A broad smile crept over Erick's lips as he ran his hands down the smooth skin of his partners back… For all their battles and all the damage they had incurred, Ferrin's back had remained remarkably unmarred.. The pale haired man slid his arms slowly around his darker haired partner's stomach, moving his mouth so he could whisper directly into the rounded ark of his companions ear. "Calleth you.." His hands slid down the bare stomach, down long, muscular thighs and back up the inside of them. "Cometh I…" He finished as his hands came to rest at the inner juncture of Ferrin's legs. Erick bit delicately at the ear of his partner and reveled in the sharp gasp it returned him. Ferrin was so tight lipped during sex, it thrilled the pale haired man any time he could get any kind of reaction out of the slightly younger male.

Long, calloused fingers wrapped teasingly against the hot flesh between his partner's legs. Normally Ferrin would put up more of a fight, try to say he was busy or push Erick off, but tonight he must have been really stressed. Ferrin gave into every touch, every word, he hadn't even called Erick an idiot yet. Straight white teeth found the smooth white of the younger man's neck and bit down, working the hot flesh in his fingers as his partner worked to maintain an upright position. Erick liked Ferrin's face, but he knew that the slightly vulnerable position he'd caught his partner in was a turn on for the darker haired man. So until Ferrin's knees gave out, he would continue to grind himself against the curve of his partners muscular buttocks and dip his fingers along the length of his hardening excitement.

Erick smirked as he slid two of his fingers beneath his partner's foreskin, ever so gently. Ferrin moaned and his knees buckled as he hardened the rest of the way. The older man knew all of his partner's most sensitive places and he knew the best times to attack them. Hands were immediately above him as he reached over his head to grapple for Erick's shoulders, grabbing the only slightly taller man for balance.

In response, Erick slid his fingers around the rim of his partner's hardness, he could feel it throbbing with excitement and becoming moist with need. "Captain…" Erick used his team-leaders title only when he wanted to make it sound sexy, or there were an emergency. "Your orders?" He rarely followed the orders Ferrin gave him, but for a special moment like this, he considered just maybe making an exception.

"Ah…" Ferrin's breath hitched and Erick thought it was the most adorable thing he'd ever seen the reserved man do. "Erick.. K-knock it off a-already.." He panted out, his words as unstable as his legs.

Erick smirked and began stroking his superior more firmly. "Knock it off? I would have thought you wanted me to stick it in." He joked, pleased at the stifled moan he received for his efforts. Erick was beyond ready himself, his own excitement wept with need and he bent his knees so he could press himself between the firm globes of Ferrin's ass.

Ferrin's voice failed him again as nothing but a restrained moan made it past his lips. His own body seemed confused, it bucked forward into the hands that teased him so wonderfully, but then ground back into the moist, velvet wrapped, molten steel behind him. "Ah-Erick… Please…" Ferrin could barely remain standing, his entire body shook with desire and a prideful need not to fall over.

Erick chuckled softly and again bit his companion's ear. "Fine… But you have to do it the way I like it." He whispered softly. The taller male picked Ferrin up easily, being just as well built as his partner. Both lived as proud soldiers even if combat really was Erick's only true specialty. He ignored Ferrin's indignant expression, The brunet's desire was still clearly weeping against his stomach and that was the only thing Erick needed to assure himself that Ferrin wasn't really that mad about being carried around like a wife.

He took them to the bedroom they shared, for the time being, and laid Ferrin on the bed quickly before pinning the dark haired man face-up with his own body. He then reached underneath the pillow, where for some reason Ferrin liked to hide lubrication, and grabbed the nearest bottle. He popped the top and put a generous amount on his hand before reaching back down between Ferrin's legs grinning, as he was rewarded with a pleased moan, the very moment his fingers slipped inside. They did it often enough that Erick wouldn't have to worry too much about stretching his Ferrin, but he did want to spread the lube inside him pretty thickly, as they hadn't been able to buy the better brand where they were staying and the kind they had could get a little tacky after a bit.

Erick fingered his companion a little longer than necessary, enjoying how Ferrin's hard shaft twitched and jumped when he hit his superior's tender areas. When his partner started clawing the sheets, Erick grabbed a condom off the nightstand and ripped into it, he put it on with the skill of a porn-star and gave himself a little extra lubrication before thrusting himself inside, in one firm motion.

Ferrin's eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head with his attempt to silence his own voice, every part of him shivered with intense pleasure as Erick gave him no moment of pause. He'd moved slowly at first, having no intention of hurting his Ferrin, but built up the intensity with well aimed rocks and grinds. Erick leaned down and kissed his captain, taking those usually uninterested lips in a passionate kiss… Ferrin must have really been worried about him on that last mission, he was only ever so affectionate after he'd been afraid Erick wouldn't come back. The older male didn't mind this though. They had both responded differently to the same environment they had grown up in. Ferrin saw showing too much emotion or attachment as a weakness, Erick liked to show emotion because he was never sure when it was the last time he would get the chance; but it was tender times like this, when even Ferrin let down his guard, that Erick truly appreciated.

The pale haired man rammed his precious companion deeply and was treated to the most delicious moans and stifled cries he'd heard since the last time he'd gone out on a more dangerous mission. And he drank them in gratefully, nibbling and biting along Ferrin's neck. The light-haired male snaked a hand between their tightly joined bodies and gripped Ferrin with long, smoothing strokes, until his partner's renewed voice grew even more stimulating than before. Erick cocked his head back, skillfully catching the lobe of Ferrin's right ear between his teeth before whispering again. "Calleth you... Cometh I." He bucked sharply then, and Ferrin grabbed at his shoulders and wrapped his legs around Erick's waist..

"E-Erick!" Ferrin finally called out and Erick buried himself deeply inside the dark haired man. He climaxed, hot and heavy deep inside the younger man. The feeling of being filled like that sent Ferrin over the edge as well. He cried out and arched as his own orgasm overtook him.

After taking a moment, Erick pulled himself out slowly and peeled the condom away, he tied the end in a knot and tossed it in the trash not far from the bed before leaning down to lick his companion's stomach and slowly twitching, soft member clean. "Nnnn! E-Erick, don't... Just use a tissue." Ferrin complained, blushing slightly from embarrassment.

Erick just grinned up at him. "What? And forego the look on your face? No way.." He also knew full well that by using his tongue, he could convince Ferrin's body into more than just one go… "Besides.. I'm not done with you just yet…" He hadn't seen Ferrin for almost a week, and felt way past due for some make-up sex time. Besides, he knew for a fact his captain's schedule was clear. Erick licked his partner's tip slowly.

Ferrin shuddered and moaned. "I-idiot.." He choked out, though he lost himself again when Erick began working him up all over again… Honestly, where did Erick get this sex drive?