Chapter 12

It's been days since Colleen's duties have changed from getting sundries from the marketplace to studying and learning the language. In the beginning, she was excited to learn the language and finally get to learn more about the world she was in; now, she regrets it! All the grammar and pronunciation were complex, including the writing style.

It was a living nightmare.

Colleen briefly paused from her writing practice, glancing at Thelia from the corner of her eyes. The woman was leaning back against one of the cushioned chair, head tilted back and her mouth open as she lightly snored. The room was quiet and hummed with silence…and Thelia's snores. Vera hadn't attended practice today at the request of Honticus to begin her trainings of a soldier, much to his displeasure.

She almost sighed, wishing she was with her adopted-daughter.

Vera always made the day brighter with her mischievous grins and little was to amuse herself.

Colleen's stomach rumbled.

She placed down her quilled pen quietly. She watched Thelia's face expression warily as she silently stood from her desk. At every squeak of the floor as Colleen tiptoed across the room, she paused, her heart beating frantically as Thelia stopped snoring and her fingers twitched. As soon as she commenced her snores, Colleen quickly darted outside of the room and pressed herself against the door in relief.


As her stomach rumbled again, Colleen began to make her way to the kitchen and hopefully be back on time to Thelia's wakening.

Though it was close to the dinner hour, there was nothing wrong with a little snack, right?

She hummed beneath her breath, smiling uncomfortably as people who saw her immediately bowed.

This was still something she would not get used to.

It was as if she was the Prime Minister from South Korea!

Colleen fastened her pace, wanting to hide from everybody that was bowing to her. As childish as it may seem, she even started to hide behind potted plants and sharp corner of the corridors. It's highly uncomfortable that people wanted her on a golden plate. For Christ's sake, someone tried to carry her to the kitchen!

"Egh, go away, go away," she whispered and hastened her steps and avoided an elder servant who tried to handfeed her a yellow-colored gooey glop from a bowl.

As soon as she reached the kitchen, the older busty maid who could only nurture love in others grabbed her up. "Oh, you, poor darling! Look at your eyes! They're so dark! Your cheeks! So thin! I must feed you!" She snapped at her fingers at a nearby maid, smoothing back Colleen's brown hair from owlish eyes. "Get the pots started!"

The younger maid rolled her eyes at the older one. "They've already been started, Sukia."

A wooden spoon went flying across the kitchen and smacked the girl behind the head. She yelped and turned around in surprise to the head chef.

"None of that back talking, you wench!" The busty maid, Sukia, pointed to a different pot that had a mixture of meat and rice in it. "That one! Let her snack on something small before lunch!"

Before the young maid could argue back, a guard walked into the kitchen. "Chef Sukia, Lord Dmariti is requesting his dinner right now."

"Of course!"

Colleen watched as the kitchen maids bustled around the area in almost a frantic manner. She had heard the guard mentioning something about Dmariti and his food. Perhaps he wanted it immediately? Before she could ponder some more, the busty maid held out a small bowl of food to Colleen that included a sweet, glossy, saccharine bread over it. It made Colleen's mouth salivate.

"There you go, dearie! Now off you go!"

Without another word, Colleen started making her way to her room, wanting to stay away from everyone who was bowing to her. She munched on her bread happily as she opened the door to her room.

Almost as if a blanket of dreams had washed over her vision, the room started to slowly transition into something different.

Colleen stood there with her mouth gaping wide open, the mushed up bread in her mouth drying by the second as the beautiful white laced walls turned into grey concrete, her bed disappeared and was replaced with a long dark corridor, the windows disappeared and the area darkened. She slowly closed her mouth, her eyes darting around as she thought this was another magic trick of this world. When Colleen turned around, her bedroom door was gone.

"What the fuck!"

She stood there for quite a while, slowly munching on the bread in her hand. Even though she was very confused about her surroundings, nothing was going to stand in the way of her starving stomach.

Colleen tapped on the floor and waved her arm behind her to ensure that her room door was gone.

Perhaps this was a dream. Perhaps she had fallen asleep while studying and had been dreaming all along.

Sighing, Colleen slowly made her way through the murky corridor and came across a stairway to her left. Glancing up the stairway, she tried to peek around the corner, but it was endless. "Well, it's just a dream, right?" She walked up the staircase, twirling and twirling into an inevitable end it almost seemed like. The flickering flames of the light post along the corridor made her vision sway with the darkness. As she walked, and finished her food on the way, Colleen came across a dead end.

There was a tall wooden door, armored with thick steel to reinforce the strength and decorated with rubies and emerald jewels.

Ever so slowly, she placed her hand on the door and opened it.

Inside revealed a room of luxury. Colleen slowly walked inside and admiring the heavy golden threaded blankets on the bed, a thin sheet of blood red hanging over the wooden posts of the canopy, giving it almost a sinful look of desire and lust. Her naked feet walked across a luscious rug of fur, toes moving as she felt how soft they were.

"Oh my god, I'm in some twisted place of heaven," Colleen muttered, her eyes soaking in the black wooden furniture and red pillows. "Am I in the studio of Fifty Shades of Grey?"

The loud sound of the door slamming shut startled Colleen.

She screamed and whipped around fast to see the last person on earth she wanted to be near.


Kyein's hand slowly fell down to his side after closing the door, his hooded eyes watching his intended standing there with a look of fury on her face. The wine he had been drinking was muddling his mind with dreams of desires. He was weary from his travels and resided to an inn, served immediately with food and wine. And though he had thought he had a strong hold on this devilish liquid, Kyein could feel his body warming up.

It was delicious.

At least that's what he thought until a ceramic bowl hit him square in the face.

"Take that!" Colleen yelled, pitching the bowl at the guy's face. She watched heartlessly as he grunted, bending forward and holding a hand to his face. "Yeah, you think I can't defend myself? Well, watch me again! Watch me…again…?"

She blinked owlishly as he lifted his eyes. Her heartbeat fastened as those amethyst eyes of his glowed.

Kyein grinned lucratively, feeling a playful side of him grow as he sauntered towards his intended mate. He showed his teeth, his hooded eyes glowing with lust.

It was almost as if her presence intensified his drunken state.

"Come here, my love," he murmured softly, holding a hand up as she tried to claw over the bed quickly. "Let's get to know each other."

Colleen gasped as his hand caressed her ankle. "No!" she yelled, kicking out her foot, but it was grabbed at.

He pulled her towards him ever so slowly, torturing her with pretended bouts of freedom only to be pulled back harder. And though she struggled, Kyein was engulfed in wonderment, watching as his hand wrapped around her ankle: his naked hand and her naked ankle.

It was something he didn't think he'd ever have the luxury of doing.

Colleen snarled in anger, cursing at him as he flipped her over. When he crawled over her body, she growled and tried to bite him. Her rage flowered through her veins and she glared at him with a menacing look. "Look, asshole! I don't know why you're doing this, but you're completely out of line! I'll kick your ass!"

And though Colleen didn't believe her own words, it didn't stop her from spitting fire at him. For Christ's sake, this was her dream and she was losing to this weenie?

She was about to start her new sentence of inexplicable rage when she noticed his face.

There were new scars on his face.

A set of four claw marks were running down the length of his face, jagged and still healing. Some of the edges were a soft color of red and others were pink. One had narrowly missed his eye, running down the length of his nose.

It made her heart ache.

Colleen grimaced, fighting with herself against feeling sympathy towards her would-be rapist. And as hard as she tried to fight, she couldn't help the need to nurture this man to his health. There wasn't any harm now, right? This was a dream, right? Her hand rose and softly touched the start of the scar on his forehead. A low rumble came from his chest and without even thinking, she raked her fingers through his hair.

Almost like putty, Kyein relaxed against her form. He released her wrists and rested his head against her bosom, sighing into her chest as she petted him. His eyes opened when she stopped, but closed as she commenced.

If he had died and gone to the afterlife, he was more than willing to stay right here.

"You're…heavy…." Colleen gasped, tapping on his shoulder quickly.

Kyein chuckled and moved off of her. When she tried to scuttle away, he grabbed her by her under arms and pulled her up against him to rest against the pillows at the head of the bed.

"Jesus Christ, really?" Colleen groaned as he pinned her body down against his. She tried to squeeze away from his arms, but there was no use.

And there was no use in doing so as in the room was getting warmer.

Her body awakened from its slumber since the very day she had entered into this unknown world. Colleen's face reddened as she felt the familiar sensation down between her legs, gradually strengthening, warming, and sensitizing her whole body. The innocent touches of him petting her head and down to her back and sides were causing her to breathe harder.

Oh, boy, this was not good.

It had been a very, very long time since she got laid and it seems like her body was blossoming to this man like an exotic night-blooming cereus.

She cleared her throat and tried to get off of him, but his grip tightened. "Huh?" Colleen's eyes turned to look at his face, her breath caught in her throat when she caught his smoldering eyes.

It scorched her body like wildfire.

In that instant, she made her decision.

Their lips crashed upon each other. In almost an act of desperation, Kyein squeezed her against his body, hoping she wasn't going to fight him now. When she clawed at his chest and pulled down at his shirt, he thought she was trying to break away from him until he felt her hips.

They were gyrating against him.

A groan slipped from his throat, clutching at her head and kissing her soft lips as if he were dying for thirst. Though the virgin man had no experience, he went along with his instincts; nipping, licking, sucking, and tasting her, tasting his intended. His hips raised up from the bed, rubbing up against her hips deliciously. His hands grasped her buttocks and pinned her against his groin for more sensation.

Holy Glordak, this was wonderful!

Colleen clawed ta his chest, removing his white linen shirt. When her hands landed on his naked chest, she felt electricity running through her body and straight down between her legs. "I felt that down my hooha," she breathed out, mesmerized that she had never felt this strongly when she was with Jack. And it hurt. Correction: it didn't hurt her that she spent years with a man who she thought was the love of her life; it hurt between her legs because she ached for him.

She wanted him.

Quickly, Colleen sat up and ripped off her dress and stared down at Kyein in a predatorily way, needing a specific fire to be doused quickly. It was almost comical how he looked up at her in wonderment with owlish eyes, as if she was an eternal goddess who currently had him pinned him down by the shoulders and was twisting her hips on him in almost an experienced way.

It almost made Kyein glare at her in suspicion.

Just as Colleen had her hands on the edges of his pants and was ready to pull them down, someone knocked on the door.

"Huh?" They both looked at the door.


The voice was far away.

"Who's there?" Kyein snarled, sitting up quickly and pinning his intended to his chest to shield away her nude body from his guest. "Show yourself!"


Colleen opened her eyes.

The bright light of her room made her wince and she sat up quickly and blocked the light from her eyes. Completely confused, she looked around her to see familiar faces surrounding her bed—her bed back in Dmariti.

"What…what's happen?" Colleen asked, wiping off the sweat beading down her temple.

Honticus who was at the very corner of the room, looked completely uncomfortable. "For Glordak's sake. The twit was scared about this?" His red ears signified his embarrassment as he turned his red face away. "I'm departing for dinner!" he yelled and quickly he made his way outside of Colleen and Vera's room.

Vera, who had been quite traumatized for the past couple weeks over the many events of the possibility of her mother's death, was humming happily after practice and made her way to her and her mother's room. When she walked inside, she heard her mother groaning and crying out in pain, and fetched everyone out of fear that her mother was dying.

But they didn't tend to her in the manner she expected.

Unimportant soldiers immediately filed outside of the room, Honticus was blatantly disgusted, Qualz muttered a quick pray and covered her eyes, and Mandora was giggling.

"Help my mom!" Vera cried out, blinded by Qualz's hand. "Are you guys helping my mom?"

Qualz cleared his throat. "Your mother is quite…alright, young miss." He quickly walked out of the room with her in tow. "Let us go get some desserts, shall we?" He tutted when Vera tried to put up a fight and walked away down the hallway with her.

"What happened?" Colleen tried to get off the bed and stopped when she felt something very wet between her legs. "Oh my god," she said in horror, realizing what happened. Her head jerked up at Mandora's chuckle.

"Yup, that was a very good dream," Mandora nodded, taking in Colleen's blushed cheeks and quickening breath.

Little did she know, little Vera had everyone witness Colleen orgasm in her sleep.

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