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Free Verse. ^.^

Runaway tears, escaping my eyes,

I can't hold back.

Perferated edges, that I just can't tear out,

But it doesen't even make sence.

I hurt my brother,

At least slightly.

Enough for his mind to tell him to quit,

I don't think it was the greatest thing.

Running to my saviore,

From whom I just can't seem to tell.

For, what happened to my brother,

He either knows, or pertends to know.

My mind is set,

But nobody belives me.

I want to live a little more free,

But the guilt weighs me down.

I can't break loose,

It's holding me back.

Tears stream down my pale face,

And my brother envolopes me in a hug that I need.

He doesen't seem mad,

But I don't know why.

He softly whispers into my ear,

"I don't care what happens.

And, as far as I am concerned,

You will always be my sweet little sister."

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