Note: I'm thinking of, like I say in the poem, the things that are passed down in band even after the "main character" in the story graduates. And what I'll tell the rookies next year. "I'm not up here to wave my arms around!", "I almost fell my rookie year.", "At finals Final Fantasy year, the field was solid ice, and Lindsey fell on her butt.", and so on. Because they need someone to tell it, even if the original tellers aren't there. This is what needs to be heard.

It changes all the time;

Every year we lose a little.

I think to the moments

That some people will

Never have,

That I'm lucky for.

And of the

Stories we'll tell.

Because we want,

More than anything,

To share the one thing

We can't all have.

Everyone thinks back


Everyone tells

Their own story, as well

As someone else's.

So I'm going to remember

Every little thing

So I can share

What not everyone

Is lucky enough to have.