Hey guys this this is my latest chapter its still pretty rough draft, but please reveiw and tell me what you think xx

Okay, so I'm definitely not in Nottingham anymore...

A 13 year old girl ambled, soaking wet, out the house, into the immaculate garden, her clothes and hair automatically dried as it always did. She had ash blonde hair which rolled down past her shoulders like waves in the sea. She wore a blue flowing dress to the floor with bare feet. Eyes a bright piercing blue, but tears were rolling down her cheeks. A boy ran out of the house.

"Kai, Kai!" he sat down next to her. "You know mum and dad don't mean it..." he assured her. Kai looked away wiping her glistening cheeks. "They'd never-" he gasped. "There's a body under the apple tree."

I woke up my head pulsing with pain.

Groaning, I turned over in my duvet and pulled the covers over my head. I remembered having a weird dream, but couldn't quite put my finger on what it was about. All I could picture was a creepy green and black creature with horns on its head. Voices came from the door.

"Is she awake?" "Poor thing."

Erngnfwleng. It must be that woman that calls her self my mum, getting ready to attempt to wake me up for school. Not gonna happen. I sat up. "Look mum leave me alone I've got a headache!" Then I realised. The walls were painted blue, with what looked like skilfully hand crafted blue furniture all around that looked like it was fashoned form driftwood, and light airy windows. This wasn't my room, my mum wasn't here. In this unfamiliar house I panicked. Where am I? What happened last night?

A girl entered as I cowered in the bed. She looked friendly enough, clasped hands and a big smile. The girl looked about 13, but mesmerizingly beautiful, with a flawlessly pretty face and a sort of impish glow about her. "Hi I'm Kai. What's your name?"

"Errm.. Aranwen." I replied, sitting up, my ears ringing.

"How's your head?" She looked genuinely concerned. My hand lifted to my temple, where I felt a huge bruise and slash, with dried blood down the side of my face. My head felt like it was about to fall off! I just stared at the floor in confusion-which was also annoyingly blue.

"Hey, your eyes are like pure silver!" she said, her eyes alarmed, staring into mine.


"Nothing, nothing..." then she muttered in a strange language, and did some weird signal with her hand, that looked mysteriously like the thing they do in the 'Phones 4 you' advert.

"Errrm where am I?"

Hopping onto a table, she started swinging her legs. "In Merr, king Irvy's kingdom. Why are you wearing those weird clothes?"

Looking down, I was wearing my favourite band t shirt, skinny jeans, converse and a cardi. "What.. My clothes aren't weird! Merr? Is this a joke?" she frowned.

"You seem confused, what clan are you from? I can get someone to fly over a take a message.."

"Clans? I don't know. I just wanted to find Freddie-" what? At that moment it all came rushing back. It wasn't a dream, it was real. Falling down that tree tunnel and this is where I ended up. In this strange place, where everything is blue. Who is this girl? She seems nice enough, but wait! Perhaps she's in league with those monster things! If I panic, she could attack. Ill just act cool, I decided.

Then she laughed. A merry little giggle. she sounded so innocent, so pure that I immediately decided she couldn't want to hurt me. "Woh, you must of hit your head pretty hard. Most faeries need a potion to forget what clan the're from!"

"Faeries! What? I'm not some freaky faerie. I'm just a girl, a normal girl!"

Kai was shocked, she took a step back. "You mean ...A HUMAN?"

"Well, duh! What else would I be-wait. You're a faerie? She nodded. I tried to take this in. "But aren't they supposed to be tiny people, who live in flowers, with wings and are all.. Magic-y?"

"Gah! You shouldn't believe everything you read in stories you know! Humans- always writing us small, like they are better than us, we are the same size as them!"

"So you're a faerie?"I questioned, my eyebrows raised.

"Yep" she smiled. My head buzzed with all this strangeness as I took a deep breath and tried to stay calm.

"This can't be real." I whispered to myself. Then I noticed.

"Okay, if you're a faerie, then where are your wings?"

"The're hidden in my back, they only come out when I'm in full faerie form, you see."

"Riiiiight...I think I'm freacking out here. I'm sitting here, all alone, in some weird place, full of fearies." I mutterred to my self, drew up my kness, embraced them and rocked back and forth a while. She just stared at me like an interesting panda or aligator at the zoo. I took another breath, calm down Aranwen. "So we're not near Nottingham are we?" I asked doubtfully. She didn't look like she was from this planet, let alone England.

"Errrm... no. You see we're not on earth exactly- its sort of a parallel universe."

"And there are no humans." It wasnt a question. I slumped down. So I really am alone.

"No, just faeries, well there are other magical creatures- pixies and mermaids, tree people and so on..and of course the bad ones...but let's not go into that." she smiled. "Hey! I know what will cheer you up! I'll take you on a tour around the city!" Her face lit up as she hurried out the door. It didn't sound like much of a good idea, but I followed her out the door anyway. " Well, It's not like I have anything better to do." I thought.

Me and the faerie- I cant belive I just said that- walked out of the room onto a long thin platform of rock. Water streamed down around us rushing clear liquid splashing onto our clothes. We were inside a glistening waterfall. I looked up. The ceiling was covered with millions of sparkling diamonds! "Wow, you must be rich!" I said, inclining my head towards the ceiling.

"Oh right, the gems. They aren't really worth much in Merr, their found everywhere in the caverns and cold caves. They are pretty though. She smiled at the roof for a minuet admiring the show of light reflecting off the sparkling jewels. Kai carried on, prancing down the scarily thin and slippery rock bridge. I reached up and sneakily plucked one from the cavern roof; a large white diamond, sparkling. "Well." I thought. "They won't miss one." I tucked it carefully in my pocket. I know stealing is wrong, but with this perhaps I could buy my own place, get away from the strangers I live with, and maybe when I find it in my pocket, it will convince me that this wasn't a dream- well that's if I ever got out of this world.

We stepped through a wall of water (getting pummled and ending up soaking wet) into a gorgeous blue lagoon. It had glorious golden sands and welcoming water that looked so clear and shimmering. I would of very much have liked to go for a swim, the pool looked cool and inviting, but I had a dark suspiscion something more than just fish lurked there. Following Kai though a gap between the rock face, I stepped into a luscious green garden with ponds, rivers and mini water fountains scattered all around. It had blue flowers and fruit trees all around the edge with tiny sapphire dragonflys whizzing about. Wind was all around me, air inside my clothes and all of a sudden I was dry.

"Magic?" I looked to her. She nodded and grinned impishly. I was definitely not in Nottingham anymore.

"Come on Aranwen!" Kai grinned and scampered towards the town. I followed.