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"No Tobias," Alex said firmly as they walked towards the nursery, Alex striding ahead while Tobias trailed behind her.

"Xandria, the world is a dangerous place. We need to protect our girls."

"You want to lock them up in a tower Tobias. That isn't protection, it's prison. This is the 21st century, you can't do things like that anymore."

"But –"

Alex spun round on her heel and placed a finger firmly against his lips. "Tobias, I love you and the girls love you. I know what you're worried about but they're only three years old, in human years I might add. Boys are a long way off. Relax, when you worry it makes me worry."

His wolf growled angrily at the idea that they might be causing their mate distress and he decided to drop the issue – for the moment. "Fine," he conceded. "No tower."

Alex smiled widely, placing a lingering kiss to his lips. "Good." She turned and continued walking as though nothing was wrong leaving Tobias with his thoughts.

Dejected, Tobias walked continued walking the halls towards the nursery. His mother had instituted a girl's day out once a month and today was the day. It left Tobias alone to care for three young infants, two of whom were already making him worry despite their age. As soon as he walked into the nursery and saw the smiling faces of his children his early anxiety faded away. He reached into their play pen, lifted each child and placed a kiss to their baby soft cheeks.

Already he could see the heartbreakers his two daughters would grow up to be and he could see the hearts he would have to literally break to keep them safe. Sighing, he reached for a sleeping Travis and stroked his downy soft black hair.

"At least I don't have to worry about you."

"Tobias?" Sebastian whispered, poking his head through a small crack in the door.

"In here."

Sighing in relief, Sebastian walked into the room a baby seat in each hand and a very cheerful Wyatt carrying a third.

Tobias looked at the small babies his cousin carried curiously, a question blazing in his grey eyes. "Where's Erica?"

"Alex and Chloe persuaded her to go on the provision that me and the babies stay here, where there's lots of help. You'd think my mate didn't trust me."

"Chloe's gone as well? I'm surprised Ryan let her go, she's almost due to give birth."

"I didn't have a choice in the matter," Ryan grumbled widening the crack in the door and stepping around a slow moving Wyatt to move to Tobias' side. His hard features softened as he reached for Jasmine, smiling as she suckled his finger to test the strength of her one small tooth.

Sitting down after carefully arranging the baby seats, Sebastian turned to look at his cousin finally noting the stress that pinched his face. "What's the matter Tobias?"

"Alex vetoed my tower idea again."

"No," Ryan cried. "The doctor said that Chloe is having twin girls. I was counting on your tower to keep them safe."

"I've tried to explain that to Alex but she thinks it's too medieval and how can I say no to my mate? There are going to be far too many stupid men out there that'll try and use my girls because of their position. I won't have it but I can't be there for them all the time and Alex is thinking about sending them to human school for a year. Young pups I can deal with, they understand the consequences of trying to hurt the King's young, they'll have been taught that since the day they could understand words but humans?" He sounded as though the very idea terrified him.

"I don't know how you're going to cope Sebastian," Ryan began. "Erica and Alex are planning to send Dylan and Wyatt to human school next year so that they can understand humans better. If it all goes well then Sophie is next."

Sebastian smiled, looking down at his baby daughter before his eyes wandered to his sons, Matthew and Michael. His smile widening, he looked at Wyatt. "Wyatt come here for a second." He motioned for the young boy to sit atop his legs and when he was settled wrapped an arm around his waist before turning to look at the frantic males in his family. "You two are going about this all wrong. This is how you protect your young. Wyatt, I think of you and Dylan as my family you know that right?"


"And what must you always do when it comes to family?"

"You have to protect them," he answered simply.

"That's right. Now look at Sophie, see how defenceless she is?" Wyatt nodded. "We have to protect Sophie because she can't look after herself and we have to look out for Dylan because?"

"Because she's too nice to people."

"It's not people I'm worried about. It's other boys. You heard your uncles, you're going to human school for a while next year and those boys don't have the manners that we do. Sophie will be okay because she's here with me but what about Dylan? Those boys will try and take advantage of her because she's so nice. Dylan is too young to have a mate and Erica and I won't be there, who's going to look after her?"

"I will," Wyatt growled angrily. "I'll look after her. She's my sister I can protect her."

"Can you? Will you keep those boys away from her until her mate comes for her?"

"Of course I can."

"You're going to need to be strong. Sometimes Dylan might get annoyed with you but if you're going to do this you have to stay the course. Can you do that?"

"Of course I can!" he reaffirmed, leaping to his feet.

Smiling, Tobias finally understood what Sebastian was doing. "Lily and Jasmine will need protection as well until Travis is big enough to look out for them."

"I can do it uncle Tobias I promise."

"Maybe you should get help," Ryan suggested softly. "There are a lot of girls here already and when Chloe has our twins that'll be another two. You can't be everywhere at once."

"You're right. I know what to do." With that Wyatt ran from the room filled with a sense of righteous purpose.

"And that," Sebastian grinned. "Is how you look after your young without your mate ever getting mad at you. Erica can never stay angry with Wyatt for long and he'll be able to be with Dylan and Sophie when we can't be."

"I knew you were the smart one for a reason."

A moment of silence descended on the room before the three burst into simultaneous laughter, another woe of parenting solved.

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