Because you were first and foremost;
you always had a place in my heart and mind.
And maybe because of that,
I became so naive and gullible…
look, I believe almost everything about you-
I really believed it.
But it turns out to be a second-handed lie…
It hurt me, but it hurts me because
he insulted you.
He told me lies that didn't exist;
he told me you were someone like that-
I don't care if I get hurt as I love you,
but maybe, maybe…
because of you, I've changed.
I wouldn't believe so much.
It was all for you…
but that liar betrayed my trust.
But I was lied to,
about you.
I don't blame you or him…
perhaps blame myself for being so
naive- because I would give up
everything just for you.
Because I love you too much it just…