These are some of the haiku and tanka I've published on my Twitter page (hence 'Twaiku'). I thought it would be a good idea to pick out my favourites and post them here from time to time. I'll add more as new chapters when I've accumulated enough (or when I remember!) In the meantime, you can read my poetry on Twitter, I post new haiku pretty much daily, my username is WaiJing_Haiku

I usually post them on Twitter as I think of them, so they're mostly improv, and about a wide range of topics, whatever happens to interest me at the time.


Sodden leaves falling
like honourary raindrops
Green autumn puddles

Rumbling in the sky
I think the storm cloud's engine
needs a new muffler

Being all alone
and feeling all alone are
two quite different things.

Sunlight aurora
plays on the water's surface
Blue kaleidoscope

Drag, pull, sniff; a new
discovery with each pace
Puppy on a walk
Keen to see what of the world
is within reach of his leash

A single ripple
at the water's edge, murmurs
softly to itself

Stripes of shadowed sky
Dusk falls in a darkened world
viewed between the blinds

Jeans and a T-shirt
Who knew sitting round the house
had a uniform?

Ocean waves rumble
as they crash upon the shore
Unseen in the night
Like an echo trapped inside
the full moon's smooth white seashell

Wearing his black shroud
the darkness stands, a phantom
Ghost-like, yet solid
Leering from remote corners,
haunting empty corridors

Artificial life
A stilted corpse, on display
Flower in a vase

Silence opens up
like a large white parachute,
trapping the hot air
Filled with floating emptiness,
the conversation plummets

Lonely cricket chirps
Overhead, a crowd of stars
silent and aloof

Edit: Are the separations between them too annoying? Let me know in a review if they are, and I'll get rid of them. Without them, they all seemed to run together into one very large, nonsensical poem; I tried typing up other divisions (like ****), but they all disappeared on me