Cel Bella: Hi I wanted to post something but I didn't quite fit into the World Wide, so I gave it, its own slot. Hope you enjoy. Also I based it off of the Starfish Story.

Professor Izaak Zajac sighed as he walked along the afternoon lit beach.

He had come out here to clear his head and bemoan to the soothing ocean about his forlorn outlook on his job as a teacher.

He loved kids he really did and he wanted to make a difference in their lives, by teaching them and becoming a sort of role model, but he had started to feel as if he was in a job that could make a difference.

Most of the kids in his class didn't seem all that interested in learning, let alone taking control of there lives and living.

The Polish man sighed as he took off his glasses and cleaned them, and it was when he put them back on that he saw her. She was standing next to the shore, looking at the ocean.

She was one hell of a girl, her skin was a fairish olive and her eyes were sky blue. She had an athletic figure laced and lined with all the right curves and womanly wiles. Her face was lovely and she had a pert nose and naturally pouty pink lips.

She had long, wavy and layered sunshine gold and Indian paintbrush red hair (it made for a very lovely shade of strawberry blonde) that reached down to her waist, it curled around her body and accented her curves and lines, with strands in the front that touch just above her breasts.

She had a white headband on with a pink sunflower attached to it and wore a knee length pale green jumper dress and was barefoot.

From her face Izaak could tell that was young, around 15 maybe. For a girl her age she had a rather mature body and Izaak wondered who she was.

He watched the girl bend down and pick up something and throw it into the ocean, and then she repeated the action.

Izaak made his way over to her and noticed that she was throwing starfish into the ocean. In fact she was standing amid thousands of thousands of dying starfish.

For a moment the olive haired man was stunned. Before he regained himself and voiced his opinion.

"It's hopeless; there are thousands of starfish and only one of you." He said maturely.

The girl blinked at him observing him and then she shrugged and went back to throwing the starfish, as if he hadn't spoken at all.

Izaak tried again.

"You can't make a difference, for everyone you save at least two more die. Like for every student I do get through to, there are at least five that I can reach at all."

The girl continued to throw starfish in the ocean. Izaak didn't notice thought he began to rant.

"I can't make a difference in anybody's life, I became a teacher to do that, but I failed. I failed so terribly. My students are like these starfish, there are so many of them and I can only directly help a few and then rest, the ones that I can't help, they're just drying up in the sun." Izaak moaned as he gripped his hair.

The girl was still throwing starfish.

"Quit it, you can't make a difference!" He snapped. Finally the girl stopped and looked at him and then she deliberately bent to pick up a starfish and tossed it back in the ocean.

"I may only be one person and there may be thousands and thousands of starfish, but the surf is up and the tide is going out, if I don't throw them back, they'll die. And even if I can only save a small handful, at least I saved that small handful." She said softly as she continued to throw starfish.

Izaak blinked at her.

"What difference does it make?" He whispered, because frankly; how could a fifteen year old girl sound so mature.

"Well," She tossed another starfish into the ocean. "I made a difference to that one." She said.

Izaak blinked and looked at the dying starfish at his feet.

"And even if you can only reach a handful of your students, you shouldn't give up. Because your students are watching you and if they see you giving up on their peers, themselves and frankly yourself, then they'll do the same thing. They'll give up and the only difference you would be making is a negative one." And all the while the girl continued to throw starfish.

Surely her arms are tired, surely she wants to quit, be she doesn't, instead she continued, despite all the negative things he had said, despite the fact that it seemed so hopeless.

Slowly Izaak bent down and picked up a starfish and with only a bit of hesitation tossed it in the ocean, after that first throw it became easier to pick them up and toss them in the ocean.

"My name is Izaak Zajac." He said.

"Chinatsu Adalwulf." The girl said.

Izaak smiled softly as he and Chinatsu threw starfish together, and they made a difference with each and every starfish that they threw. Finally after twenty more minutes of throwing starfish Chinatsu stopped and rubbed her shoulders.

"We can stop now, the tide is coming up." She said. Izaak stop throwing and watched as Chinatsu stepped allowed the tide to swell up around her ankles and sweep most of the starfish away.

Saving thousands of them.

"If you preserve long enough, eventually the tide will come in." She said as she turned to walk away. Izaak nodded.

"Thank you, Chinatsu, for helping me." He said. Chinatsu looked over her shoulder and gave him a bemused look, eyes sparkling in the fading light.

"I was only helping the starfish." She said and then she left the beach.

Izaak smiled at her back.

"What an odd little girl."

But she had left an impression on him so that Monday, Izaak told his class of a girl who had opened his eyes to everything around him.

And when a student asked how she had changed him.

Izaak smiled and replied with a simple,

"She was throwing starfish into the ocean."

Cel: And there you have it. Hope it was as interesting for you as it was fun for me to write.