So, this is a story that I've been working on for some time. It is FINISHED! So no worries about me not posting (for once). Enjoy!

It had been two years – when her family had first moved to this town, in fact – since she'd set foot in this bedroom. She'd only been in town for two weeks, but already she felt pulled down by the reality of it all. In her old school, it had seemed to be a completely other world. Her friends had been her family, and her classes had been the only thing that she needed to concern herself with.

Now, here she was. Confined to one town, one house, and one school. One family. It was going to take a while to get used to.

"Silvia?" She looked up from the pages of her book, blinking. She'd been reading the same sentence for the past fifteen minutes, lost in thought.

Her mother stood in the doorway, looking at her.

In her brand name jewelry and designer labels, she was just as posh as would be expected of the wife of a man who owned a real estate empire. She had her arms crossed over her impressive chest; her platinum blonde hair – one of the few physical traits Silvia hadn't inherited from her – was swept back into a clean bun. Sunglasses sat on the top of her head. Obviously, she'd just gotten in.

From the balcony where she was sitting in the late afternoon sun, Silvia let out a quiet sigh. "Yes, mother?"

"There's no need to be rude, darling. I came to tell you that your father has found you a decent car to drive to school from now on. He had it shipped and it has arrived. Tomorrow when you leave for school it will be waiting for you in the third garage." After putting heavy emphasis on the word decent – as if most cars personally offended her – she placed a key on Silvia's bedside table, next to an empty glass that Silvia had used to drink some water.

At this, Roxanne Eaton's nose wrinkled slightly. "I'll send up someone to retrieve this. You really should learn the meaning of the term 'cleanliness', Silvia."

Silvia herself refrained from answering her, not trusting what her reaction would be. -One glass?- Back at her old school, in her dorm room, she had had her own rules of cleanliness. It wasn't as though her room had been a pigsty, but nor had one empty glass ever been considered clutter.

"Oh, and I'll be eating out with some friends tonight, so dinner won't be being prepared like normal. If you want anything just run downstairs and tell the chef, and he'll make what you need. I probably won't be home until late, so have a good day at school tomorrow, and I'll see you tomorrow night. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, mother." Silvia muttered as her mother turned and left the room, leaving a waft of her Chanel fragrance as a reminder that she'd been there.

Silvia turned back toward her book, but after a moment, gave up. She closed it and set it beside her on the ottoman that she had currently taken possession of. Her long curves taking in a bit of sunlight.

Instead she looked out at the garden that her bedroom overlooked.

The property that her parents owned was no joke. In a gated community, with properties widely spread apart, her family's was one of the largest. Set upon a slight slope, it encompassed all of about 20 acres, with an inside and outside pool, a tennis court, expansive gardens, and even a small stable that housed around half a dozen horses.

Needless to say, such a property required a great deal of attention, and everyday there were people that tended to it. Most lived in the suburbs in the main part of town – or so Silvia assumed – but a light skeleton crew had taken up residence on the property in a 'guesthouse' of sorts. Three maids, one chef, a – for lack of a better title – butler, and an assistant for her mother. Out near the stable one permanent stable hand slept in a small house, and the groundskeeper – the woman who was in charge of regulating schedules and Silvia didn't know what else – had her own little cabin as well. Settled into the northern garden, she was far enough away to have some privacy, and close enough to do her job without having to go out of the way.

Now, looking out at the grounds in late March, it seemed barren. Silvia closed her eyes and sighed.

She could in no way deny that she was blessed, that she had every advantage in life. And despite what her parents might have said, she was grateful for the opportunities presented her.

She would just rather take advantage of those opportunities somewhere where she wouldn't be reminded of her family's inner – and unseen – problems.

Silvia opened her pale grey-green eyes and pursed her lips before standing up and retreating back into her room. She went into her closet and picked out a swimsuit – a one-piece but not, with only two angling pieces of fabric down the front to connect top and bottom – before changing and going downstairs to the inside pool.

When she reached the humid and large room, she simply dived directly into the pool. With windows covering its walls, and drapes to cover them if need be, the light in the room was breathtaking. Golden and soft at almost any hour of the day, it was one of Silvia's favourite rooms. Upon the high rising ceiling her mother had ordered a beautiful mosaic to be painted. Now it was painted carrying shades of blue, with beautiful and graceful women and men floating around, reaching for and holding one another with flowers and folds of fabric intertwined around them. It was a romantic scene, one that took Silvia's breath away, despite the somewhat corny nature of it all.

She flipped onto her back and swam slow, lazy laps through the chlorine enhanced water, allowing herself to think.

Tomorrow was her first day of school in this town. Before, she had boarded and been taught at an all girls school up north. One of the best in the country, there she had felt encouraged to do anything she put her mind to.

The school she would be going to now was – of course – still prestigious. Her parents wouldn't allow their daughter to attend anything less. And putting aside all of her mournful thoughts of her old school and her friends, there was only one thing that could make her uneasy.

Silvia Eaton was a fairly confident girl. She was sure she would do well in classes and that it would not be difficult for her to make friends. She wasn't worried about being the new girl, or even about being an outcast with no niche to fit into. Oh no, she could handle that type of thing, no sweat.

Silvia had gone to her previous school since she was in sixth grade, and it had been all girls for six years. Sure, she had been exposed to guys. The seasonal dance held with the closest all boys school. She and the other girls had been able to go off campus on weekends it they so chose, and as a result she had gone on dates every once in a while, with one of the – as the girls referred to them – townies .

She'd heard all of the horror stories from her friends, though, nevertheless. Men could be attractive, polite, and charming, sure. But they could also be monstrous, obnoxious, and – according to her friends – cheating bastards while they were at it. Needless to say, Silvia hadn't really seen the point in becoming involved. She had more important things on her schedule.

Between track and soccer, all of her classes, and her extra-curricular lessons, Silvia had had little time for anything else.

-That reminds me, I still need to look up a good instructor before it's too late- Another thing to add onto her list of worries.

Now, looking back, Silvia wished that she had accepted more of the offers for a night out from one of the local boys or two. Maybe then, she wouldn't be so nervous.

Dunking herself underwater, Silvia let her worries be washed away. She'd do what she was good at: figure it out and adapt.


When she awoke to her alarm clock at five the next morning, she sighed. Rubbing her eyes she rose out of bed, stumbled into her closet, and changed from her pajamas into some sweats and a loose hoodie. She then went to the bathroom, scrubbed her face and brushed her teeth. Opening a cabinet she reached for a hair tie and pulled her dark strawberry blonde locks into a messy but sturdy bun. She made it out of the house quietly, and then jogged lightly to the end of the driveway. At the gate she punched in the code, turned east, and started running.

As she ran, her thoughts began to become clearer. She looked at her surroundings with interest, this being the first time that she'd taken her morning run in this direction.

It was a beautiful community, really. Between each property were thick trees, so that privacy was assured to the wealthy families. The forests were dark, the trees part of the old forest that had stood before the properties had been built. She couldn't help but like the feel of the early morning air, there were even small wisps of mist on the ground between the trees.

Yes, beautiful. But also too quiet, as though there were no one around for hundreds of miles. Before coming here, Silvia had been surrounded by people for years. Her friends, the professors, and other students. Now she was in a place where there were people only few and far between. It was for this reason that Silvia found herself eager to get to school, in order to feel somewhat normal.

After about nine minutes of running, she turned back toward home, retracing her footsteps. At the gate, she punched in the number and made her way back up to the house. She estimated that she had run a good two and a half miles both ways. Five miles. Not bad, and it had served to work off the tension which had been building in her stomach.

She made it back upstairs without meeting anyone – the house was just beginning to stir. Once in her room, painted a pale blue with a bed of perfect white sheets, she peeled her sweats from her tired body and let her hair fall from her bun.

Her shower was refreshing, leeching the small amount of fatigue from her muscles. Once out she put on some tight jeans and a loose t-shirt and stumbled downstairs to the kitchen.

The chef – who Silvia could not deny was talented indeed – would not hear of her preparing her own meal. The first time she had tried – more out of being used to having to than anything else – he had been so insulted that he had ranted and raved to the grounds keeper, who had of course reported to her mother. Now, Silvia simply made her request and went to the living room, falling down onto the couch with no grace whatsoever.

A few minutes later one of the maids brought out a plate of easy over eggs, with two pieces of lightly browned toast and a couple of small waffles off to one side.

Silvia thanked her heartily and begged her to give her complements to the chef, before almost inhaling the food. As she ate, she realized that she had been far more hungry than she'd realized. As if on cue, the maid entered again. She carried a bowl of fruit salad, and also a large glass of milk. Silvia looked at her as though she were her savior.

"Pierre thought you might want more, miss." Was the maid's only explanation, though she looked on with amusement for a moment as Silvia began to eat.

"Tell him that I am officially in love with his food, and plan on eating it till the day I die." Silvia told the woman around a mouthful of watermelon. "And that, when I return from school every day, I would be eternally grateful if he would be able to take some time to whip up some of this fruit salad. It's delectable!"

"I'm sure he'll be pleased that he has a new fan, miss." The maid told her, turning back to the kitchen.

After she was finished eating Silvia went back upstairs and into her bathroom, where she blow dried the last bit of moisture from her hair. She kept it the way it was after that, because she actually liked the way her hair formed into loose curls, falling past her shoulders.

She then went into her closet, and attempted to decide what to wear to school. Fortunately for her – just as her last school – the school did not require a uniform, and therefore she could wear her own clothes.

She had decided to continue wearing the same jeans, and eventually decided on a leopard print bustier with thin black straps. Over that she wore a buckskin colored leather jacket. She chose a doubled black leather belt, a thin and long necklace that wrapped around her neck twice, and some bangles for her wrists. She decided on some black leather close-toed heels that the jeans could be tucked around.

Looking at herself in the large mirror of her bathroom, she smiled approvingly. She bit her bottom lip though, feeling that something was missing. –Should I?– She took up some solid eyeliner and circled her lids, before applying some mascara as well. After finishing, she nodded to herself.


She grabbed her school things, her small black leather purse, and her keys. She'd placed the key her mother had given her onto her key ring last night, before going to sleep. Once she made it to the garage, she clicked the unlock button on her keys, and looked up at the beep from a silver, two door car on the far side of the garage.

Upon getting closer, she felt her eyes widen. Even she, with all of her ignorance of cars, could tell what this was. Written in beautiful scrolling letters across the back read: Cayman S, with the Porsche coat of arms. Silvia blinked, and blinked again.

At last a wistful smile broke her lips, and with a shake of her head she got in and opened the garage.


Her thighs wrapped around him was a pleasurable sensation. He rubbed his hard arousal against the space between her thighs, and smirked lightly at her gasp. Looking at her, she wasn't an unfortunate looking girl. In fact, her impressive chest was noteworthy enough to have caught his attention. She was short without high heels, with nice little curves that an eye could follow. As his hand caressed her breast beneath her shirt, she moaned.

He moved his hand down from her breast, slipping it beneath her skirt – if it could be called that, barely there as it was. He reached to pull aside her panties, and drew back from her lips with surprise. His eyebrows lowered back to natural height as he smirked at her.

"No underwear?" She bit her lip. It was a façade, she wasn't ashamed at all. He stroked her up and down, and with another moan she arched into him. "Lacy, I do believe that's called 'asking for it'."

The girl flushed, but pressed her hips harder into his hand. He grinned and slipped a finger inside of her. She had been asking for it. For nearly a month now, maybe longer. Normally he would have just had her, but he'd liked watching her get more and more desperate with each passing day. It was kind of flattering, actually.

Slade heard the bathroom door open, and sighed. He continued thrusting his finger inside of her, enjoying the heavy breathing and soft whimpers that came from his ministrations.


Smirking, Slade caressed her tender spot again. Her answering wail was enough of an alert to his presence. She reached forward and ran her hands over his chest and down his abs, his open shirt providing a window of golden-tanned skin and hard muscle.

"Blackwood? Come on man. Its lunch, and I'm starving." Slade smiled and withdrew his hand from between her legs, setting her feet back on the ground.

The poor girl looked stricken. He smirked and rose his finger to her mouth. She opened it willingly and wrapped her pretty pink lips around his finger, sucking and swirling her tongue around it. He leaned down, placing his lips at her ear.

"How do you taste?" He whispered. She curved her lips without opening them, and sucked harder.

He withdrew his finger, wiped it on her tiny skirt, and began to button up his shirt. She whimpered. "Wait, don't go."

There was a knock on the stall door. "Come on, doode. I'm wasting away here."

"Be a good girl." Slade told her, turning away and opening the door.


Jake stepped back with raised eyebrows, looking at the girl for a moment before shaking his head and turning to leave. The girl's cheeks were a stark and strong red from embarrassment.

Slade finished his shirt and left the bathroom with him, as they were walking down the hall Jake glanced at him.

"Was that Lacy Laurence?" Slade just kept walking, not even looking at Jake. A small half smile curved at his lips. "The science nerd in biology? Seriously?"

Slade shrugged, sticking his hands in his jean pockets. "How?" Jake asked, shaking his head in amazement.

"She came asking for it." Slade assured him. "Begging for it, actually."

Jake chuckled. "Yeah. It's the nerds that you gotta watch out for. So," he rubbed his palms together, "what do you feel like today? Cardboard, or driving?"

Slade shrugged. "I'll leave early and get something before the next class."

Jake sighed. "Cafeteria." A pained expression crossed his face. "The pizza is the only thing worth paying for."

Slade grinned as they entered the cafeteria, making their way towards their customary table. Upon sitting down, a luscious brunette with dark cinnamon skin made sure to catch his attention, pressing up against his arm.

"Slade." She purred. "Where have you been?" Her lovely dark lips turned downward in a pout, to show that though she was upset, she'd forgive him if he let her.

He turned towards her. "Nice to see you, Amy."

Her eyes narrowed for a moment, before she batted her pretty lashes and giggled. "I'm Amanda, Slade. Don't you remember? Two nights ago?"

Pointedly, he looked up and down her sweet body. How could he have forgotten? The girl gave beautiful blow jobs.

"Oh, give up, honey." A sweet voice sounded from across the table. Slade smiled as he looked over at Allegra, the pretty little brunette that he'd known since he was a child. "You may be pretty, but you aren't unique."

Amanda pouted. "And you are?"Slade chose not to acknowledge the quarrel, and looked around the room instead.

"Why, yes. I am. That's why I don't feel the need to justify my personality through fucking any guy that wants me. Don't you know that men are – SILVIA!"

Slade looked back at Allegra in surprise as she sat up in her seat, raising her arm to wave to someone across the room. Slade turned in curiosity to the direction in which she had waved.

For a moment he couldn't see who she had waved to. Then, a wonderfully tall strawberry blonde with smooth and supple curves turned and rose an arm half way to wave with a slight bending of her fingers. She smiled slightly – little more than a curve of plump rosy lips – before turning back to getting food out of the lunch line.

He heard Allegra scoff and watched in surprise as the tiny brunette rose from her seat and sauntered over to where the blonde stood. She stayed in line with the beautiful blonde as she got her food, and then – when the blonde turned to leave – pulled her by the arm back to their table.

"Holy Hell." Jake muttered underneath his breath. "Where in the world did Allegra find her?"

Slade heard some more mutterings from the other guys at the table, which earned them glares from the women they were sitting with. He couldn't deny that those wonderfully tight jeans showed off all of her attributes.

"That is one sexy blonde." Jake commented again as Allegra drew closer.

"That," Bryson's voice spoke up from a few seats down. "is my sister."


"Just sit with me." Allegra pleaded with Silvia, who allowed the petite brunette to pull her along. "I mean, really, where else are you going to go? I'm not about to have you eating in a bathroom stall on your first day."

She'd met the short girl in her first class of the day, and found that she shared her second class with her as well. Her friendly nature had won Silvia easily, and she couldn't deny that she liked Allegra's snappy wit.

"Just sit here." Allegra told her, and hit a very tall jock over the head with her palm to get him to move. In order for the jock to move, he moved a few girls that had been sitting and told them to shoo. They glared heavily at Silvia, and she, not unaccustomed to the jealousies of girls, quirked an elegant blonde eyebrow at them before sitting down.

"Hey, sis." Bryson spoke up a few seats down. She smiled warmly at him.

"There you are! I haven't seen you in three days. Dad wants to talk to you, you know."

"Why?" Her brother's grey-green eyes – one of the few traits they shared – narrowed.

She shrugged. "How should I know? I've been avoiding him too."

She heard Allegra's musical laughter beside her as she pealed the lid back off of her chocolate pudding. "Silvia Eaton, this is my friend Jake Ackerman."

A black haired, green eyed guy winked at her from across the table, a light smile on his face. "Hello Silvia. Didn't know Bryson had a sister."

Silvia smirked. "He doesn't like to talk about me. He's afraid that if he tells his friends that he has a sister, I'll steal them away and he'll be left all alone."

She smiled wider as she heard Bryson scoff. "Nah, you're just the family's dirty secret."

She laughed and chucked her chocolate covered spoon at him. It missed, and hit his plate before bouncing onto the floor. She frowned. "Go get me another spoon."



"You threw it, you go get a new one." She glared and then rolled her eyes before standing up.

"Some big brother you are."

"I am an excellent big brother, thanks. And you're supposed to show respect to your elders."

She rolled her eyes, and as she walked away she called over her shoulder. "Yeah you're older alright. Those three minutes and forty seven seconds just make you ancient."

She grinned as she heard an answering "ooohhh" from some of Bryson's friends. When she returned she went back to eating her chocolate pudding with relish, pursing her lips against the plastic spoon in order to leave none behind. -God I love chocolate-

"Silvia." Allegra whispered beside her, nudging her with an elbow.


"Slade is staring at you. Cut it out."


"Slade." And with a roll of Allegra's eyes in his direction, Silvia followed her gaze discreetly.

Across the table and maybe two seats down, cold, rich light blue eyes met hers. She felt her lips part of their own accord.

He was beautiful.

Well, okay. He was rugged. His jaw had the scruff of going a few days without shaving. His collared shirt was black, with the last button left undone to show a hint of golden skin at his collarbone. His hair was a shade of dark reddish blonde, cropped close and styled in such a way that she suddenly had the urge to run her fingers through it. His eyes were a light blue. They were rich, almost a turquoise color.

He was staring at her.

She felt heat rise to her cheeks, and looked away, going back to eating. It wasn't her fault that chocolate was delicious. Blame Mother Nature.

She studied him when she thought he wouldn't notice, eating her pudding with the same relish as before. As if she'd let a guy distract her from chocolate.

He had an absolutely gorgeous brunette draped over his arm. She clung to him desperately, though from the glares she sent Silvia's way, she knew she'd lost his attention. There was no food in front of him and he seemed utterly bored, his eyes flickering restlessly around the cafeteria. He didn't talk to anyone, not even to the girl next to him – who earned Silvia's pity through her obvious effort to snare his attention.

About half way through lunch Silvia had stopped paying him any mind and moved onto her salad.

"Did you buy that here?" Jake asked, a wide smile on his face as he leaned his cheek into his palm.

"Yes." Silvia told him, spearing a tomato and biting it off. "Why?" She asked when she'd finished chewing.

"The food here is disgusting."

She rose an eyebrow. "This salad is good."

"Salad doesn't count."

"Why not?"

"No one eats that."

"I do, am I no one?"

"You're a chick," he surveyed her, "probably a health freak. You don't count."

"A health freak? I was just eating chocolate pudding. I'm drinking a soda!"

Jake shrugged, and Silvia heard her brother chuckle. "What?"

"Silvie." He admonished her. "You get up at six thirty in the morning-"

"Five." She muttered to herself.

"-and jog five miles before school."

"Aerobics are good for your heart." She said, taking a bite of lettuce.

"Five miles?" Allegra gasped next to her. "What are you, wonder woman?"

Silvia sighed. "Do you know how much upper thigh and calf strength ballet takes? Besides, a good run has proven to-"

"Ballet?" Allegra asked. "You're a ballerina?"

Silvia blushed. "Um, well. I…guess. But-"

"She's got the best dance school in the nation drooling for her." Bryson spoke up, a smile twisting his lips. Silvia glared at him.

"Anything else you feel like letting the world know about me, Bry?"

He just grinned. "Well, lets see-"

"Shut up!"

"Come on, sis. No hard feelings."

"I think it's amazing that you're into ballet." Allegra spoke up. "How long have you been into it?"

"Since I was six." Silvia mumbled, taking a sip from her soda.

"Well, it looks like we have some company at our table today." A cool voice spoke up from behind Silvia. She turned to find a tall, thin brunette with dark curls cascading down her back staring at her with cruel hazel eyes.

Two girls were standing behind her. One was a lovely Asian girl with long pin straight black hair, and the other a rich skinned milk chocolate girl, with dark brown hair in thin braids with pretty clear glass beads clinking on the ends.


"Celia." Allegra greeted the brunette. "This is Silvia, Bryson's sister. She's new."

Celia cast Silvia and imperious gaze, gazing at her as if she were new competition for her throne. "You're in my seat."

Well, throne indeed.

Silvia felt her eyebrow rise imperiously of its own accord. "I don't see a name on it." Silvia pointed across the room to where a bunch of science nerds were sitting with their books open. "Are you sure it's not over there, somewhere?"

Silvia smiled, bearing her teeth in a snarl that she was sure the other girl saw. She then turned back to her meal pointedly without another word, enjoying the look of outrage that crossed the brunette's pretty face.

She grinned to herself and ate another slice of tomato.

"You little-"

"Celia." A rough, rich voice rumbled from across the table. "Sit down."

Silvia looked over at Slade, who dismissed the pretty brunette without even glancing at her, simply by shifting his arm slightly. The girl pouted but sent him a last suggestive smile before leaving. Silvia heard a soft sniff from behind her, and a few moments later Celia was sitting beside him, pointedly not looking at her. Silvia couldn't help but notice the smirk that crossed over Slade's lips as he glanced at her, for only a moment.


Slade couldn't deny she was sexy. Tall, she still had smooth curves that were only made more enticing by the clothes that hugged to her body tightly. Her skin was creamy and looked delectably soft, just begging to be kissed and bitten. Oh yeah, sexy.

The fact that Celia didn't like her made her only more enticing. The brunette herself was still sitting beside him, stiff and angry. He denied himself the chuckle that wanted to escape from his throat, and looked over at the blonde again.

She was talking to Allegra about something. One side of her pale neck bare, she seemed oblivious to the many gazes that were resting upon her. Guys from all over the cafeteria were looking at her, their looks somewhat less than innocent.

Slade couldn't blame them, those feminine curves would drive a saint to sin. Not to mention the way she ate – as though she was completely oblivious to her appeal. He thought back to the way she'd licked the pudding from her spoon and smirked. She hadn't seemed to be at all aware of the suggestive way her tongue had worked over the plastic.

Celia shifted beside him, taking a long drink from her water bottle. She then turned to him and smiled. "There's a party at Kelly's tomorrow night. Are you going?"

He shrugged. Celia wasn't his girlfriend. They generally didn't even fuck – he wasn't into the clingy type. Instead they were more like counterparts. She had her guys, he had his girls. They got along well enough, though she tended to get on his nerves if he spent too much time around her. She was too concerned about popularity. Who gave a shit about what other people thought?

"Maybe." Was his noncommittal answer. He tried to think of the Kelly that Celia was referring to.

"Why?" She told him, flipping her long and lustrous hair, as though to divert attention from Silvia to her. "Don't you want to come?"

Her vanity was present in everything she did. It was in the way she held herself upright, shoulders back to show off her lovely breasts. It was in the way she cocked her head, to make her thin but pretty pink lips look more appealing in the light. It was in the way she stroked his leg with her heel clad foot.

He took a deep breath and looked pointedly at her. She let a sweet little smirk grace her lips and he sighed.

"Don't you want to?" She asked him, her lips pointing upward as she leaned towards him. "Come, I mean?"

He made a point of looking up and down her body. In a skirt that hugged tightly to her body and a bustier with a nice little button down sweater over it, she showed just enough to keep a man wanting. Finally, after perusing her body, he looked up at her.

"Not really." He turned away and smirked slightly when her hip separated from his by a few inches. She was fun to screw with. "But the party might be interesting."


As soon as they were out in the hall on the way to their next class, which Silvia had discovered that she and Allegra shared during lunch, the petite brunette slapped her arm. "You didn't tell me that you were Bryson's sister."

"I didn't know I needed to."

"No, but it would have been nice to know. What, you being his sister and all."

"What does it matter?"

"Are you kidding?" Allegra scoffed. "He's one of the most popular guys in school. Girls just love him. I mean, he's the football quarterback and captain of the team."

"Yeah, well. I'm not interested in being popular." Silvia informed her as they took a turn into the math wing. Allegra just looked at her and shook her head. "What?"

"Honey, before lunch you were a gorgeous blonde with a nice ass-"


"After lunch, you're Bryson Eaton's twin sister, Allegra Kearney's new friend, and the girl who told Celia Faucheux to fuck off."

"I didn't tell her to fuck off." Silvia protested, watching with curiosity as people stepped aside in the hallway to give her room whereas before she had had to dodge through the crowds. -This is weird- "Per ce."

"Uh huh. I heard you, you told her to go sit with the losers where she belongs." Allegra glared at a couple of sophomore boys who were staring at them. "I officially love you for that, by the way."

"Well, she was rude to me first." Silvia excused, stopping at her locker and entering the combination. "Besides, I went to an all girls school for six years. I know how to deal with bitches."

Allegra laughed aloud, leaning against the lockers next to her. "Listen, there's a party tomorrow night up in the hills. This girl Kelly has a house that her parents never go to. You should go."

Silvia closed her locker and sighed, turning to walk again. "I told you, I'm not interested in being popular."

"So, that has to stop you from having fun, too?"

Silvia shook her head and sighed as they walked into the classroom, taking seats in the middle – somewhere between the stoners in the back and the valedictorians in the front. "Parties really aren't my kind of thing."

"You don't have to go, it was just a suggestion." Allegra told her with a sideways smile. "Are you averse to shopping?"

Silvia's brow crinkled. "No."

"Good, then the day after tomorrow, after school, we're going shopping."

"What? Why?" Silvia asked, flabbergasted. Did she have a bad sense of style and no one had told her for the past eighteen years?

"Because." Allegra told her, "I want the dish on you, and no one's going to give it to me better than you."

"I see." Silvia smiled with a raised eyebrow.


"I don't care if she is Bryson's sister. She's fucking sexy. I'd do her." Jake said as they entered Slade's town house. Slade smiled and shook his head. "What? You wouldn't?"

"Did I say that?" Slade asked. "Besides man, you don't exactly seem like her type."

"Allegra says she doesn't seem too interested in guys."

"Sorry man. Even I can't compete with other chicks. Which means that you…"

"Fuck you. That wasn't what I meant."

"What did you mean?"

"I meant she hasn't been very interested in guys in the past. Apparently she went to an all chicks school since junior high. Get my meaning?"

"She's a virgin?" Slade asked, surprise in his face and his voice as they sat down in his living room.

"Allegra thinks so."

"How the hell would she know?" Slade asked, leaning back into the couch.

Jake shrugged. "Don't know. Must be a chick thing."

Slade smirked, thinking of all the ways he'd be able to test out Allegra's theory. An image of that tall and lissom blonde straddling his lap with nothing but those sexy heels she'd worn today on came to mind. The second day she'd been at school and he had yet to talk to her. He'd caught her looking at him again today at lunch, almost in an accusatory manner. Celia had avoided his table, sitting somewhere else. He liked the blonde for getting rid of her, at least.

He shook his head and picked up the remote, banishing the image and trying to divert his attention. He put it on a sports channel, and he and Jake sat there watching it for a while, each presumably lost in his own thoughts.

Slade was brought back to the present when his cell's ringtone went off. He sighed and dug it out of his pocket, his eyes narrowing when he read the name.

"Mom." He answered.

"Hey, honey! How was school?"

"It was alright. Did you need anything?"

"What? Oh, no. But I'm having a friend and her family over for dinner tonight and I'd like it if you could come over."

"Jake and I have plans tonight."He told her, fighting a grimace.

"Well, he's welcome to come along! Dinner starts at six-"

"Mom, I can't-" He tried to interrupt her, but she continued speaking over him.

"-so you and Jake should get here about a quarter till. Dinner should be over about seven thirty or eight, so you and Jake should have plenty of time for whatever it is you planned on doing. I'm making your favorite." At his silence she played the only card she knew he couldn't deny. "Please? For me?"

He caved. "Alright. We'll be there around five thirty."

"Oh, good! See you then, honey. Love you!"

"See you later." When he hung up and threw his phone on the cushion next to him, Jake gave him a questioning look. "My mom wants us over for dinner."

"Sweet!" Jake exclaimed. "Oh my god, I love your mom's cooking. What's she making?"

"Lamb chops and cherry sauce."

"Mmm." Jake, ever conscious of the needs of his stomach, rubbed his belly as it growled. "That shit is good."

Slade raised an eyebrow and shook his head. "You have problems, man."

"Yeah…" Jake sighed. "So, what time do we gotta be there?"

"Before six."

"What's the occasion?"

Slade shrugged. "She's having some people over, I guess."

"Do we gotta dress nice?"

Slade pointedly looked at the raven haired boy, clad in some ragged jeans and a graphic t-shirt. "You do."

"Hey man, fuck off." Slade laughed and looked back at the Plasma TV. After a few minutes of silence: "You got a shirt I could borrow?"

Slade sighed and stood up. "Yeah, come on."

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