His blood is running everywhere- Streaming like rivers; in my hands, down his back, through his clothes. I'm sitting here in his arms holding onto him as he fights for breath. Sebastian and Lex are on their way to heal him, all I have to do is keep him conscious for a few minutes. It's hard to speak to him and keep him calm when I'm dripping tears into his already soaked hands.

Ours are entwined, both battered and bloody and clutching on for support. He continually tries to speak but I stop him with my index finger.

"Talking will only hurt you more"


"Not right now", I say through pouring tears.

Every so often his hand will reach up and attempt to wipe tears from my face, but only manage to smear blood instead. We are both falling apart; me- mentally, and him- physically.

Chapter one: A Boy Called Damien

Ever since I was a small child I've lived in United Academy- a school for students who have inhuman powers. I didn't know how to use my gifts for good as a kid- I pretty much blew stuff up from miles away and lifted things that not even the Terminator himself could lift. I have various powers; strength, telekinesis, invisibility and the power to read minds.

I wasn't very good at the last two- whenever I tried to be invisible it would work for a few minutes and ware off. My mind reading skills weren't very strong at a young age; I could only read the minds of people in the room with me. But just possessing such powers got me in at UA.

I spent most of my childhood studying and practicing my powers. I never really had friends here because we were all so focussed on ourselves. That is, until the new kids came. None of them came from the same place, nor knew each other, but all came at the exact same time.

This event occurred when I was 15 years old, and able to stay invisible for two or three hours at a time, and read someone's mind from a country away. That time is now. Curiosity and suspicion are in my nature, so I make myself invisible and sneak to the advisor's office to check everything out. When I finally get to the office I rest against the wall beside the door and listen intently. I can't hear a thing. So I decide it is about time for some mind reading.

What the hell am I doing here? A girl's voice.

Who are those two? A young Boy's voice.

I smell perfume. A masculine Voice.

Here we go again… The Advisor's Voice.

How did I let mom pressure me into coming here? 'Go to UA Lex! It will be good for your freaky gifts!' The Girl- Lex.

What's that guy looking at he's staring at the door… The young Boy.

I swear I can smell perfume….Someone must be there… Mr. Masculine.

These students aren't even listening to what I'm saying. Advisor Whalstod

Shortly after that thought I can hear the door knob rattle, and watch as the three odd characters are dismissed from Whalstod's office.

The Girl, Lex, is tall and skinny with blonde and pink hair. She is wearing a short blue tee shirt that reveals her small tummy, sporty black shorts and Yellow converse shoes.

The young boy, Sebastian (I caught his name in the advisor's thoughts), is short with shaggy brown hair and serpent green eyes. He's wearing a silly "DERP" tee-shirt and grey jeans. The sneakers on his feet are falling apart.

The last person to exit the room is Mr. Masculine, I never caught his real name. He has Black hair that hangs over his blue eyes and wears head to toe black. His Boots are bigger than mine, and have a dozen buckles on them. He is by far the most stunning of all three.

I try my best to stay invisible and hidden against the wall as the three wush by. Mr. Masculine stops and stands right in front of me.

"Whoever's there, I can see you"

I stay silent and glare into his mind.

She's cold. Her perfume smells like- dead roses.

He continues to stare at me until his hand reaches out.

"If you don't reveal yourself at once, I'm going to touch you"

I giggle a silent giggle and remain still. His black finger-nailed hand dashes out and touches my breast, clothed in black velvet. I gasp. He snickers.

I knew someone was there

"Miss, please come out. I didn't mean to sexually assault you."

In an instant I become visible again and appear just inches away from the boy.

She's Beautiful.

I blush at the compliment and then remember where his hand has just been.

"What the hell do you think you're doing groping me in a school hallway?"

"Just checking to make sure I wasn't going crazy"

"Huh. So assaulting a girl you've never met isn't crazy?"

"Hey, I just wanted you to come out. I warned you first didn't I?"

I huff and push passed him. I can hear his boots on the floor as he follows me down the hallway.

"I'm guessing your power is invisibility?"


"Cool. You really should get better at it you know. I could sense you right away"

"Is that your power?"


"Sensing things?"

He chuckled.

"No. I can fly and go through walls."

"So you're basically a ghost."

He glares at me.

"No, Not at all"

"Oh Pardon me! You're a poltergeist"

"No, I'd like to consider myself more like Superman."

"Then who am I? Violet Incredible?"

"Who's that?"

"Y'know…the invisible girl in that Disney movie. The Incredibles"

"Oh, the beautiful one. I can see how that's you"

I blush. Damn! He got me with his charm again.

"I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot, I'm Damien."

He picks up my pale hand and kisses it with his soft lips.

"I'm- not interested", I say and slide my hand away. As I pull a travel size container of hand sanitizer out of my purse he looks at me intently.

"Invisibility isn't the only power you have"

"Is that so?"

"I can feel it; you're worth more than that"

"Oh really. I've known you for what? Three minutes? And you claim to know me?"

I snap the lid back on the Purrel bottle and stomp away from him. This time I turn invisible and run as fast as I can so that he can't find me. I guess it works since he doesn't follow.