Like the ice caps sitting in the poles, I feel my heart slowly melt.

Defying all laws of physics, into puddles of emotions I have felt.

Every second we breathe in, we're inching closer to the separation.

Our paths won't collide; we will be headed to different destinations.

I still can't make myself believe that I won't be seeing you every day.

Unspoken forbidden words are stuck on my lips, fighting to find a way.

I'd recall from my memory the tingles from the brush of our hands.

You would be hundred thousand miles away from where I would stand.

I want to be there for you, I can't heal your wounds, but I want to be your shield.

I will miss your teasing smirk, and those shining eyes that had the power to kill.

You've tried to kill yourself before, and it makes me so helpless, so afraid.

What if I text you one day, only to find out that you have been long dead?

Maybe I was still hoping for you to come and ask me to take you back?

You say a broken heart stays broken, but I could have fixed your crack.

We're inching closer to the separation; I'm preparing myself for the goodbye.

Like the ice caps sitting in the poles, I'd melt just by looking into your eyes…