Day Eight

I was brushing my teeth at noon. Sue me for having a weird sleep schedule. Anyway.

I was brushing my teeth at noon when I thought to check my phone. Two messages. One from Charly, one from an unknown number.

Just testing out my new number

I was immediately brought back to a conversation I'd had with Brittney earlier. "Why can't people put their names at the end of texts like that? They can't actually expect me t know who they are," she had complained.

I typed in a snarky reply along the same lines, but canceled it before I sent it. Because, and I don't want to sound psycho, but sometimes I just know things.

And I knew it was you. But, I asked who it was, just to make sure. I mean, that would have been an awkward situation if i was wrong.

Plus I'd have to explain how I knew it was you, and that'd just be complicated.

Who's this?

I asked. A one word reply came back. A name, actually. A name that made a ridiculous grin plaster my face.

I was brushing my teeth at noon when I almost choked on my toothpaste.

I was brushing my teeth at noon when you texted me.