A/N This one is not a poem, and not relevant to my life. So don't freak out or anything. And I know it's short, but I'm not very good at writing long stuff.

My head slammed against the wall. "Dammit Zoe, why do you make me do this?" My body aches all over. This can't keep happening. I have to make it stop. I have to pick myself up; have to get back at her, just this once. And I do. I prop myself up against the banister, and kick her. Hard. She goes soaring down the stairs, and after what seems an eternity, hits the floor and comes to rest in a crumpled heap. Yes! Finally! This is the moment I've been waiting for, ever since it all started. I hurry to my room, grab the knapsack that's been ready since God-knows-when, and rush out the front door. The shadow that had always been looming over my shoulder was gone! I was finally flying free!