Clouds tinted crimson
blush at being so exposed
Night shall conceal them

You can't force ideas
Inspiration has its pace
Dreams nurtured by time

Maple leaves falling
like sparks, from trees with their boughs
burning in the sun

Oppressive silence
is a churning grey ocean
filled with mute chaos

All comedians
suffer a little inside
Laughter can cut deep

Please hold back the night
In the day-lit hours, my
fear casts no shadows

They say I go through
life with blinkers on, I see
nothing of the world

I say I live in
a world of blinkered people
They never see me

Bare tree skeleton
is left when the leaves are gone
Wind rattling bones

Jagged, cresting waves
It's never just the surface
The turmoil runs deep

Cut branch in a vase
lets itself turn gaunt & frail
Willful suicide

Tigers are merely
cats in ostentatious suits
dangerous jewellery
& with large-sized appetites
Take care at dinner parties

Author's Note: So much for posting fresh material! I didn't mean to leave it so long between posts; these are all about 7 months old now. I have a lot to catch up on! I'll try to add more regular updates. In the meantime, you can catch fresh haiku pretty much daily in my Twitter feed, my profile name is waijing_haiku