It's real {FIRST TITLE}


We finally arrived at Marthas Vineyard Thank God! I Thought as I stepped off the plane. I was getting naseous. My legs were shaking as I made my way to the car we rented. I was too tired to stay awake to our home so I fell asleep. The jolt of the car sending me to my dream.

Trent was hurt. His neck was bitten by a werewolf. His hand went to the bite. He howled. Showing the first signs of his werewolfness. The scene changed he and his bride were getting married. His father objected saying he had no right to marry her.

Trent was a werewolf again. He was running to escape the other werewolves that were chasing him. He had no time for this. He pushed on harder. But the other werewolves were faster. They jumped on him and brought he back to their tribe.

Trent's eyes snapped open. "What was the meaning of this?" Trent asked himself. But was suddenly mesmerised at he house in front of us. It was a Victorian style house. With long white columns and a porch in the front in back. This house was very big and expensive.

"So? What do you think of the new house Trent?" His mom asked him.

"Very Victorian isn't it?"

"Yeah I guess you could say that but lets get unpacked first." She said as she went into the house.

Inside the house was a lot... nicer than the outside. First of all it was a little like a Cathedral. But it was quite nice actually Trent thought he was going to like it.

After getting unpacked Trent went upstairs to look for his bedroom. Once he found it he thought he was going ballistic. It was too big. He didn't have enough stuff for a room like this! But his mom said it would be fine. So he just went to bed awaiting the arrival for his dad and other siblings.

Trent walked through the trees an uneasy feeling coming to him. He changed into his wolf form and growled. Showing he was here. Suddenly a pack of wolves surrounded him. He yelped and fled. The wolves gave chase, excited from smelling the fear in him. He turned back in time to see a tree hit his face.

Trent was swetting. It was midnight so Trent decided to go and look at the lake. He opened the door slowly careful to not wake his mom up. It was so beautiful Trent thought. Being surrounded by a painted picture at midnight. It was just too beautiful.

GRRRR! Trent looked around. What was that sound? Grrr! A silver wolf glistened as it ran at Trent. It tackled him over and bit his neck. What excrutiating pain! The wolf changed back to wolf form gasping. He was naked. Trent was gay and looked down. He was too grateful that the wolf didn't notice it.

The werewolf left the area leaving him to die. He convulsed again and again. His body like a fish. He heard cracking sounds and he looked before him as his body was covered in hair. He was a werewolf now.