My mother complains that I'm always reading the same books over and over again. "Why don't you read something new?" She leaves on my desk books that her book club reads, Oprah approved shit, New York Times bestsellers, you know. I cling to my tattered copy of Slaughterhouse-Five, could you get any more fucking cliché? And Catcher in the Rye too, seriously, I have a copy of it wedged into the drawer next to my bed, next to a vibrator and hair bands and jewelry I never wear.

When I say I love books, what I mean is I love those same few books I've been reading again and again since I was twelve. And when I say I love music, I mean to say I love the songs that made sense to me in middle school and have been stuck in my head every since. When I say I love people, I mean I love the friends who have been there for me again and again and who know me, who get me, who I don't have to explain myself to, or work to understand them. When I say I love travel, fuck, I'm just lying.

Should be a conservative because I like everything safe and the same. I'm 20 years old and already boring as shit. Loud music annoys me. Shut the fuck up with that, already. Get off my lawn. Leave me alone with my old books and old friends. Its quiet here.