As I woke up to the smell of fresh air, I got out of bed and headed to the shower. Like always, I forget to get a towel. As I made my way down stairs someone was moaning and it sounded as if someone was struggling.

I looked around the corner and I found a woman beaten up and half naked on my floor. I went to her quickly. "Miss?" She gasped and look up at me, she began to crawl away.

"P-please d-don't hurt nor tou-touch me." She moaned as she curled into a little ball. "I-i will l-leave when its umm safe." She said again.

"I wont hurt you and you can stay as long as I can know your name and why you are here." "My name is Melissa Reed and I was umm..." "I need to help you, please let me."

"No, I'll just go...okay." She stood up, well tried to. She instanly fell back down. I picked her up and took her up stairs. As I laid her on the bed, she cried out, "No! No! Please no!"

"Shh, shh. I'm not going to hurt you." She didn't calm down, she even tried to get up but again she fell back down. "Listen!" I said, "I'm not going to hurt you, but if you refuse to let me operate on you then you have to leave." I knew that was a lie, she wasnt about to leave...even if she considered it.

She shot up and I looked at her body. Bruised every where. "Where does it hurt." She looked at me like 'Duh, everywhere'. "Yeah, stupid question." "You said that not me." She mumbled.

I chuckled, "A comedian?" "No." She rolled her eyes but she quirked a smile. "Hmm, you have a large cut on your right thigh. I have to put something on that." She bit her bottom lip.

"Will it hurt." "No, I promise." I stood up and went into my bathroom. I needed a shower but not now. I open the cabin and grabbed a needle and thread and cotton.

I hid the items behind my back except for the cotton. "See, I just put some medicine on here and umm I'll put it on your leg, okay?" "Ok." "Close your eyes." Damn it she was staining my new covers. Oh shut up, the rest is in the washer machine. She closed her eyes.

Quickly, I put the thread on the needle and began to sew her skin back together. "Ow. You promised." She groaned. "Sorry." "A needle!" She shouted and I saw her eyes open.

"Hey, shh. I'm nearly done." "Oh my god." She gasped as I pulled on the thread. After my little act, I gave her some tyenol. "Thanks, doc." "Welcome err Melissa..."

"You got the name correct. So whats your name?" "Randy." "Weird." "How?" "Nothing." "Enough of that, explain how you get here." She didn't answer.

(Hey, the ... is where her voice kept broking, sorry for this outburst lol)

"Tell me please." "I was at home and umm" Tears where in her eyes. "And umm, my father and boyfriend decided to go fishing." I listen closely as a tear drop.

"And umm, my father told me, 'If my friends come over tell them I'm gone.' And-" "And umm, they came over." Her voice cracked. "And then um, I told them that my father wasn't there but when I looked at them...their umm eyes were-" More tears fell and she wiped her eyes.

"Their eyes were red and wide like they...had been smoking. When one of them said 'Oh.' his breath smelled like beer and something...else. And umm" This time I wiped her eyes.

"So...they umm told me they were coming in anyway and I couldn't stop them...J- I mean one of them grabbed my arm and...pulled me too them. I told them to stop but they kept grinding I know I should have ran but they dragged me up stair..."

"You can stop if you want." I think I knew the rest. Rape. "Ok." She mumbled wiping her eyes again. "Get some rest. I'll cook you something when-" "No, no. Can we eat now?" She whispered. "Yeah sure. Umm, what would u like?"

"Chicken." "Comedian...chicken lover?" "So." She pouted. "Look, I'll cook, you at least close your eyes and play like your sleep." As I walked out the room, I heard her sitting up.

"Lay down" I called. I knew she was think When was he my father? I went into my kitchen and pulled out a frozen pack of chicken. I tossed it on the counter.

After 'lunch' was cooked I put the chicken on the plate and went back to the bedroom to find a sleeping Melissa. I sat the chicken on the end-table next to the bed and headed for a shower.

The water was warm, oh thank god. "Randy?" The bathroom door open, so was my shower curtian. "Oh my god. I'm sorry." She closed the door quickly. I leaned back against the wall.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out the bathroom. She was in my closet, looking at my clothes. "Hey." I said. "Sorry, I just need a-" She pulled out my v-neck.

"I need this...and umm" She started searching again. "Oh I'm so rude. I'm going through some random guy clothes like I really know him." She mumbled to herself as she closed the closet door. "Sorry." She mumbled and went back to sit on the bed.

I saw that she had ate all three pieces of chicken to the bone. "You were really hungry huh?" "I told you I was." "Hmph, you sure did prove that." "Can you please...umm your towel."

She covered up her eyes and she blushed. I looked down to see that my towel had fallen. I picked it up and covered myself up. "Yeah, I'll go put on some clothes." I hurried into my closet and through on jeans and a little to tight muscle shirt.

When I came out the closet, I saw her blushing. Hmph, I wonder why. Purposely I flexed. "Hey, isn't it time for me to leave?" She asked. "Only if you umm want to."

"Yeah, but um thanks." She got off the bed and hugged me. "I'm glad I meet a nice guy that means good." "What about your father or boyfriend." "My father cheated on my mother and my boyfriend well he might be cheating so your the only one. I hope your girlfriend is nice to you." "I don't have a girlfriend. I kind of don't like to have girls around me."

"Why?" "They cause drama to much for me but you...were awesome." "Yeah. Bye. Randy." Melissa walked away and when I heard the door close. My heart drop.

Was I really falling for this girl. Melissa? No...I shouldn't. No. Not. Melissa. She has been through hell, we can only be friends.