, some of the dangerous of them chained and shackled to the wall. He wasn't but that was to do with the fact he had been critically injured in the fight which had ended with them captured. He was still struggling to stand and walk, forget fight against the humans. Some of his men were on the hay they had been given to sleep on, sleeping while they could. none of them were sure of what to expect and none wanted to be caught unawares. The few which were up, were standing near the cell door, ready to attack any human who tried to get in who they didn't know or trust.

"Sir" a quiet voice said from beside him. He looked down to see the youngest of his men stirring, looking up at him from where the boy's head was resting on his thigh. He stroked his back lightly, he was too young really to be here but they were running out of options when it came to sharing out who was fighting against the humans and who was fighting against the dark spawn.

"Shh, you should be asleep kid" He murmured. The kid shifted slightly in a shrug.

"Can't sleep" he murmured, "What will happen to us?" he asked his voice quiet but Darren picked up on the fear in it.

"I don't know. They have treated us well so far, as well as we would have treated them but" he paused thinking of the right words to say. His men all slumped slightly, it was no secret what the nymph did to there prisoners. They did treat them well but more often then not they ended up breaking them, or worse making them dependant on the nymph, "You know as well as I do how we use our prisoners and while they haven't touched us while sober... Humans aren't known for keeping themselves controlled while intoxicated.

"Sir" he whispered, the rest of his men also seem to feel downed by those words, knowing it was true. Humans were fairly predicable creatures however when drunk they began drastically otherwise. They had no idea at all what to expect over the next few says and nights, and in the current state they were unable to defend themselves.

Which is when they heard running. They blinked, as the door to the front of room, which was blocked of by the bars of the cell, opened and a young woman ran in, slamming the door behind her, quickly locking it. She breathed heavily for a few moments, obviously having been running of a while before turning and freezing when she saw any nymph who were awake looking at her oddly. She reacted in a way none of them expected too.

"Trust my luck to run into the cell block instead of somewhere I can hide" she groaned before, dashing to the other side of the room where the another door was. She opened it to find a dead end. It was just another room with a bed and cupboard in it, obviously where the guard was allowed to rest when not looking over the cell room. "Damn" she cursed before climbing on a chair to check if she could get out of the windows on the top of the cell.

"Bars on all of the windows kid" Darren said calmly, noticing her state of distress, and also bruises beneath her ripped sleeves. Someone, or some people had attack her.

"The gods hate me. Perfect place to hide, in a cell with only one way out" She moaned as she confirmed what he had said with her own eyes. "And I'm not a kid, I wish I was! If I was I wouldn't have to deal this this crap!" she growled at him, while pulling at the bars on the window to test their strength

"Girl, there are made to with stand more strength then you got"

"Shut up, I'm stronger then I look!" She growled before letting go of them and sighing, "I should have listened to my brother and stayed in, but no I had to go see the party" she muttered to herself, sounding more and more scared with every moment. Darren looked her up and down, idly thinking she looked familiar to someone. She wasn't a fire-nation human. If anything she looked liked she was a mixed breed between earth and air nations. She had the blonde hair of an air nation but the brown eyes of an earth nation. She also had pierced ears, a common trait of the earth nation. He could only think of a dozen humans, the Fire Prince of the castle included, who had there ears pierced.

"Guessing you promised to much to some bloke and he won't take no for an answer" he said calmly. She looked the sort who wasn't innocent. Those eyes were calculating, you didn't get that with normal humans.

"Not quite. I got jumped on the way to a party by three guys who decided because my brothers otherwise occupied to have some fun with me. Is that enough for you curiosity!" she yelled at him, her face reminding him of someone badly but it still wasn't clicking.

"Calm down, you don't want them to find you do you!" commented one of his men, who was also looking at her oddly. Whoever her brother was, it was someone they fought against regularly. The question was who , "Don't they teach you how to defend yourself girl?"

"No they don't teach women how to fight. As it happens I know how to defend myself against one guy, maybe two if I have a weapon, thanks to my brother and his friends teaching me when I was younger but... That was a long time ago and I'm out of practise. Also that's if they want to kill or injury me, not trying to drag me off somewhere" She answered, walking around, obviously finding to calm herself.

"Just who is your brother?" Darren said, it was really annoying him now.

"You know him I think. He's Flame's...Prince Kieran's bodyguard" She shrugged, correcting herself when she said the wrong name.

"Flames?" -his youngest muttered sounding a bit dazed at her slip by saying a nick-name instead of the Princes name.

"You're Theo Baxter's sister, you're Lauren" Darren said in an awed tone. How had he not realised this girl was Theo's, his rival's sister. The resemblant was amazing. Sure Theo's hair was cut short but he had the name air-nation shade and the same earth-nation warm brown eyes. She was younger then him by five years but even so you could see she was a beautiful young lady and would make someone a very happy man one day.

If she let herself take that path of course. the look in her eyes when she had said they don't teach woman how to fight showed a defiance She was as independent and stubborn as her brother. If she was anything like her brother, which she seemed to be, she would escape the fire-nation as soon as he could and go to a nation were women were equal. Her brother was a strong willed one, and Darren had no doubt he only stayed and fought for the fire-nation because of his loyalty to the fire prince. Such loyalty he admired, if not wondered what the fire prince had done to deserve such loyalty. The fire prince was not a strong fighter, or at least didn't seem to be, there were times when he wondered. Theo had a habit of showing up before the prince could ever really show his skills.

"He mentioned me then?" she said sounding genuinely surprised by this.

"Once or twice when we were stuck fighting the dark spawn together" He admitted, vaguely noted to awed like expressions on his men. They were all amazed by this discovery. By there standards Theo was a handsome strong men, someone who if captured would be fought over to who would have the honer of being his keeper. But for him to have a beauty as a sister as well. If it wasn't for the fact she was still barely older then a child, he had no doubt they would be lusting after her.

"Then you must be Daz" She said looking slightly interested. She gave him a look with was obviously her looking him up and down before shrugging, "He wasn't lying when he said you were a looker but damn he didn't do your description justice"

Some of his men chuckled at that. "Thanks I think" He smiled, her accent had come out as air-nation despite her earth-nation mannerism. Just who were Theo and Lauren. "You're not to bad yourself, General Darren Blake at your service"

"Nice to met you General, I wish it was in better circumstances" She replied in formal tones to match his, but this time in was hinted with fire-nation tones. He could only assume the Prince had taught her and hence she had gained his accent.

"You mean not while I'm in a cell and your hiding"

"exactly" she smiled slightly, talking to him was calming her slightly.

"So what has my main rival been saying about me to his sister?" Darren asked curiously. If he had said he was a looker, just what else had he told her.

"Not much. That you're a bad solider" Darren growled at that much to Lauren's amusement. "Didn't mean it as a bad thing General Blake, he said you're better suited at solo work and giving the commands then following them" Lauren grinned, giving them all a warm smile which they had never seen from any of the humans yet. At least not towards them. "He has a lot of respect for you and your men, which is a lot considering we don't get along with a lot of nation loyalist"

Darren blinked by that statement, it was his time to be surprised, as were his men. He noticed how when she had had nation, she had inferred all of the nations not just the water or fire nation. He assumed it was to do with her and her brothers apparent mixed heritage.

"That's nice to know" he said lamely, unsure ow he should respond to such a compliment. She chuckled but then froze as there were three knocks on the door.

"Sorry to intrude but we need to talk to you little girl" grinned a man, who stuck of drink and was backed up by two others. She took a step back in fear and something tightened in Darren's chest. Shit, they had found her.