Poor Marionette

I revel in the gasps he makes
As he watches me dancing,
Leaping and twirling endlessly
Along the metal bar.

He rushes to catch my fall
When I haven't even faltered,
"Uh – ah." I say,
"You don't want to ruin the show."

He stops because he's scared now,
Scared I'll fall and break
And they'll be nothing left
To put back together.

He holds his arms out helplessly
Begging me, begging,
"Baby, please come down,
Please, baby, get down."

I laugh breathlessly,
How silly of him –
I can't interrupt the finale,
It's only just begun!

I pretend to slip –
He whimpers pitifully,
And I'm still laughing–
How cruel.

But it amuses me,
To see him panic
As he watches me dance
Across the railing.

As I flounce and swirl
Across the railing
Of our balcony
On the twenty-third floor.

He figures himself in love
With this nasty dancer,
This vindictive, spiteful dancer –
And that just won't do.

So, I put on the show
To test my poor marionette,
Just to see if he'll dance
Or break and shatter crumpled.

I whirl across the bar
And let my balance falter.
Smiling and laughing,
As he's convinced of my demise.

I know it's cruel to tease him so
To hurt and wound him so,
But I can't help the rush it gives me
To dance for him.

The closing scene is here!
Now he's pleading, just pleading.
How cute, how quaint,
He thinks himself in love.

I pirouette so gracefully,
Land breathlessly laughing at his feet
And he's gasping, sobbing
So relieved he falls to his knees.

I think I broke him,
Poor baby, poor boy.
He should have known better
Than to dance with me.

But how cute, how quaint,
He fancies himself in love.
But I can fix that –
They never like my dancing.