Day Zero
Technically I saw you today, but it wasn't enough. I wish with all my heart I could tell my parents about you, but I know I can't. If it were up to me, my dad wouldn't stand in the way of me seeing you. But it's not up to me, so I couldn't tell you goodbye. I wish I could have told you goodbye. I wish I could be in your arms again, for one last time. It's hard not knowing when I'll see you again. It made me feel better when you told me how you'd like to take me on dates every week, but it hurts to know that we might not be able to even talk, much less make plans to see each other, for a couple weeks.

Sometimes when I turn my head, I can pick up the scent of your cologne. But only for an instant. It must still linger on me, though we saw each other only briefly this morning.