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Things you should keep in mind:

Nikko: it means sunlight in Japanese

Yang: from Yin Yang, Yang meaning the pure forces, that which Heaven was created from

Underworld: Hell (it's pretty obvious in the story, but just in case, I didn't want you to get confused) XD

Chapter 1: Surface world

It was my first day living on Earth's surface. I had reached the age of five, and my parents decided that I was old enough to visit my grandparents, who had moved above, to live in this strange world inhabited by a different race, about a hundred years ago.

They told me that it was safe to go, since they lived in a rural town far away from the city, secluded at the mountain side. Nevertheless, many of the nobles kept repeating over and over to never make contact with humans yet, since I was still young and could expose myself.

The Earth sky was a lot different from the Underworld. It was blue, and the clouds were a bright white; there was warmth, and life surrounded us. I was fascinated by the Surface. It felt like everything around me was breathing, and there was much peace. The birds, even though I was starting to get a bit annoyed, sang their joyful melodies, and the leaves rustled as the wind blew past them. It took me a while to get used to the sun's light, since in the Underworld there was no such thing as this luminosity.

I watched my parents glare at everything, and cover themselves with umbrellas from the sun's heat and light. They didn't seem to like the Surface that much.

My grandparents met with us at the bottom of the mountain, and we followed them, hiking up to the town they lived in.

Even though we had been so close to the main street, I wasn't able to see any humans. Despite the fact that I had been warned not to get near them, I was still curious.

Humans were different creatures than us; they lived a short period of time, yet they made the best of it. Some even have the ability to summon us with dark magic, but that's a different story. A normal human didn't have to worry about being exposed like us demons. If it were known that we truly exist, then there would be chaos on the Surface.

That's why those who decided to live away from the Underworld stay hidden.

However, not all demons were curious like I was; the majority hated humans. They sometimes rise from the Underworld to hurt and kill humans; drink their blood or capture their souls. Even though the Underworld forbids such things, it's impossible to catch every single demon who does so.

The only reason why such things are forbidden, is because if the Heavens found out that humans were being eaten and the like by demons, gods and angels will come down to the Underworld and strike chaos in our realm. If it wasn't for them keeping balance between good and evil, who knows what vile things demons would have already done to humans.

The only ones who are allowed to meddle with Yang forces, beings from the Heavens, are higher ranked demons, such as the Dukes, the Reaper, and the Demon King.

My family is of high nobility in the Underworld, and, due to certain circumstances involving myself, the other nobles and the current King allowed us to take a visit to the Surface, regarding matters such as learning what lurked above us and such. They usually don't allow such young demons, like myself, to leave the Underworld fearing that it would disturb the order the Heavens placed upon the Surface.

That aside, I believed that it was quite boring in the Underworld; everything was dead, and dark. I didn't hate it, for it was in my nature to like such places, but, after seeing this world, it was hard to imagine living in my home.

It felt like we were climbing that mountain forever. My parents kept refusing to use our demonic powers, for it was forbidden to do so on the Surface, so we had to walk. It was very hot, and I was beginning to get tired.

Not far from where the trail led up the mountain, I heard a stream. I decided to sneak away from my parents for a little while, and get some refreshment.

I went towards the sound of water, but just as I was about to reach it, I noticed that there was someone else there.

I hid in a bush, startled. I peeked a bit and noticed that it was just a little girl, probably even younger than me. She had short, blonde hair, and her eyes were as green as the leaves on the trees. She had fair skin, and her cheeks were peach colored.

This was a human girl.

I watched her cup her hands and lower them into the stream; she pulled them out and tried to keep the water inside her palms, but it just slipped through her fingers. She was persistent though, and kept kneeling down and dipped them in over and over again.

I rolled my eyes. Humans were rather stupid, was what I thought.

Then, after so many failed attempts, the girl sat down, knees up to her face, and let out a small whine.

I wondered if all humans were like this. I wondered what she was crying about.

Suddenly, the girl bounced back to her feet, and then dipped her entire head inside the stream. I didn't know what to think then, and all I could do was stare at this strange being.

She then pulled her head out, her short hair dripping wet, soaking her small dress- though she didn't seem to mind it.

Her cheeks were bloated as she held the water in her mouth. She waddled towards the other side of the stream. I followed her line of sight and noticed that she was looking at some small daisies, slightly dried up and dying. I watched this girl gently spout water on them. After she emptied her mouth, she patted the small petals softly, as if they were made of glass. She then bent down to kiss one.

Humans were so strange, was all I could think of. I knew for sure that those daisies will die, they were so dried up it was obvious; yet, this girl tried to save them anyway.

She sat there, staring at the daisies.

"Don't worry," she said with a small voice, "You'll be okay."

My body then moved on its own, forward, as if wanting to get near her.

I stepped on a branch, and it produced a loud snap. The girl raised her head and turned her body towards me.

I was frozen there, not knowing what to do. She stood up, but before she could take a step towards me, I ran.

I wasn't sure for how long I was running; I didn't dare look back. If she found out that I wasn't from this world, what would she do?

I finally found my family; they didn't even notice that I had left. We soon reached my grandparent's house, but I didn't dare to mention what had just happened. I was afraid that I might get scolded, and that we'd have to return to the Underworld sooner than planned.

The next two days were peaceful yet boring. My parents didn't let me leave the house, even though my grandparents said it there was nothing to worry about.

I didn't understand my parents. I came to the Surface supposing to learn a bit of the ways of this realm, but instead, I was sitting around my grandparent's large house doing nothing. How did they expect me to obtain any knowledge this way?

One day, while my parents left for a stroll around the city, my grandparents gave me permission to have a walk around the town. I was delighted, and they even gave me money to buy myself something from the convenience store near by. Though they warned me to act like a normal human and not say anything suspicious, and to not wander off too far.

I was happy that they trusted me.

I walked on the sidewalk, passing by our neighbors and various small businesses. Some of the older folk there asked me if I was lost, and I mentioned that I was visiting my grandparents. They all lighted up when they knew I was their grandson.

I soon reached the convenience store. After talking with the nice lady at front, I walked around inside for a bit. I went to the freezer in the back, wanting to buy this item rumored to be very delicious in the Underworld called ice cream.

Just as I was about to reach out to the strawberry flavored ice cream, another hand reached out at the same time, bumping into mine. I looked to my side and noticed the small girl from a few days ago, the one I had seen in the forest.

I jumped a few steps back, startled once again by her presence.

"Nikko, hurry up and get your ice cream;" I heard an older woman say standing near the counter.

The girl turned her head and waved, "Coming, mama!"

She took another glance at me, and then grabbed two of the small strawberry ice cream boxes. She handed one over to me, smiling and glowing like the sun.

I accepted it unconsciously, and then watched her as she ran off towards her mother. They left hand in hand, and before they stepped out of the store, she took another glimpse at me and smiled. I waved back without thinking.

I went over to the counter to pay for the ice cream, and the old woman was grinning at me.

"It looks like Nikko-chan likes you!" she said with a joyful tone of voice. "That girl is so nice and thoughtful; I'm sure you two will get along just fine."

I looked up at her, holding the ice cream securely in my hand.

"Nikko-chan?" I repeated.

"Yep; There aren't many kids her age in this old town, you see. She must have been very happy to see you, so please take care of her;" she added, smiling.

It was getting dark out, and my parents must be on their way back from their small walk around the city; still, I didn't feel like going home yet. I wanted to see this Nikko girl again.

I aimlessly walked around eating my ice cream. I looked up at the starry night sky, enjoying the sparkle of the stars. There was nothing like this in the Underworld. During the day, the sky was still black with red clouds, and during the night, the clouds turned a dark shade of blue, and the moon was red; but, there were no stars.

I thought of the girl's smile. She really was just like her name, a ray of sun. She seemed to be a nice girl.

Before I knew it, I wound up at the stream again. I looked over at the small daisy bush Nikko was trying to save a few days ago, and realized something amazing. The daisies were in full bloom, and their white colored petals seemed to glow in the moonlight.

I stared at them for a while. I was almost certain that they were going to wither.

I then couldn't help but smile. The love that girl had towards them, the effort she made to save them, even though she was still so young, saved those flowers.

Humans really were strange creatures.