Hidden behind beauty's gloss

Lies a monster better lost

Inside of the beauty hides

A monster buried deep inside

Ugliness can lead to hate

When people realize all too late

The beauty that lied deep within

Just past the eyes and tilted grin

Beauty is only as deep

As how far you try to seep

If you look just past the faults

You'll find gold hidden in the vaults

But in the beauty

Lies a girl not so dainty

Who lies and cheats because she can

Who's to stop her stupid plan?

The world is wrapped around

The girl who's beauty is renound

But what of the hidden charm

What do people do for her?

She's proclaimed as a geek

When really she is oh so sweet

To bullies who have tortured her

She shows them kindness they didn't show her

They drop a paper or a book

She stops to pick it up

She helps the ones she should hate

Because her inner beauty is just that great

The beauty that lies deep within

Is more worthy than the one skin deep?

How the tables have turned

When beauty's based off what you earn

The ugly girl with freckled skin

Is now as beautiful outside as she is in?

And now the beauty filled with bitterness

Has pale freckled skin and glasses

It just shows that you can't tell

By looking at someone's outer shell

If they are a beauty deep inside

Or if they are just snide