It doesn't make sense to tread blindly when our world is full of light and glory. It's not write to hide under a rock when there's information practically at your fingertips easy to access. Just hoping to wing it without any source of information is ignorant.

We have a brain for a reason. It is to process information and use our intellect. It is not to hope and dream and speculate. The more information the more informed we are. The more informed we are, the better.

It is a waste of time to hope and dream all day and to meerely think oh it's going to happen just because. what if it's not? what then? It is better to plan and have information. To know and have power, control, and knowledge of what we do. It makes us do better things and be better people. It makes us better understand the situations and take better hold of them. You shouldn't let situations run your life and let others direct it.

It is not fair to you or to anyone else for you to not be informed and have control. Attempt really do it, the best of what you have, don't let it drag! and don't let nonsense take over your life!

Talking about nonsense, can we say stupid traditions? Some stuff just don't make a lot of sense. How about the chinese tradition of 100 days or full month celebration? what's the point of that garbage? besides washing down a lot of money down the drain and really feeding a bunch of people? is the baby going to know it? Hardly. they are either a month or something like 3 and some. They really have no idea. who's the party for anyway? what is the true point? don't give me this junk about for the baby! one years old party, okay, by then, they understand a little, but before, that's absurd. Insane! who are you really try to make feel special?

Seriously, what is the purpose for big noisy parties? I never got it. It doesn't feel very celebratory at all, especially when it's just dinner chatter, and even if you add music. If you don't add the rituals, then what's the point of them? It's nice for people to meet one another, but that's it. It's fun, but mostly meaningless. I mean I believe every celebration should have it's meaning. how about these pointless dances too? no point, and often the music is abnoxiously loud. Pointless things really.

pointless things makes me irritated and angry. why? why not just drop them? things can be fun, but make some sort of point! Do things with an aim and purpose. Aimlessness leads to nowhere at all. Nowhere at all isn't good. We as humans wants progress, we need it, it's essential. It cannot be forgotten. We must tread with clarity ahead, with lights shining in our eyes leading the way. And, we must help urge and teach the ones that's going astray.