may 30th

and as sweet mercy from the universe rained down in the form of the ring of the last bell of the day,
i decided to run away.

you see, i'm not a very popular person. i stick out so much with my alternative hairstyles and non-Hollister clothes that my peers and adults tend to completely ignore me and my biting sarcasm, which is admittedly a defense mechanism. being so different has caused me to blend in if that makes any sense at all. that means no friends acquaintances boys that ask for my phone number.

not they would. ever since freshman year when some of the cheerleaders thought it would be absolutely hilarious to begin labeling me a lesbian, a label that stuck like gum in hair. possibility of a love life instantly gone- just add obnoxious cheerleaders.

so why the hell not run away?

impulsive? maybe.

but i would rather run than fade altogether.