Chapter 1.

She was falling.

He had won.

The darkness before her was deafening and seemingly never ending, it was foreign and frightening to the plummeting girl. She did not want to die.

She suddenly felt no fear, anger or sadness. All thoughts evaporated and every one of her senses was overloaded with the four words that would change everything.

"Come play with me . . ."


Amelia knew the moment that she looking into her mirror that something was very, very wrong.

The image mirrored her suspicious blue eyes and subtle lip bitting to the tee, but it was as though the thing was staring at something much more interesting that most definitely was not her.

Amelia shifted from side to side as if to say, "I'm right here, look at me!" however it was no use, the reflection refused to look at her.

Amelia found it incredibly unnerving and a frightened voice in her head screamed that maybe there was something behind her, and that the reflection was trying her warn her. With fear nestled in her stomach she whipped around and quickly scanned her apartment bedroom with wide eyes. In moments the panic morphed into embarrassment and a feeling of stupidity when she realised that if there was someone behind her, she'd be able to see them in the mirror.

She managed a strangled laugh and turned back to the reflection half expecting it to be pointing and laughing at her.

She raised her hand and pushed a lock of brown hair away from her face as if she were testing the reflection, and much to her dismay it passed the test with flying colours.

Amelia let her hand fall from her face and turned back to stare at the bed behind her. It was a small thing that managed to swallow her dainty figure, and she found it convenient to be able to roll her head to the side each morning and see her reflection. Amelia's friends often commented on how "creepy" it was that the first thing she wanted to see each morning was herself, but she didn't mind.

Today was different.

Today she did mind.

With one last frown towards the bed she made a mental note to move it away from the mirror, thinking that maybe her friends were right.

Amelia proceeded to mimic a Halloween skeleton jumping out of a cupboard by spinning and lunging at the mirror with her arms wide and yelled a loud war cry. She collided with the mirror and gripped the edges to stop both the freestanding mirror and her from toppling over.

She glared at the reflection and her wild breath quickly fogged up the glass. Amelia's hammering heart filled her ears as she continued to stare at the reflection's now foggy face, and it was a minute before the hammering calmed down and an awkward silence gripped her.

Amelia wiped off the fog and took a hasty step back while critically analysing the reflection. Sadly her large outburst had gone to waste as it was completely unaffected and continued to stare past her.

She scrunched up her nose and shook her head.

What am I doing screaming at my mirror? It must look like a moron, Amelia thought, slumped her shoulders, and began to walk away from the mirror with a slight frown on her lips, I feel so stupid.

A small snicker oozed through the once silent room and Amelia stood dead in her tracks.

The voice began to laugh loudly at her reaction, the sound a very familiar thing to Amelia. Goosebumps prickled her arms as she slowly spun to see a side view of her carbon copy giving her a toothy grin and was now gazing directly at Amelia with the only things that separated the two, her pitch black eyes.

"What the fuck." Amelia said, and the reflection bellowed another laugh.

"Oh, love, I couldn't help it," it said and paused to grin at Amelia's bewildered expression, "you're always so boring and I just had to make our pretty little faces twist with shock."

"What is this 'our'? That's my face! Just what's going on?" Amelia said, and cut off the reflection's laugh with a, "it's not funny!"

"Oh but it is!" it said.

"Stop talking with my voice!"

"Why? It's our lovely voice."

"Shut up!" Amelia yelled, and stomped forward to stand in front of the mirror.

The image now fully before her shocked her into silence, and she could only stare with her mouth slightly agape.

There was not one, but two of her reflections, however one of them did have a set of beady black eyes which most definitely weren't hers. The faker immediately turned to face Amelia's reflection with a sly smile plastered across its face and walked behind her. Their hands slipped under her arms and travelled achingly slowly up her side, slowed to an almost stop over the curves of her breasts and then moved back down to rest on her hips.

Amelia shivered from the coolness that erupted across her skin, she swore she could feel its touch, and took a definite step back while wrapping her arms around her stomach.

Amelia watched with new found curiosity as her reflection crashed into the black eyed girl, forcing it to step back, but her own reflection did not lose its balance at all.

A snarl pulled across the black eyed girl's face and it stepped back to Amelia's reflection's side. Their hand reached up and gripped her face and roughly turned it to face a pair of black eyes. Amelia cringed from the pain that shot through her neck even though it had never moved.

Amelia suddenly wondered if maybe it was her body stimulating the pain from watching her own reflection, but she pushed the thought down and focused on what was before her.

The reflection's blue eyes stayed glued to Amelia's, never once looking away and completely ignored the black eyes that were quickly closing in.

Amelia was forced to watch the frauds mouth cover her own, and after a second of pure shock, Amelia squeaked, covered her tingling lips, and jumped away from the mirror.

She knew that the black eyed person was not her own reflection, but that did not change the fact that she was near identical and that Amelia had just watched herself kiss herself. Not only was it twisted and indescribable, Amelia did not enjoy watching women kiss.

An irritated growl filled the room, and while Amelia stood with a frazzled brain on the other side of the room clutching the window sill, she found humour in the fact that she could actually make that sound.

"Sweetness, why do you deny my pleasure?" it said.

Amelia cringed at the harsh edge of her own voice, and a moment of nostalgia washed over her as she remembered using that tone on her mother when she'd borrowed her car and accidentally rammed it into another car. Her mum had told her for weeks how sorry she was, but never even offered to pay for the damage she had dealt- Amelia had paid for it.

"You were so worried when I wouldn't look at you, and now that I am you refuse to look at me," the black eyed girl murmured, ". . . like always."

Amelia attempted to swallow the lump in her throat and made an effort to move further along the wall so that if they decided to take a peek, she would be in no line of sight.

A sigh followed her movement.

"I've been . . . alone for so long . . ."

I can see why! Amelia thought angrily, but an unforgiveable slither of sympathy crawled through her.

"It's incredibly uncomfortable when someone refuses to look at you, isn't it?" the black eyed girl whispered.

"This is just too strange . . ."

"Isn't it?" the voice shouted.

Amelia's heart jumped into her throat and she wished that the wall would swallow her whole.

The room fell into a sudden eerie silence.

She acts as if she has been 'in' my mirror for a long time, Amelia thought.


Oh God, that means it would have seen me wake up every morning and do . . . I don't even know and I don't think I want to know!

The black eyed girl snickered and said: "Are you ignoring me?"

Amelia sighed.

"Look, what do you want? I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what the Hell is going on!" Amelia said with newfound anger bubbling in her chest. "I'm not going to stand there and watch me kiss . . . me."

Especially because you're a girl.

"I want to see you when you speak to me Amelia," it said.

"No you're going to— wait . . . how do you know my name?" Amelia said with panic rising in her voice, and she backed completely into the corner where she could see only the back of the mirror.

The fraud let out a small girlish snigger, and before long it intensified into a bellowing laughter that morphed into a deep, attractive man's voice.

Amelia's eyes widened.

She wasn't exactly sure what the thing in her mirror was. Her curiosity burned brightly now more than ever, but she definitely was not ready for any more of 'his' groping hands or wandering mouth. Even if he was now a man.

"Oh," he murmured, and Amelia shivered, "I guess I messed up."

Her heart wrenched into overdrive and her scattered brain pulled the plug on trying to make any sense of the situation.

Wait until I try to explain this to someone, Amelia thought, and a small smiled appeared on her lips.

"It's hard enough being female, especially when I'm a boring, idiotic human," he said and then sighed, "I poked around in your memories for something to tease you with, but geeze, it's like you've sat in a big hole for 20 years."

Amelia spluttered for something to shoot back at him, and her ego wept from the huge knife that was shoved into it, but could only manage a measly "H-hey!" and glared at the back of the mirror.

"Actually, that's probably a much easier way to tease you!" he said and chuckled. "I'll call you the boring, idiotic, no-life human. It has a much nicer ring than Amelia, right?"

Amelia fell silent and her eyes stayed glued to the floor with pursed lips. The coolness of the wall against her pyjama top became achingly clear and she stepped slightly away from it.

What a morning.

His teasing words were stuck on repeat and plagued her ears. She suddenly felt the need to search her own memories and tried to grasp the ones that were particularly joyful, exciting or special- there were none that she could remember. Only a short childhood, dreadful school experience and hazy memories of her uncaring mother and near inexistent father was found. Amelia hadn't spoken to them for years and it had never bothered her before. Until now.

Her chest tightened.

Amelia suddenly felt the need to call her parents or go on a holiday, quit her horrible job, take her friends out and make up for every time she'd rejected them, get a boyfriend, get married, have kids, buy a house, write a book, climb a mountain or do something- anything!

"We're going to have so much fun together darling. But you'll have to come over here so I can get my hands on my human, okay?" he said, and Amelia could almost hear the grin in his voice. "I've already felt some of you, and you couldn't possibly deny me the rest. Besides, I know you'd get all hot just by looking at me—I made sure of it."

Anything but that.

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