Thousands of bodies packed into the small space and flooded into the nearby streets cutting off all traffic around the designated area. Clear skies without wind made the heat of the pressed bodies oppressive, but it was a lovely day for touch down from space.

The barricades were set, and the police watched both the mob and the sky warily. They didn't know what today would bring, and many wished that they were in the back of the crowd. Here they were on the front line for anything that might erupt.

Johnny and Mark stood with the many anxious people. They were pressed to the barricade, but didn't care. They had front row seats for this monumental day.

Johnny's watch chimed as the alarm went off, and all around him the crowd hushed before thousands of alarms sounded off everywhere consuming the mass in a chorus of mismatched beeping. A roar swept through the crowd.

It was time.

All eyes turned to the sky as the swarm of people raged in welcome, but there was nothing. Not a cloud, not a bird, and certainly not a ship.

"Look there!" someone screamed.

Eyes shifted, and sure enough descending from the sky came a lone white being like an angel from heaven. Soon several others were spotted, and cries of joys surged through the crowd.

The first being touched down, and Johnny stared at her. He could see no way that she could fly down from the sky, but these were aliens. Her violet eyes locked with his, and he stood transfixed. Silence consumed his world, and inside his head a soft voice caressed his mind like a lover.

"Will you be one?"

Johnny could only nod, and then sound rushed back in as her eyes turned away from his.

There were ten of them now, all female. Each wore a tight white body suit that covered every inch of their bodies, but the face. They towered over the humans with none being less than nine foot tall. They stood still as their vibrant eyes scanned the crowd.

It was several long minutes before the crowd fell quiet, and the women smiled. A short burst of cheers erupted at that, but quickly fell quiet as a last woman came from the sky. She was considerably taller and older than the rest.

"Thank you for this warm welcome," the voice filled every mind present, each person feeling as if they alone were being spoken to. "We are so glad to be able to meet your species, and even more honored at the willingness to help us. We hope together we can prosper and survive for many millennia."

Johnny's attention snapped back to the woman with the violet eyes as she stepped forward to him. She extended a long-fingered, delicate hand to him and Mark. Both leapt over the barricade, and took her hand as she led them away from the crowd. The other alien women glided past the trio to take more willing humans.

Johnny and Mark both gazed up at the insanely tall woman, but weren't distracted from her unearthly beauty. They were enchanted by her, and the fact they were chosen.

The female turned with them and watched as the others selected from the vast crowd. When all had chosen and returned to their places the elder woman once more addressed the crowd.

"Again we humbly thank you for your willingness to save our people." She brought up her hands exposing a blinding white light to the crowd. The humans all shielded their eyes, and when the light vanished and they looked up, the field before them was empty except for a small machine.

A dark SUV with government plates rolled up, and several men loaded the machine into the SUV. Then they left the scene.

Slowly the crowd began to dissipate. The aliens were gone for now.


Johnny and Mark found themselves alone in a posh room. Pillows were scattered everywhere, and semi-translucent fabric hung from the ceiling. They paced the room together without speaking before settling on a set of pillows. Both men's thoughts turned to the woman that had brought them there.

A whoosh drew their attention, and they turned to see the female alien that had chosen them along with another one with lavender eyes. The females were draped in the same material as that hung from the ceiling. It showed every inch of skin, but the men never looked away from their eyes.

"This is my daughter."

"She's lovely," Mark whispered in awe.

"She is for you." The woman replied.

Both females approached the men that had come to be with them. Each leaned over the men, and watched as their eyes dilated when they breathed in the pheromones the females were exuding.

"Are you ready?" each asked their male.

Both men rose simultaneously, and shed their clothes.


The president watched as the scientist showed him what the machine was capable of. He watched as they placed a gram of anything on the machine, and it produced a hundred fold of what it was given.

"They only want men to reproduce with and we get a machine that can make whatever we put into it?

"Yes sir, Mr. President."

"When is the next visit set for?"

"Tomorrow at noon."



The eldest woman entered the large room, and quickly surveyed the instrument panels.

"Report," she commanded of the two women within.

"As expected the males on Earth are perfectly suitable to supply the needed DNA for our eggs to feast on to make healthy embryos with little genetic deviation. Every male of the one hundred and two taken are pregnant, but we have found that some of them produce more nutritious sperm than others. It is advised to procure more of these family genes."

"Understood. How are the operations elsewhere?"

"Most are proceeding as expected, but Andromeda is experiencing problems. The males on the selected planet are not able to carry to term. It is advised to attempt procreation with the females or to move on to another populated planet in the galaxy."

The elderly lady considered the options. "Instruct them to attempt with the females, and then move on if more problems are experienced.

"Add the genetic families of the preferred males to the genetic readers for tomorrow's selection process.

"Segregate the less than ideal males from the better ones. They will only be used again if we are in need. Make them comfortable, but note their new status in their files, and give them a genetic marker. I don't want them accidently impregnated.

"Make sure the better males are receiving the best care and nutrition so that they will be ready to copulated a week after they deliver our little ones. Schedule each with another sister to insure diversity for that copulation."

The woman made to leave then paused, "If Andromeda continues to have issues begin to calculate the effect of having the sisters there come to Earth. If we can procure enough viable males from this planet it might be better to have both sister ships here."

"Understood, with what we have seen of the human genetics so far it would be a high probability to procure enough males to serve the sisters of both ships."

"When was the last time you reproduced Alenta?" The elder woman asked.

"On the last planet I was one of the last to procreate."

The woman nodded, "Makes sure you are scheduled in at least three times on this planet. You can choose any males you wish."

The young woman dipped her head, "You honor me Commander Sister."

"You have earned it."

**Six Months Later**

Johnny groaned while he held a hand to his aching back. "Man, this sucks!"

Mark next to him nodded, "But we've got hot babes to bang in another four months after we give birth."

Johnny's eyes glazed over as he thought about it. "True, but my back is killing me, and I really want something spicy."

"The women will be back in a few minutes, and we can all get back into the blue baths."

Johnny and Mark turned to the Indian man that spoke.

"Dude that still trips me out that we can understand each other," Mark said.

Johnny nodded, and groaned again.

The female aliens entered the room, and cooed over their men while doling out the goodies they had brought back from Earth. The men ate their requested items while the women stroked their bellies.

As Johnny finished his spicy chips his female asked, "Ready for a bath?"

"Oh yes!"

The woman helped him stand while keeping a hand on his swollen abdomen. Then she and the other females lead their men to the soak room. Four more months and there would be new baby girls to tend to.

The survival of their species depends on the males of ours.