ashes from a different sky

By Poisoned Twinkles

When the gravity of my eyes could not beat that of the boundless skies,
I found myself lost in the pools of twinkling lights

And when I stared deep and dreamy-eyed at the unknown change in galactic scenery
I found myself begging the new sky to introduce itself to me

When I noticed more uncommon and coloured stars of red, blue, and crystal hues
I found myself searching for friendlier constellations and clues

And when the heat of the distant glints was swallowed by the dark blue shadow
I found myself left with an empty heart and eyes quite hollow

When I called out to the floating moon to give me answers to my bewilderment
I found myself struck by silver streams of an unanswered lament

And when my hands reached out to catch and taste the incense of intoxicating jewels
I found myself choking on the poison of uncommon hydrogen fuels

When I finally had the valour to try to drown my snowdrop tears falling off eyelashes
I found myself burning from star-kissed intensity into ashes

And when I, at long last, waited to be reborn from the ashes to plunge that I may fly
I found myself realising how there had never really been a different sky

Yes, I definitely realised how there had never really been a different sky.