BB: A little love poem for my aniki. One year today, love, one year. -Smiles- I can't believe it.


A stranger's eyes washed over me

I didn't know, I couldn't see

But when you told me how you felt

My ice-cold heart began to melt

You are everything, the morning/day/night

You're the one person I cannot fight

Whatever you want, I give to you

I love you so deeply, and that's always true

It's been one year today

Since we said those words

One year today

My dearest, darling bird

And you're still so free

And you're making me see

You make my life worth living

You are so gentle and forgiving

No matter what you see

I know you're the one for me

I'm nothing without you

I know this is true

I long to be lost in you

But you find me every time

No fights, no quarrels, no rhythm, no rhyme

I love you, I love you, so much Adolphene

I'll never leave you, but if you ever mean

For me to get lost, for me to be away

I'll be there at night, during the day

I won't ever leave you, I'll be here forever

Every day, every night, we'll be together.


BB: Happy one year anniversary, aniki. Sorry that I couldn't give this to you in private. This poem belongs to me and my aniki - don't steal it. It's his. All for him. -Smiles- Hope you enjoy.