I have never been good at inventing names for my characters; I know it seems odd that for all my imagination that, that would be the thing I had a problem with. I can't really explain why it's been such a problem for me all I know is that it is what is, so I got the idea one day to just pick random names from the telephone directory. It was how I created all my characters for all my novels and it was easier for me that way and since most names were already very common it really didn't matter to me or my publisher how I came by them, as long as I kept writing.

The directory I used was of my home town and I didn't want let people think that I was writing about them so I mixed and matched the first and last names. And that was exactly what I did with the novel I was working on, while I was on a break from the investigation. They said that seeing as I was only a consultant on the investigation that it was not necessary for me to be on call all the time and so I got to go home for a seven days each month.

It was now three months after I had been invited to assist the police, but they had gotten nowhere and neither was I any help to them. The FBI had taken over the investigation after the second month of no results and it was really no surprise to anyone. The agent in charge of the investigation, a man named Frank Moreau, had approached me after I had been sent home for my last break. Apparently it was during that break that the FBI intervened in the investigation.

I remember when Frank introduced himself to me on the day we met, I had thought of the Island of Doctor Moreau as he looked a little like a young Marlon Brando. By the smile on my face as we shook hands he said that it was fine, that I could go ahead and say it. Apparently, it seemed he got the doctor Moreau bit quite a lot.

I decided to just say, "Good to meet you doctor." He smiled and so did I. He told me that I could return to the investigation after my break and the arrangement when I returned would be the same as before, when I assisted the police. I was somewhat nervous as I didn't quite mingle a lot and these people from the FBI were all new people that I would have to get acquainted with. And how I relished the thought of going through the motions of gaining these people's trust as they undoubtedly had their doubts about me.

The seven days of my break went by in a haze of writing and of course the meeting on the fourth day with doctor Moreau. My break began on a Tuesday and spanned over to the following Monday, so when the next Tuesday came around I was ready to make my over to the local FBI offices. But when I got outside my apartment it was to find a black van waiting for me, ready to take me to the FBI offices and the morning meeting with the doctor and his team.