Ethan's backyard was boring as fuck.

Maybe that was because it was dark out, but I couldn't make out any interesting shapes, either. There was an outline of an in-ground pool, but other than that—nothing. It would have been more fun if I'd had a more interesting place to hide out, but Skylar would have killed me if I hadn't shown up to the damn party.

But of course, he was here, too. Adrian. And considering how much I liked him? It wasn't easy to watch him pine over Skylar. I wasn't going anywhere near him tonight. With my luck, he'd be trying to "comfort" Skylar since Ethan wasn't talking to him.

And on that note, I didn't want to see Skylar, either. I knew he liked Ethan and all…but he didn't have to be so damn mean to Adrian.

And he didn't have to be so stupid and keep pursuing Skylar. After all, I was right there. But apparently, the (current) love of my life was a masochist and didn't want to be with the guy that was actually nice to him. No, he had to be head over heels for the guy who referred to him as "The Loser".

Adrian was such a fucking moron. Why the hell did I like him?

I took a long swallow of the soda I'd brought with me. As long as Skylar and Adrian stayed the fuck out of my way, I might have a reasonable few hours. And yeah, that meant I couldn't really go inside, but at least the weather was nice.

I leaned back against the side of the house and took a deep breath. I needed to hurry up and get over Adrian. It wasn't as if I was a long-term relationship guy or anything. Hell, my longest relationship ever had barely lasted two months before I got bored with him.

Okay, so maybe there was a reason that Adrian didn't want to be with me. Still, my crush on him had already lasted for around four months now and didn't seem to be fading any time soon.

Besides, I wasn't a bad boyfriend. I never cheated. I ended things properly every time.

The door to the porch opened, but I didn't turn to look. People had been coming in and out all evening. Every single one of them had taken one look at me brooding and scampered back inside.

"Oh, sorry!" I looked up at the intruder finally. It was another one; this time a scrawny sophomore by the name of Shane. I shrugged. He disappeared back inside.

Really, what the hell? Sure, I was normally pretty energetic and happy. But not always. Did a frown on my face really scare that many people off?

The thought didn't help my mood. Of course no one would want to, oh, I don't know, cheer me up or anything.

They were all assholes. I shut my eyes and tried to think of something else. Like jelly beans. Who didn't like jelly beans?

I bet Adrian did. Maybe I should have given him some for Valentine's Day. It would have been worth the humiliation to see if he'd smile. The green kind, to match his eyes. Green apple. And maybe buttered popcorn, for his hair.

God, I was pathetic.

The door opened again, and I looked up this time, hoping to scare the new invader off before he or she could even interrupt me (Not 'they'. I was going to be an English teacher one day, dammit. 'They' was a plural pronoun). My eyes met ones the shade of green apple jelly beans and I swallowed hard.

"Kyle?" he asked. "What are you doing out here sulking for?"

I shrugged and turned to look back at Ethan's backyard. "Got a lot of stuff on my mind," I choked out.

He sat down next to me. I felt my face heat up and thanked God for the darkness. "Like what?" he asked. Oh, why couldn't he have been like everyone else and go back inside?

"Just stuff," I replied, refusing to admit that it was about him. What if it made him feel bad?

"Oh," he said, turning to look into the darkness. "Mind if I sit here with you?"

Yes, I thought. "No, it's fine." Dammit.


We sat in silence for a few minutes, just look at nothing and listening to the faint music from inside. "So…" he began.

I turned to look at him. "So?"

"Skylar and Ethan, huh?" he said.

I furrowed my brows. "That is so not what you wanted to say."

"Sure it is."


"Well, it is what I said," Adrian said. "So that's what you get to respond to."

"Everyone except the two of them saw it coming," I said.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"What, still upset that Skylar's unavailable?" I asked, trying not to sound sullen. I had a feeling I failed miserably, but I got an A for effort.

"Not really. I gave up on him a while ago."

"Oh," I replied, feeling like an idiot.

"I have my eye on someone else."

I felt a surge of jealousy rise in my chest where the relief had just been. Of course he did. "Oh. Cool. Who is it?" I asked to be polite. No one said something like that without wanting to be asked.

Well, except for me. But I didn't hold myself as any kind of standard for normalcy.

I was pretty sure his cheeks flushed a bit, even though it was hard to see. "Promise you won't spread any rumors about it?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said dully. "Why would I?" Really, we weren't in middle school anymore.

"No laughing?"

"God, just tell me already!"


I couldn't have heard that correctly. "Wait, what?"

He turned his body to face me. "I…really like you, Kyle. I kinda have for a little while now, but I didn't know how to bring it up. Seeing Skylar and Ethan kinda…made me feel like I had to say something."

"Oh." I said, my voice faint. This couldn't be happening.

"Yeah," he replied, shying away from me slightly.

Oh, shit. That's right. I never answered. He looked down as I watched him. Crap, my chance was getting away.

I leaned up and kissed him.