Chapter Two: Dorm-mates

I arrive at my dorm sweating and out of breath from the run. I shut the door behind me and stare into the room; one side is practically bare with the exception of the oak dresser, bed side table, and small bed. The other side (my side) is almost opposite. Band and movie posters plastering the walls, Jack Skellington rug on the floor, black lace curtains, and a big black comforter spread across a queen-sized bed. The dresser is caked in my personal belongings and accessories and the closet is stuffed full of my clothes and boots.

I've never had a dorm-mate, ever since I was brought here at the age of five. The school's population has never been large enough that every student had to share their dorm, and I'm one of the lucky few who don't have to share. I will admit though that it does get lonely. I wouldn't really mind if the new girl, Lex, was forced into a room with me. It'd be pretty fun to spend time with another girl, since I've never really had a good friend.

I think about this as I pick up dirty clothes and deposit them in my black wicker basket. I flip open the trunk in front of my bed and sift through it looking for my shower things. I take out two clean towels- one for my hair and one for myself and the waterproof box containing all of my stuff(shampoo, conditioner, body wash, ect...) I take them in my arms and walk over to my dresser where I pull out a set of clean pyjamas and toss them onto the bed. I take off my jewellery and gloves and place them on the dresser before heading off towards the girl's bathroom at the end of the hall.

The girl's bathroom smells of soap and fruity perfume when I enter, there are only two other girls in there- one at the counter straightening her orange hair and one in a shower stall. I wave at the ginger, her reflection smiles back at me. "Hey Laila" I continue on towards a free stall, still carrying my towels and box. I slither into the stall and hang my towels up on the door. I strip off my tee-shirt, mini-skirt, striped tights, and boots. I walk into the shower portion of the stall and turn on the hot water.

Shortly after, I walk out of the stall wrapped in my towel with another towel wrapped around my hair. In my arms are my clothes, boots, and box. I dump them onto the counter and notice that the ginger girl has gone and in her place is the girl from the shower earlier. "Laila" she says warmly as she re-applies her makeup.

"Hey Justina" I say as I unwrap the towel and start rubbing it over my head.

"Are you going to the party tonight?" she asks, spreading candy pink gloss on her lips.

"Nah, not really my thing"

She laughs. "You're the most powerful student at this school. Everyone looks up to you! Take advantage of that."

I smile, flattered.

"I've never been much for partying. Go ahead and have fun."

She finishes her makeup and shoves everything back in her purse. Before she leaves she turns back to face me.

"You're missing out"

I smile.


I leave quickly after Justina, still only wrapped in the towel. I was dumb to leave my clothes in the dorm. I race down the hall and quickly slam my door behind me after I shuffle in. I pluck the damp towel off of my head and toss it into the dirty basket. I look up startled after I catch something in the corner of my eye. I turn to see Damien atop of the spare bed. He's staring at me- wet hair, skin dripping with water, naked underneath the towel.

Woah, I am SO not worthy of this…

"What the hell do you think you're doing in MY dorm?" I ask, gripping the towel to my body.

"This is MY dorm. Unless of course, you're Laila."

I bury my face in my hands.

"How could he…" I mutter.

"So your name is Laila…" Suits her perfectly.

"And, I'm assuming this is your new dorm?"

"Yup, and I'm very pleased with it." He snickers at my body.

Wow Advisor, you're quite the man.

I clench my fists at my sides and grit my teeth.

"Can you at least leave while I change my clothes?"

"Awwh, already? Fine. I'll be back in 10 minutes."

I catch Damien take one last glance before exiting the dorm.

And those LEGS…

I'm pretty sure I've turned bright red with embarrassment.

I am going to KILL Advisor Whalstod.

I put my dirty clothes and towel into the basket and change into tight black yoga pants and a black My Chemical Romace shirt. I take the clean pyjamas from my bed and place them back in their drawer slip a pair of striped socks onto my feet. I dump the laundry basket's contents into a mesh laundry bag and sling it over my shoulder. I snatch up my boots, a soft black sweater, a lock, and my wallet before leaving.

My first stop is the laundry mat, unfortunately United Academy doesn't have a laundry room. I push my laundry into two machines and put a 1.50 and cup full of detergent in each. They both start to spin. I toss my sweater and laundry bag into a locker and slam it shut, and then secure it with my combination lock. I leave the establishment and proceed to the store next door.

It takes me ten minutes to find the linen isle, and when I find it I hurry to find a few sets of long black sheets. Then I find some rope and head to check out. The cashier looks at me like I'm crazy.

If someone's dead body shows up in the next few days I'll know who the murderer is…

I glare back angrily.

As the cashier hands me the receipt and change I say "If I wanted to wrap up a dead body I wouldn't use twenty-dollar sheets. I would use a black garbage bag."

Then without another word I pluck the bag from the counter and scurry out the door. I can feel his eyes on my back as I leave.