Let me begin this tale by introducing myself. My name is Nevar Blake and I used to be a writer. That was before everything that I am about to tell you happened.

I have always been a writer, writing stories ever since I was taught to write. My parents thought that I had a real gift for it. And so, as I grew up, I wrote about anything and everything. My teachers praised my every work, so it did not really surprise them that I chose to make a career of it after I graduated from university.

At first, before I even became famous, I worked for a local magazine researching stories and later I was granted a small byline in the back of the magazine. None of what I wrote back then can even be found anymore, such was the state of my popularity before this whole ordeal. Needless to say someone noticed those bylines and after I had been writing for the magazine for a year and a half, I received a letter in the mail, it was a job offer.

Anyway, I am getting off track. I had decided to make a living as writer of fictional crime and suspense novels. This whole mess began after I had already published two novels during the time I was writing my third novel and news reports were being filled with mysterious and seemingly unexplainable deaths. The police were completely baffled and boggled by these deaths.

For some unfathomable reason at that time, I was approached by the police to assist them in the investigations. They later explained that, because of my unique writing and insight into crime, I could possibly be the only one that could assist them in solving these deaths. I told them that I would have to think about it as I was not inclined to place myself in the way of danger or subject myself to bodily harm.

Meanwhile, I continued writing on my latest novel. It was a continuation of my previous novels. And while I was writing, I noted that the police did have a point, my writing, my imagination was such that it seemed as if I could possibly have been in law enforcement at one point in my life, or perhaps a very cunning criminal. But as I had no record to show I was in the clear for not being a criminal mastermind.

I decided to read my other novels again, just to make sure that should I decide to assist the police that it was the right decision, not only for me but for all concerned as well. I reread the also to refresh my memory on what happened in them. When I had finished reading the novels, my mind had already been made up halfway through the second novel. And so, I had decided to assist the police in their investigation, totally clueless as to the real and very unthinkable truth of all these deaths.