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Daniel and Athena

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Arya Aleron

Life's a Crazy Ride...

-Book One

"I love you? Were those the words you wanted to hear?"

-Daniel Rothburn

Athena: She bit her lip a little as she hid outside of Daniel's house. She didn't know exactly why she was there. Maybe it was to see how the little boy was doing. She nodded, yeah that was the reason she tried to convince herself that was why she was here. Why did she feel so nervous to be here and so hesitation to go up to the door? This made her bite her lip more. She wondered if Daniel was okay from the beating he got from Daray. She could hear laughter inside the house from the little boy. This made her smile slightly.

Daniel: he teleported outside of his house and crossed his arms, "Hey, Athena. Fancy meetin' you here outside of my house...hiding behind a tree...who would have guessed."

Athena: "I'm not hiding. Just came to check up on the little boy. Seeing if he's being treated like he's supposed to." She crossed her arms but she couldn't hide her blush from getting caught.

Daniel: "That's perfectly swell. I've actually been meaning to get you." he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the house.

Athena: "Get me, what do you mean?" She pulled away from him easily.

Daniel: not as easily as she thought because he still had a hold of her arm, "How do you think I knew you were out here?"

Athena: She opened her mouth to say something then closed it when she couldn't think of anything.

Daniel: "My point exactly." he opened up his door to the house and pushed her inside. He shut off the tape of the sound of Shinichi giggling and shut the door behind him. "Glad it worked though."

Athena: She sighed and leaned against the wall with her arms crossed. She somewhat glared at him, she didn't use her power this time

Daniel: "Shall I show you to your room or would you rather hang from the ceiling like a bat?"

Athena: She rolled her eyes but didn't move or say anything.

Daniel: "Okay." he picked her up, holding her tightly by her legs as he put her over his shoulder and walked down the hall, "Pick a door. First or second. First is my room, second is the spare. I think the second." he walked in and tossed her on the bed, "Like it? Good. Glad you think so."

Athena: She glared at him, she was sort of mad at him now so she used her power. "You don't have to be so forceful you know?"

Daniel: "Tisk tisk. Glare at me again and Shinichi's new mother will be without eyes." he walked back into the hallway unaffected.

Athena: She was confused now. "Wait? What are you talking about Shinichi's new mother?" She got up and followed him.

Daniel: "All I hear all the time is how Arya saved him this and how he thinks of her as his mom. So, since YOU told me I need to treat him like a him what he wants. Boom-bing! Here you are. Go figure." he didn't look at her. He was in his room getting undressed as he spoke.

Athena: "Well, if you expect me to be like my sister, that's not going to happen. Her and I are total opposites." She didn't notice at first. She was trying to figure how in the heck she was going to be a freaking mother when she's not mother material.

Daniel: "That's fine. You both look like crap so I think it'll work out well." he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Athena: She growled softly. She turned and walked away. She didn't have to listen to him.

Daniel: he wasn't concerned about her leaving. After he had shut the door no one could leave the house unless he let them.

Athena: She went to the room that he put her in. She slammed the door shut and locked it. She then sat in the corner with her head on her knees.

Daniel: he smiled a bit after he spit in the sink. Then he climbed into bed for the night, not concerned about her anymore.

Athena: She stayed in the room the whole night like she was. She didn't sleep so it didn't matter.


Daniel: in the morning he went about his usual business, making him and Shinichi breakfast.

Athena: She stayed in the room. She was use to the way she was being treated by Daniel, it was the same way Xavier treated her, so it was nothing new to her.

Daniel: "Oh, Shinichi guess who's here."

Shinichi: "Who?" He said after swallowing some food.

Daniel: "Arya's sister. She said she's going to live here."

Shinichi: "Really? Why? Does she have a thing for you?" He smiled and laughed softly.

Daniel: "She wishes she did." he snorted and ruffled his hair, "Eat your food. She's here for you, not me."

Shinichi: He did what he was told "Why would she be here for me?"

Daniel: he shrugged a bit, "I thought you'd like a mom figure or something."

Shinichi: He frowned a little. "She won't be able to replace mom, brother. Arya is the only one that was a mom figure to me." He took another bit of his food.

Daniel: he sighed and leaned on the counter, "What if you believed she is Arya? They look the same..."

Shinichi: He shook his head. "Athena isn't Arya. Arya is kinder, gentler, more mother type. Athena's not. May I go play now?" He was done with his food.

Daniel: he sighed, "Yea, sure." he picked up the cup for Athena and went down to the second door and opened it, "Thirsty?"

Shinichi: He went and played.

Athena: She didn't answer him.

Daniel: "Athena...why are you ignoring me?"

Athena: She still didn't answer him.

Daniel: he stepped inside the room and shut the door behind him, "You know, Shinichi says he doesn't need you since you aren't Arya. Technically, you shouldn't even have to be here right now."

Athena: "Then kill me. I have no purpose here on this stupid planet." She mumbled.

Daniel: "I'm not allowed to do that...though, I don't know since you gave me permission."

Athena: She didn't say anything again.

Daniel: "If I hold you here long enough Xavier might return so I can finish killing him." he smirked.

Athena: "Daray already beat you to that." She mumbled again.

Daniel: "Whatchya talkin' bout sweet cheeks?"

Athena: "Daray already killed Xavier. Xavier is dead."

Daniel: he crushed the cup in his hands, "This world is not fair." he opened the door and went back out into the hallway, leaving red liquid droplets behind; his own blood from his cuts mixed with the red liquid from the cup.

Athena: She didn't move from the spot she was in even though her throat did burn like crazy from the smell of the red liquid from the cup and Daniel.

Daniel: he walked back down the hall a few minutes later, his hand bandaged up. He walked into the room across from where Athena was and slammed the door behind him.

Athena: She licked her lips a little but she didn't move. She was taught from Xavier that she was not supposed to move once she was sitting in a corner until told so. That even meant she couldn't move from that spot to go hunt, she learned to ignore the burning until a certain point. And she was almost to that point.

Daniel: he came out a few minutes later and threw a towel down on the floor, "And you all wonder why I hate you."

Athena: She restrained herself from attacking Daniel, her eyes were completely black but Daniel couldn't see because of her eyes tightly closed and her head on her knees

Daniel: "I bet he killed himself to be away from you, but Daray is saying he killed him just to make you feel better."

Athena: She took every insult from Daniel; it made her feel like crap, like she was nothing. Just like Xavier did. So she just took it. She just sat there, tense.

Daniel: "Athena you're startin' to freak me out sitting there like that. Can you go do something? Like play with Shinichi?"

Athena: "I don't think that's a good idea." She whispered through clenched teeth.

Daniel: "Why not? Are you sick and contagious?"

Athena: She looked up at him, her eyes open showing how black they are.

Daniel: "Were you that deluded that you poked out your own eyes while I was asleep last night?" he looked at them like he'd never seen them before, "Wow...I think so."

Athena: She growled softly and she had Daniel pinned against the wall in less than a second. "You want me to go play with Shinichi? Fine." She smiled evilly a little. "We'll play cat and mouse. He can be the mouse while I be the cat." She threw him onto the bed and walked out into the hallway. "Oh, Shinichi, I got a game that we can play. Want to try it?" She smiled as she started to follow Shinichi's scent.

Daniel: he teleported behind her and grabbed her shoulders and teleported them both outside, "Stay away from my brother, freak." he shoved her towards the woods, "You starve yourself just so you can kill my brother when you get so hungry you can't stand it! I don't think so!" he pointed towards the trees, "GET OUT!" he's worked too hard for his brother to let some stupid woman Snyde kill him because she's too lazy to get a glass of red liquid from the fridge.

Athena: She shook her head, closing her eyes tightly. She blinked and looked around. Her eyes weren't all black. Only the iris was a dark red. "What the hell? What are you freaking out about? I'm being let free now?" She rolled her eyes. "You confuse me too much, Daniel." She shrugs. "Oh well." She started towards the trees, more or less forcing herself to walk towards them.

Daniel: he watched her leave, not going to give her any explanation at all. His lips were in a thin tight line as he watched her walk away.

Athena: She disappeared into the trees.

Daniel: he went back into his house, walking just so he can slam the door behind him.

Athena: She gasps and looks around the room. Her breathing is heavy and deep. She sees she's still in the room she was put in. She swallows.

Daniel: he stood in the doorway of the room, the cup of red liquid for her still in his hand, though she wasn't taking it. He decided to change the subject since she wasn't making a smart comeback to his statement; "If I hold you here long enough Xavier might return so I can finish killing him." he smirked.

Athena: She looked up at him and stood. She walked over to him and took the cup from him. "Daray already killed him." She took a drink from the cup.

Daniel: his fist clenched, "What!" he growled, "This world is not fair. I suspect Daray is dead now too since he killed your lover?"

Athena: "No he is not." She didn't feel like explaining right at the moment. She just smiled slightly.

Daniel: "Yet you threatened to kill me if I killed him! What sort of justice is that!"

Athena: "First off, Xavier wasn't my lover. He wasn't even my mate second of all. Third, when I threatened you it was for my sister, Arya." She was calm still. "Daray killed that freaking abusive, sick minded, butt for me after Xavier gave me a black eye and a gash that went from here to here." She took her finger and showed him by running her finger from her cheek bone to her chin.

Daniel: "I could have done a better job! I doubt Daray even tortured him! If he was so abusive why'd you take him from me in the first place!"

Athena: "He was all I had from my Great Ones life. He was all I knew when it came to men." She admitted.

Daniel: "You have horrible taste in men." he chuckled and walked from the room, "You deserved every minute of that relationship."

Athena: She took that insult. She was use to them. So it didn't bother her anymore. She went and lay on the bed and sighed.

Daniel: "Sugar! Come out here and stop being so anti social!" he called to her.

Athena: She rolled her eyes but didn't move.

Daniel: "You're doing a horrible job at playing mom."

Athena: "I'm not mom material!" She called to him.

Daniel: he teleported to her room and smirked, "Really? Can I see what you're made of?"

Athena: She didn't look at him. "No."

Daniel: "Why not?"

Athena: "Let's see maybe because I...'look like crap'." She looked up at the ceiling.

Daniel: "Maybe that's what mom material is." he said simply, "It's not like I haven't seen you already so it won't be nothing new." he shrugged, "Don't matter to me.

Athena: She didn't say anything. She just continued to stare at the ceiling.

Daniel: he walked over to her and looked down at her face and smirked, "Though, I'll tell you, you'd be lucky for me to be your daddy."

Athena: "Why do you say that? Because you suck at it?"

Daniel: his smirk faded, "Burn."

Athena: She smiled slightly.

Daniel: "Why were you watching my house anyways?"

Athena: "No...real reason...other than the one I gave you." She bit her lip slightly

Daniel: "Why are you biting your lip?"

Athena: "No reason." She got up and walked towards the door. She didn't want him to see her blushing slightly for him noticing her doing that.

Daniel: "Wow. You do a lot of things for no reason."

Athena: "I know." She went out into the hallway.

Daniel: he followed her, "Are you going to play with my brother?"

Athena: "No. I'm getting myself some more to drink." She went into the kitchen. She tried not to face him at all.

Daniel: "Drink anymore and you'll get fat."

Athena: "That's not really true, you know?" She still didn't face him.

Daniel: "Could never know. Seeing the way you drink."

Athena: "I haven't had anything for about three weeks until today so back off."

Daniel: "You like to starve yourself? Shedding those extra pounds?" he chuckled.

Athena: "No, it's just I haven't really cared about myself since I've started to watch a certain somebody." She whispered.

Daniel: "Pity. Who might that be?" he lowered his voice to a whisper, "And why are you whispering?"

Athena: "That's really none of your business." She smiled slightly. "I don't know. Why are you whispering?"

Daniel: "You're annoying you know that? I leave with more questions than answers around you."

Athena: "Then I guess you better start asking." She leaned against the counter with a cup in her hand; she was looking at it instead of Daniel.

Daniel: "You don't answer if I do ask. Been three questions so far that all I get is, 'No reason' or 'None of your business'."

Athena: "I gave you a reason for the first one before you drug me into your house."

Daniel: "I don't really pay attention to you."

Athena: She shrugged and went to go find Shinichi since Daniel does pay attention to her.

Daniel: he followed her again, wondering how Shinichi would get along with her.

Athena: She walked into the room Shinichi was in.

Shinichi: He was watching cartoons.

Daniel: "I've figured it out!" he exclaimed. "I know why you're here!"

Athena: She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at him. "And why do you think I'm here?"

Daniel: "Same thing with Xavier. If he wasn't your lover or your mate- you saved him because of how he treated you. How he acted towards you. Those are some of the same things I do towards you. You LIKE being abused. You complain when it happens, but after Xavier was killed, you came back HERE to me, because you missed it and thought I could provide it for you. You didn't KILL me before because you didn't want to miss having the option."

Athena: She just rolled her eyes and sat next to Shinichi. "And no that isn't the reason." She looked at the TV.

Daniel: "I think it is." he sat on the other side of Shinichi and whispered something in his ear.

Shinichi: He just looked at Daniel.

Athena: "No, it's not. If I liked being abused I would still be with Xavier, whom would still be alive. I hated him and the things he did to me. I would have left him long ago if he didn't threaten my family."She admitted soft

Daniel: "Should have let me kill him." he continued to whisper to Shinichi, "You're wrong about me having a thing for her but she's addicted to me."

Shinichi: He just nodded and smiled.

Daniel: he looked over at Athena, "You have a crush on me."

Athena: She didn't answer him. She looked like she was ignoring him.

Daniel: he jumped across the space between him and Shinichi and pinned Athena by her shoulders back onto the floor, looking down at her, smiling, "You can't answer because it's true."

Athena: She growled softly and pushed him off of her.

Daniel: after he recovered from being pushed off he pinned her down again, "Want to wrestle?"

Athena: She pushed him off of her again. "Not with you."

Daniel: he pinned her again, "Why? I'm too good looking to pin down? Baby, that should make you all the more eager to pin me."

Athena: She growled, irritated. In one quick motion she pinned him. "Now stop it." She whispered. Her face a few inches from his.

Daniel: he stuck his tongue out and licked her nose. "Mmmm, delicious."

Athena: She wiped her nose off and then got off of him.

Daniel: he sat up, "My turn." he pinned her again.

Athena: She dodged him. "I told you to stop."

Daniel: "Think I listen to women? No." he jumped towards her again and tried to pin her.

Athena: Instead of him pinning her she pinned him to the floor. "Do you not know that I was once in The Great Ones? I'm sure I can pin you more times than you can me." She whispered.

Daniel: "We're tied now babe. Two for two. How about we do best out of three?" he teleported behind her and pinned her down before she had a chance to react, "Ooh, too bad. Seems The Great Ones wasted your life."

Athena: She smiled slightly then pinned him easily in one motion. "You were saying?"

Daniel: "Best four out of five." he took her wrist and twisted it so she flipped onto her back and he pinned her down, practically lying on top of her, "I was saying, you look good from this position."

Athena: She flipped him onto his back, now she's lying on top of him. "Thank you." She then got up off him.

Daniel: "That was only four out of four." he got up and flipped her over his shoulder so she fell onto her back as he let go. He turned and sat on her stomach.

Athena: She gasped at the sudden air taken from her lungs. She's never been flipped like that so it totally caught her off guard. She tried to push him off her so she could breathe.

Daniel: "One." he poked her nose, "Two," he poked one of her boobs over her shirt, "Three." he poked the other one and then got off of her stomach. "You're down. I win." he smirked.

Athena: She took a deep breath and tried to breath normally again. She stayed on the floor.

Shinichi: He just looked at them both and shook his head and went back to watching TV

Daniel: "So what do I get for beating the Great and Powerful Great Ones worker!" he shook his fists in the air like a champion.

Shinichi: He smiled and jumped at him. "Me!"

Daniel: he laughed as he fell back onto the floor, catching Shinichi just in time before he body slammed him. He stayed lying back on the floor and laughing, "Hmmm, you? Okay. Sounds like a good trophy. Shall I put you on the shelf?"

Shinichi: He laughed and hugged his brother. He was happy to be with him. The happiness faded when he thought of Miaso. His smile faded as well.

Daniel: his smile faded seeing Shinichi lose his joy, "What? What did I say? You don't have to go on a shelf..."

Shinichi: "No, I was just thinking of Miaso. When will I see her again?" He looked at Daniel.

Daniel: "Where is she?"

Shinichi: "Daray told me who was told by Arya, that you were the last one to see her."

Daniel: "So she must not have moved since then. Do you think she'd want to live here?"

Shinichi: He shrugged. "I don't know." He said softly.

Athena: She finally caught her breath again.

Daniel: he looked over at Athena, "Took you long enough. For a Snyde who shouldn't breath, you're very slow."

Athena: She growled softly. "I was caught off guard with that flip of yours. I've never had the wind knocked out of me. It was a new experience for me." She glared at him a little.

Daniel: "Glare at me all you want. Your little power won't work sugar pie." he looked back over at Shinichi, "I can go find her if you want to stay here with Athena."

Athena: "I've noticed it doesn't work anymore on you. But I do have more than one power, hon." She smiled slightly then got up and went into the kitchen.

Shinichi: "I'll stay here with Athena. She seems like she won't hurt me."

Daniel: "Yea, seems...maybe I should take you with me. Or leave you with Daray and Arya."

Shinichi: He smiled a little when he said Daray and Arya's name. "Can I go visit them? I want to see Angelia again."

Daniel: "Yep, sure. Go pack some things and I'll drop you off."

Shinichi: He smiled and did what he was told to do.

Daniel: he shut off the television and got up off the floor. He walked into the kitchen, "I'll have to leave about your powers later. I'm going to go get Miaso and take Sh- wait? Why am I telling you this?" he turned and left the kitchen.

Athena: She just looked at Daniel weirdly. She didn't even hear a word he just said. She shrugged and went back to what she was doing.

Daniel: he grabbed his jacket and put it on as he waited for Shinichi.

Shinichi: He came out with a small backpack. "Ready." He was happy, excited and he couldn't wait to see Angelia again.

Daniel: he picked up Shinichi and shut off the shield. He teleported outside and to Daray and Arya's house. He knocked on the door.

Angelia: "I got it!" She could be heard from outside, running down the stairs. She ran to the door and opened it. She was kind of out of breath. "Hello?"

Daniel: he set Shinichi down, "Can he stay here a bit?"

Angelia: "Sure. I don't think my mom and dad would mine him staying." She smiled at Shinichi.

Shinichi: He didn't know what to say. Angelia changed so much; she was a lot prettier than last time as well. He didn't know what to say or do.

Daniel: "Good." he pushed Shinichi in. "I'll be back when I'm back." he vanished again, reappearing to where he had last known where Miaso was.

Miaso: She lay on floor, curled in a ball. She looked cold and a lot thinner than the last time he's seen her. She didn't look like she was even alive.

Daniel: "Miaso!" he ran over to her and checked for a pulse.

Miaso: When he got closer he could tell she was breathing. She also had a pulse, but it was very weak.

Daniel: he picked Miaso up in his arms and teleported back to his place. He kicked open his office door and kicked it shut behind him as he laid Miaso on the table Xavier had once been on. He found a scanner and scanned her body to see what was wrong.

Miaso: It seemed she was in perfect health but she was slowly and painfully dying. She ate everyday and took good care of herself.

Daniel: "There must be something wrong!" he threw the scanner so it slammed into the wall and broke, "You are no help to me what-so-ever!" he yelled at it before trying to find something else. He couldn't lose his sister.

Miaso: She laid there motionless, except for her shallow breathing.

Daniel: he tried to find something. His rifling through drawers made a lot of noise, which could be heard throughout the small cabin.

Athena: She came up to the door. "You sure are making a lot of noise in there." She tried saying over the noise he was making.

Daniel: he yanked open the door and glared at Athena, "For good reason. Want to make yourself useful for once in your life? You can help!" he pulled her inside.

Athena: She saw what the reason was. She looked at Daniel. "What do I get if I tell you I can make her better or at least tell you what's wrong?"

Daniel: "I don't know! Make her better and I'll think of it later!"

Athena: "Promise?" She said as she walked over to Miaso.

Daniel: "Don't goad me woman!" he growled. He was anxious.

Athena: She placed her hand on Miaso's forehead and the other on her stomach. She closed her eyes for a moment.

Daniel: he waited.

Athena: She backed away from Miaso and walked out of the room.

Miaso: She lay there, like she did before. But a little color and warmth like was added to her body.

Daniel: he grabbed her arm, "What did you do?" he said, "What was wrong?"

Athena: She pulled out of his grip and continued to walk out of the room.

Miaso: Her eyes opened a little.

Daniel: he looked over at Miaso and walked over to her and smiled and hugged her tightly, "Hi sis."

Miaso: "Ow. Daniel, you're hurting me."

Daniel: he released some of the strength, "Sorry." he mumbled and sat down on the edge of the table letting go of the hug, "Miaso what were you doing? Were you ill?"

Miaso: "I was really tired. I went to sleep." She looked down. "I don't know how long I slept though." She closed her eyes and lay back against the table. "I still feel so tired." She whispered.

Daniel: "Do you mind staying here with me and your brother? I won't have to worry about you then. Now that I know you are sick like this, I will worry."

Miaso: She nodded a little and yawned. She then fell back asleep.

Daniel: he picked her up and carried her from the room and put her in the room he had given to Athena. He set her on the bed and covered her up and then left the room.

Athena: She sat in the living room, she was rubbing her temples. She had such a headache now.

Daniel: he came in and sat by Athena on the couch, "Thanks."

Athena: She looked at him, kind of surprised but smiled a little. "You're welcome."

Daniel: "Don't look so surprised. You helped my sister. You deserve thanks for that."

Athena: She just nodded a little and leaned back against the couch.

Daniel: "So what was wrong with her?"

Athena: "She ate something she wasn't supposed to. It was poisonous and the poison doesn't show up in any scan."

Daniel: "Oh I see. So you...took it out of her?"

Athena: She nodded again.

Daniel: "So what do you want?"

Athena: "What are you willing to give me?"

Daniel: "I don't know. Money?"

Athena: She shook her head. "Money is no use to me."

Daniel: "Then I've got nothing."

Athena: She just nodded and closed her eyes.

Daniel: "Are you thinking about it?"

Athena: "Like it really matters to you what I'm thinking about."

Daniel: "Well you wanted something and so I'm asking!" he snapped back.

Athena: She just got up and walked away. She had to bad of a headache to deal with Daniel when he's yelling.

Daniel: he teleported in front of her and blocked her exit, "Don't you dare walk away when I'm speaking to you."

Athena: "I can do as I please. You don't own me and I'm not a slave. I don't care anymore, Daniel. I know what it's like to be treated like crap and I don't like it. Now move out of my way before I do it for you."

Daniel: "I just asked you a question. I don't like it when you ignore me and this is my house. Unlike last time, you cannot silence me."

Athena: "Yes and I answered it so I didn't ignore you." She crossed her arms.

Daniel: "No. I asked what you wanted and all you did was walk away."

Athena: "You were yelling. I have a major headache from what I just did because I don't use that power very often."

Daniel: "And what power is that? Healing? Or being a big pain in the butt?"

Athena: "Oh, so now you're going to insult me after I saved your sister." She rolled her eyes and pushed Daniel out of her way.

Daniel: he grabbed her arm again, "Do you want headache medicine?"

Athena: "It doesn't work on purebloods." She broke his grip on her arm and went into the kitchen.

Daniel: he followed her again and took a seat at the table, watching her.

Athena: She had her head down on the table.

Daniel: he walked over to the counter and decided to annoy her, "LA LA LA!" he said loudly.

Athena: She had him by the throat. She was tired of this. "Why do you do these things Daniel? Hm?"

Daniel: "Bored." he choked out. He tried to pull away and then just teleported from her grip.

Athena: "If I bore you so much, let me go."

Daniel: "You bore me when you have a headache." he rubbed his throat. "Other than that you're fun. More fun than my little brother."

Athena: She looked at him. "Well, sorry." She said sarcastically.

Daniel: "Oh, I'm sorry. Do bright lights and loud noise hurt your head? I didn't know." he returned her sarcasm with his loud voice.

Athena: She growled, pinned him against the wall by his neck again, using a pendent Xavier gave her. It made it were people that could teleport, couldn't until the pendent wasn't touching their skin. "I tire of your games, Daniel."

Daniel: "I don't." he said simply.

Athena: She growled and her anger controlled the grip she had on Daniel's throat.

Daniel: he gasped; "Athena, you're killing me." he choked out. He couldn't breathe.

Athena: He let go of him, letting him drop to the floor as she went into the bathroom, shutting the door and locking it.

Daniel: he sat there for a moment before getting up and teleporting into the bathroom a few minutes later.

Athena: She sighed. "What do you want now, Daniel?"

Daniel: "You gave me a bruise on my neck."

Athena: She closed her eyes. "Then do it to me." She turned to face him. She had her hair up in a bun already. "I may be pureblood, but I bruise just as easily as humans do."

Daniel: "I'm not allowed to hurt you or your relatives, remember?"

Athena: "I just gave you permission, more or less, to hurt me if you want."

Daniel: "Well that's not fun at all, is it?"

Athena: "Well, I never really did say that you couldn't hurt me. I told you that you couldn't hurt my relatives." She shrugged and opened the door after unlocking it.

Daniel: "I don't have any reason to hurt you. I just came to tell you that you need to practice that grip of yours because frankly, it's a little weak." he teleported outside of the bathroom and walked into his office.

Athena: She rolled her eyes. She knew what she wanted from him now.

Daniel: he took a cloth and wiped off the table he had put Miaso on earlier.

Athena: She laid on the couch in the living room. She tried to rest, to be peaceful for her to be able to get rid of the headache faster.

Miaso: She woke and looked around the room a little.

Daniel: he came in to check on Miaso.

Miaso: She didn't look like she did earlier. She was still weak. She smiled when she saw Daniel.

Daniel: "You look better." he said with a smile, "Glad to see it."

Miaso: She smiled more. "May I have something to drink, brother?"

Daniel: "Um, yea. What do you drink?"

Miaso: "Depends on what you have."

Daniel: "Red liquid, water, milk, orange juice, and I think that's all."

Miaso: "Orange juice."

Daniel: "Okay." he teleported to the kitchen to get her, her drink. Then he teleported back to the room and handed it to her.

Miaso: She took it and drank it in two drinks.

Daniel: "Want some food?"

Miaso: "Yes, please."

Daniel: "Can you make it to the kitchen or do you want me to carry you?"

Miaso: "I would like to try." She tried to get out of the bed and failed.

Daniel: he went over and put one of her arms around his neck to help her stand, though she still walked on her own; he just supported most of her weight. He walked from the room into the kitchen and let her take a seat. "What would you like to eat?" he asked.

Miaso: "Whatever you feel like fixing."

Daniel: "Pancakes for dinner?"

Miaso: "Sounds good." She smiled, she wasn't picky.

Daniel: "Okay." he paused, "Wait, I need to go get Shinichi."

Miaso: "I'll wait here."

Daniel: "Okay." he teleported away and knocked on the door to Daray and Arya's house.

Angelia: She opened the door. "Oh, hi Daniel. Come on in." She opened the door to let him in.

Daniel: he stepped inside, "We've got Miaso sooner than expected so I came to pick up Shinichi."

Angelia: She nodded and went to get Shinichi.

Luca: He kind of went running across the hall, laughing. The babysitter was chasing him down.
Shinichi and Angelia come down the stairs.

Daniel: he watched Luca for a second before looking back over at Shinichi, "Sorry brother. But we can visit later."

Shinichi: "Awe." He nodded and hugged Angelia goodbye.

Daniel: "See ya Angelia." he teleported him and Shinichi back to his place.

Angelia: She said by then shut the door.

Miaso: She was sitting at the table eating some homemade soup.

Daniel: "Who made you soup?" he asked as they appeared in the kitchen.

Miaso: "Athena." She said between 'bites'.

Daniel: "Athena!" he called.

Athena: She came in to the kitchen a few minutes later. "What do you want?"

Daniel: "You made Miaso soup? What are you a suck up?"

Athena: She glared at him. "Yes I did make her soup and if you and Shinichi want some there's some left it the pan over on the stove." She turned and started to walk away. "And no I'm not a suck up. Sorry for trying to help make your sister stronger." She called over her shoulder.

Daniel: he looked at the stove, "What soup is it?" he asked Miaso.

Miaso: "Good soup." She smiled.

Daniel: "Funny." he went over to it and got a bowl down, "Want some Shinichi?"

Miaso: "Lighten up, brother."

Shinichi: "Sure." He sat next to Miaso.

Daniel: he got Shinichi some soup and slid the bowl over the counter to him and then got another bowl down for himself, opened the drawer and pulled out two spoons, tossing one to Shinichi and keeping one for himself as he filled his bowl of soup, "I don't know what you mean, Miaso." he said.

Miaso: "You're always so serious. You need to lighten up"

Daniel: "I have to be serious. You think I would have found you two if I wasn't?" he took his bowl of soup and sat down across from Shinichi and Miaso as he dipped his spoon in it.

Miaso: "Well, now you've found us, we're not going anywhere so you can lighten up now." She finished her soup.

Daniel: "Something else might come up where I have to be serious. So I'll be ready, just in case."

Miaso: She rolled her eyes a little. "Whatever brother. May I be excused from the table?"

Daniel: "Yea go ahead." he took her bowl and set it in the sink, "Athena!" he called.

Miaso: She got up and went into the living room and watched TV.

Athena: "What?" She called back.

Daniel: "Come here!"

Athena: "Why?"

Daniel: "Stop being stupid and come find out!"

Athena: She rolled her eyes and came into the kitchen. "What do you want now?" She was irritated at the moment.

Daniel: "You have to wash the dishes."

Athena: "Says who?" She crossed her arms

Daniel: "You made the dinner, you clean it up. Plus, I'm holding you here. You're my slave and will do as I say."

Athena: "I told you before; I'm no one's slave." She didn't move.

Daniel: "Fine, maid."

Athena: "I'm not working for you so you should get that out of your head now."

Daniel: "Then what good are you?"

Athena: She just rolled her eyes and went into the living room.

Daniel could hear some talking between Miaso and Athena. Then some laughter from Miaso.

Shinichi: "Why are you so mean to her?" He asked while bringing his bowl over to the sink.

Daniel: "Shhh..." he tried to make out what Miaso and Athena were saying.

Shinichi: He nodded and waited.

Miaso: "He's a nice person once you get to know him. He's just stressed or something, I suppose."

Athena: "Either way he irritates me. He treats me like I'm not a person."

Miaso: She sighed a little. "Well, he just has to lighten up and try not to take things so serious."

Athena: "I don't know how to act around him. Like, what I want to say to him and what I do say to him is the total opposite. I just don't know."

Miaso: She laughed softly. "Sounds like you have a little crush or whatever on my big brother."

Athena: "Well, I..." She stammered a little. "Just don't tell him. It'll probably just make things worse."

Miaso: She smiled. "I won't I promise." She paused a minute. "You know, you're really not that hard of a person to get along with or talk with Athena. I like you."

Athena: "Thank you." She smiled back.

Miaso: "You're welcome."

Daniel: he looked down at Shinichi, "She does like me. Should I milk it?"

Shinichi: He looked at him a little weird. "Daniel, you didn't answer my question."

Daniel: "I'm mean to her because she left me in a house for three days to starve. Tied me to a bed post and wouldn't let me talk. Took away Xavier from me before he was dead, and...well, she just screws up all my plans and makes me suffer."

Shinichi: "Did you ever think she's trying to make it right? Maybe that's why she's here and why she takes all the insults and things that you do to her."

Daniel: he shrugged like he really didn't care and took his dish to the sink, "Whatever."

Shinichi: He got up and went over and hugged Daniel. "It's okay, Daniel. I won't tell anyone that you like her too." He then went into the living room.

Daniel: "CURSES! SHINICHI!" he sighed.

Shinichi: He stopped and turned. "Yeah, brother?"

Daniel: "Whatever made you come to THAT conclusion?" was he that transparent?

Shinichi: "Just the way you act towards her and how I know you don't hold grudges for over a year and a half." He smiled slightly.

Daniel: "You tell her Shinichi and I swear I'll kill you." he paused, "And her." though his voice didn't sound threatening at all.

Shinichi: "I told you that I wouldn't tell anyone." He frowned a little.

Daniel: he made the motion to point at both of his eyes and then turned his fingers towards Shinichi to say he was watching him. Then he turned back to the sink and turned on the water, "Do you know what happens to little boys to fail at their word?"

Shinichi: He frowned more. Would his brother truly kill him? "No." He said softly.

Daniel: "This." he yanked up the sprayer and pointed it towards Shinichi and pressed the button so the water from the faucet transferred to the sprayer and soaked him wet.

Shinichi: He laughed and tried to stop the water from hitting him, it failed of course. "Daniel!" He laughed more.

Daniel: "Yes oh mighty brother of mine!" he said in a deep voice, "What is your wish!" he continued to spray him.

Shinichi: "Stop!" He continued to laugh though. "I won't tell, I SWEAR." He continued to laugh.

Daniel: he shut off the water and smiled, "Okay. Good." he put the sprayer away and went back to squirting soap over everything at once.

Shinichi: He smiled and went into his room to change clothes.

Daniel: he picked up a bowl and just rinsed off the soap, not scrubbing it or anything. He grabbed a towel and dried it off. As he went to put it away in the cupboard he slid on the wet tiles and fell back, the bowl flying from his hand and shattering on the counter. Daniel smacked his head on the floor tiles, "Ouch." he winced, holding the back of his head.

Athena: She heard the bowl shatter and came into the kitchen. "What the-" She seen Daniel on the floor.

Daniel: "You look good from this angle too." he said, his voice showed the pain he got from hitting his head, as he looked up at Athena from where he laid on the floor. He sat up slowly.

Athena: She rolled her eyes again and bent down to help him sit up. "How badly did you hit your head?" She went to look where he hit it.

Daniel: "Not bad. Why does it matter? You were bound to give me a bruise there soon anyways, you being as violent as you are." he got up on his own. He felt a bit dizzy. There was a large bruise starting on the back of his head as it swelled.

Athena: She sighed and looked anyway, not listening to what he said. She placed a hand over the bruise and the swelling and then took her hand away a few minutes later. The bruise and the swelling were gone. She then got up and started to walk into the living room again.

Daniel: "Don't touch my head." he felt the back of his head again.

Athena: She was gone by that time.

Daniel: he grabbed a whole bunch of paper towels and dry cloths and threw them on the floor and stood on them, pushing them around under his feet to dry up the water. Then he finished putting the dishes away. Once he was done he threw the used paper towels away and put the dry cloths, which were now wet, back on the counter. He walked into the living room.

Athena: She was sitting next to Miaso watching TV. She didn't look up when he entered.

Miaso: She smiled. "Hi."

Daniel: "Hi." he said to Miaso and walked over and sat right by Athena on the couch, so close they were touching. He put his arm around her.

Athena: She didn't say anything.

Daniel: sighed and took his arm back and scooted away from her on the complete other end of the couch.

Athena: She looked at him like why'd you move then just looked back at the TV

Daniel: he turned sideways and put his feet on her lap.

Athena: She pushed them off her.

Daniel: he put them back up.

Athena: She sighed and just let him do as he wished.

Daniel: "You seem to have lost your drive."

Athena: "No, I'm just letting you do as you wish right now."

Daniel: "Oh...sweet. Anything I want?"

Athena: She nodded. Right now, she didn't care.

Daniel: he put his feet back on the floor and moved closer, "Why right now?"

Athena: She looked at him, a little confused. "Because I'm tired trying to fight with you, so I'm giving in at the moment."

Daniel: "Is that what you did with Xavier? Gave in and let him hurt you?"

Athena: "With Xavier, I didn't have a choice to fight him. If I did, I got hurt, if I didn't I still got hurt. It wasn't a win-win situation with him." She admitted softly.

Daniel: "Did you do something to make him mad?"

Athena: "No. It's just how he was." She looked down.

Daniel: "I only get mad if there's a reason."

Athena: "That's you, not him."

Daniel: "I'm just warning you."

Athena: "I've seen."

Daniel: "But hey, you complain about Xavier being mean to you. You're about as mean to me that you say he was to you."

Athena: "Not exactly."

Daniel: "So he did worse than tie you to a chair and let you fester for a week and starve?"

Athena: "Oh, that." She whispered. "He did make me wait over three days before I could go hunt but he didn't tie me to anything. You know, I'm sorry about that. I was upset about what happened to my sister and what happened with Xavier...mostly about what happened with my sister though. I had no right to take it out on you."

Daniel: he nodded slowly, "Okay. Well, you've earned my forgiveness as far as I'm concerned. You helped my sister, and you healed my head."

Athena: She smiled slightly.

Daniel: "I guess this means you don't get something from me in return for saving my sister."

Athena: She nodded, she understood.

Daniel: he sat back on his end of the couch.

Athena: She didn't say anything. She turned her attention back to the TV.

Daniel: "You don't have to stay here, you know. The shield's long been down."

Athena: "I know."

Daniel: "So why do you keep saying I'm keeping you here? Is that your excuse so you don't have to leave?"

Athena: "I don't say that you are keeping me here. Do you want me to leave?"

Daniel: "No. The kids like you."

Athena: "So? Angelia likes me too and I'm not with her."

Daniel: he shrugged, "You like them. So you're the one choosing to stay."

Athena: She shrugged. "Sure."

Daniel: "I gave Miaso your room."

Athena: "That's okay. I can sleep on the couch."

Daniel: "I have a full size bed."

Athena: "I don't want to intrude into your room. The couch is fine." She kept her eyes on the TV.

Daniel: he smirked a bit, "I sleep in the nude..."

Athena: "As I said, the couch is fine." Still keeping her eyes on the TV but she could feel herself blush a little.

Daniel: "The bed is comfier than the couch."

Athena: She just shrugged.

Daniel: "Suit yourself. You may get lucky and see my sleepwalking from time to time."

Athena: She blushed a little more; she got up and went into the bathroom.

Daniel: he laughed when she was gone.

Miaso: She was just shaking her head.

Daniel: "What?" he asked her.

Miaso: "Why do you do that to her?"

Daniel: "It's fun. And I can't say things like that to you guys."

Miaso: She just shook her head again.

Daniel: "She secretly likes it."

Miaso: She shook her head again. "I'm not sure about that."

Daniel: "Why don't you ask her? She seems to like divulging secrets to you."

Miaso: "She would tell you if you weren't so mean to her."

Daniel: "Can't change who I am sister."

Miaso: "Yes you can. You just choose not to."

Daniel: "It'll be boring..."

Miaso: "Whatever." She went back to watching TV

Daniel: he got up, "I'll leave. When she comes back, you ask her. I'll be listening." he walked off.

Miaso: "Ask her what?"

Daniel: "Ask her if she likes it!" he went and hid.

Miaso: "Okay. No need to yell." She waited for Athena to get back.

Athena: She came back in a few minutes later. "Where'd Daniel go?"

Miaso: "I don't know." She looked up at Athena. "Can I ask you something?"

Athena: "Sure. What is it?" She sat down again.

Miaso: "Do you like when my brother does that to you?"

Athena: She shrugged a little. "Well, you know that I like him but some of the things he says just get me frustrated and that. But the things he says, like he just was talking about, I really wouldn't mind but we're really not together and it'll be wrong to do."

Daniel: he came walking back into the living room and sat on the couch, "What would be wrong to do?"

Athena: "Nothing." She quickly said

Daniel: "I have a no secrets policy if you wish to live at my house."

Shinichi: "If that was true then you'd have to tell yours as well." He said as he walked in the living room. He sat next to Miaso.

Miaso: She looked at Daniel. "Brother? You have a secret as well?"

Athena: She looked at him.

Daniel: "I asked Athena first."

Athena: "If I tell mine, you have to tell yours. Since it's your rule."

Daniel: he nodded, "Fine. All your secrets. Pour them before me."

Athena: "We take turns."

Daniel: "Whatever."

Athena: "I figured it was wrong for me to sleep in the same bed as you since we're not together."

Daniel: "Why can't we be together? Always said we were the same. But then again...who wants to date someone the same as them, hmm?"

Athena: She pushed it aside. "Your turn."

Daniel: "I asked you a question."

Athena: "I don't know why we couldn't be together and I don't know who okay? Now, your turn."

Daniel: "Well if you like me and I like you, it isn't rocket science baby. I understand some concepts are hard for you to grasp but boyfriend and girlfriend shouldn't be one of them."

Athena: She blushed a little. "I'm not used to asking things like that." She admitted softly.

Daniel: "Well, fine then. Whatever. Your turn."

Athena: "You didn't tell me one of your secrets."

Daniel: "I sort of did. Did you not catch it? Really? Are you that slow?"

Athena: She glared at him. "I don't like how you insult me when it isn't necessary."

Daniel: "Good. It's good you're being honest. I like it when you're honest."

Athena: "It's your turn."

Daniel: "I lied when I said you look like crap. When I tell you, you look good from each angle, I mean it."

Athena: She smiled slightly. "I really do like the children, they're not bad kids."

Daniel: "They're my brother and sister so it means I'm like them too, huh?"

Athena: "Even if they weren't your brother and sister, I would still like them."

Daniel: "No, I'm saying, even if I weren't related to them, would you like me still?"

Athena: "Yes."

Daniel: he nodded, "It was funny that I found you outside of my house. I was about to go looking for you."

Athena: "Why?"

Daniel: "You fascinate me."

Athena: "How?"

Daniel: "Your turn for a secret." he said, avoiding her question.

Athena: "I'm not going to admit anything further till you answer my question."

Daniel: "Then I guess that ends this discussion." he sat back.

Shinichi: "Daniel just answer her question."

Daniel: "No. That wasn't the deal."

Miaso: "Please? Answer the question."

Daniel: "If she tells me another secret first, I will." he promised.

Athena: "I don't leave here because I don't want to leave here."

Daniel: "So you like staying here? Is that because of me or the children?"

Athena: "Answer my question then I'll answer yours."

Daniel: he sighed, "You fascinate me because you actually aren't a wimp, unlike some people I know who pretend to be strong and aren't. You had the guts to take Xavier from me and tie me to a chair and leave me. You had the guys to return. You had the restraint to not kill me, even though I pick on you constantly. YOU, my dear, are the only one who can handle me. And I say that because I know it."

Athena: She nodded and smiled slightly. "Yes I like staying here, because of both you and the children."

Daniel: "Do you lie when you say you hate me calling you love names?"

Athena: She shook her head. "It's your turn to admit another secret."

Daniel: "No it's not."

Athena: "Yes it is."

Daniel: "No it's not. It's your turn. So answer my question."

Athena: "Yes it is. I answered your question after..." She paused. "Oh...then no, I didn't lie at first."

Daniel: "What do you mean, you didn't lie at first?"

Athena: "Admit a secret and I'll answer your question."

Daniel: "Secret? Secret is...I don't really sleep in the nude. But I will for you."

Athena: She hid a smile. "When I kept you here for the three days or whatever then came back and that. You were calling me those names. I hated it then but now...I don't.

Daniel: he smiled a bit, "Good to know."

Athena: She nodded. "Your turn."

Daniel: "Still?"

Athena: She nodded again. "Weren't you listening? I admitted that I did at first now I don't."

Daniel: "No. I mean...are there more secrets to be given here?"

Athena: She shrugged a little.

Daniel: "Okay...that seems like a yes..." he thought about it, "I've never had a girlfriend before in my life." he admitted.

Athena: She smiled slightly. "Oh really? Hmm...would you want one?" She looked away from him after she asked.

Daniel: "I would."

Athena: She bit her lip a little, kind of afraid to ask the question that she had.

Daniel: "So what's your secret now?"

Athena: "I don't have any more secrets."

Daniel: "I'll have you know, I came close to having girl friends, but I was just too busy with finding my brother and sister and then there's my attitude a lot...scares girls away."

Athena: "I see. I've dealt with your attitude so far and it hasn't scared me away and you have your brother and sister here so..."

Daniel: "So what?"

Athena: "You could probably get one now."

Daniel: he shrugged a bit, "Already got one, apparently."

Athena: "Who?" She looked at him.

Daniel: he sighed and looked annoyed, "Wow. You really are dumb."

Athena: She rolled her eyes, "Well, I didn't know we were official and don't call me dumb 'cause I'm not." She stood and started to walk into the kitchen. She needed something to drink.

Daniel: "Could have fooled me."

Miaso: She rolled her eyes.

Shinichi: Slapped his forehead.

Daniel: "What?" he asked them both.

Miaso: "Another reason why girls could have been scared away is how you talk to them."

Shinichi: He nodded in agreement,

Daniel: "She deserves it! She asks for it."

Shinichi: "I didn't hear her ask for it."

Miaso: "How did she deserve it?"

Daniel: he shrugged a bit, "I don't really know. But it sounded good to say."

Miaso: "So she didn't deserve it and she definitely didn't ask for it."

Shinichi: "I think you need to apologize to her."

Daniel: "You have got to be kidding me! I don't apologize to people. She was all, 'I'm not dumb.' my response of 'Could have fooled me' was a golden comeback and you both know it." he crossed his arms stubbornly.

Miaso: She shook her head. "Girls don't want to hear things like that. It makes them feel like they don't mean anything."

Shinichi: "She's not dumb anyway, and you know that."

Daniel: "Yea, I do know she's not dumb. It was just a joke."

Miaso: "Then you should apologize."

Daniel: "For a joke?"

Shinichi: "No. Seriously." He crossed his arms.

Miaso: She nodded in agreement.

Daniel: he sighed loudly, "Fine." he yelled, "Athena!"

Athena: "What?" She yelled from the kitchen.

Daniel: "I'm sorry!"

Shinichi: "No, face to face. So she knows you mean it."

Miaso: "And make sure she knows for what."

Athena: She just rolled her eyes.

Daniel: "You two kids are KILLING ME." he got up and went into the kitchen and walked over to Athena, "I'm sorry for calling you dumb." he said stiffly and crossed his arms as he watched her.

Shinichi and Miaso: They followed him.

Athena: She turned and looked at him. She looked down then looked at him. "It's fine." She said softly.

Daniel: he turned and looked at Shinichi and Miaso, "I told her."

Shinichi and Miaso: They crossed their arms.

Daniel: "What!"

Shinichi and Miaso: They turned around and just walked back into the living room.

Daniel: he looked back at Athena and sighed, "Athena I'm sorry." he said softly.

Athena: She shrugged. "Don't worry about it. I've been called worse." She went over to the table and sat down at it with her glass.

Daniel: he followed her, "I was just joking."

Athena: "It didn't sound like it." She said softly.

Daniel: "Are you seriously going to get...offended easily, now that we know each other a bit more?"

Athena: "No. I'm not." She looked up at him. "That's why I told you not to worry about it."

Daniel: "Then why do you sound sad?"

Athena: "I'm not sad."

Daniel: "If you say so."

Athena: She nodded.

Daniel: he tapped his fingers on the top of the counter and then nodded and walked back into the living room, sitting on the couch.

Shinichi: He looked up at him then looked back at the TV.

Miaso: She didn't look up at all.

Daniel: "Are you two mad at me now?"

Miaso: She looked at Shinichi. "I say they'll last a month. What do you think?"

Shinichi: "No, two weeks."

Miaso: She nodded. "Sounds about right."

They ignored his question.

Daniel: he growled, "You two are just...just! GAH! I can't even think of a good comeback now!" he got up and left the room and went into his office.

Shinichi: He smiled to himself. "Do you think it worked?"

Miaso: "I don't know."

Daniel: he sat in his office.

Athena: She sat in the kitchen then got up and went outside then decided to get fresh red liquid. She went hunting.

Daniel: he didn't come out until it was time for bed.

Athena: When she returned she helped Shinichi and Miaso get ready for bed. She tucked them in, and then she went into the living room and lay on the couch, watching the TV. She soon fell asleep. The TV still on though.

Daniel: but Daniel was already sleeping on the couch.

Athena: Her head was on his lap.


Daniel: he opened his eyes and looked down at Athena and sighed. "Athena, wake up."

Athena: "What do want Daniel?" She said sleepily without opening her eyes.

Daniel: "To know why you're on my lap."

Athena: She opened her eyes a little "What?" She looked at him then realized she was. She sat up suddenly. "I'm sorry; I wasn't paying attention last night. I was exhausted from my hunt. I'm sorry." She was blushing, embarrassed.

Daniel: he smirked a bit, "Sure you were." he got up, "So much for the 'If I'm on the couch she'll take my bed' idea."

Athena: "I swear I was." She argued. "I told you that the couch was fine for me to sleep on."

Daniel: "Fine is not great."

Athena: She opened her mouth to say something but closed it and sighed. "Yeah." She said softly.

Daniel: "So I'll sleep here, and you in my room." it was the best apology he could give. "Got it?"

Athena: "I can't take your room from you."

Daniel: he rolled his eyes and walked to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Shinichi: He sat at the table. He looked at Daniel. "Good morning."

Miaso: She came in a few minutes later. She yawned a little.

Daniel: "Morning. What do you guys want for breakfast?"

Shinichi and Miaso: "French Toast." They say at the same time.

Daniel: "What do I look like a gourmet shop? Eat cereal."

Shinichi and Miaso: They frowned a little.

Athena: "I'll fix it." She said as she walked in.

Daniel: "Good. There. Your mom will make you food." he left the kitchen.

Athena: She rolled her eyes then fixed them French toast.

Shinichi and Miaso: They ate what they wanted.

Athena: She made enough for Daniel, if he wanted any. She cleaned what she used.

Daniel: he walked down the hallway in his jeans and went into the bathroom and shut the door to take a shower.

Athena: She played a game with the children.

Daniel: he came out with just a towel wrapped around his waist as he went back to his room to get dressed for the day.

Athena: She caught Daniel out of the corner of her eye. She smiled slightly.

Daniel: when he came out he was dressed, but his hair was still damp. He went into the kitchen to eat, finding the French toast. He heated it up and ate it.

Athena: She continued to play with the kids. She let them win at the game.

Daniel: he came out and sat down with them, "What are you playing?"

Miaso: "Uno." She smiled

Shinichi: "I won once and so has Miaso."

Daniel: "That's because Athena is being a suck up again and letting you win. Deal me in."

Athena: "I'm not a suck up!" She growled.

Shinichi: He did as told

Daniel: "Then don't let the kid's win." he picked up his cards and looked at them.

Athena: "I'm not letting them win. They're doing so on their own." She picked up her cards and looked at them too.

Daniel: "If you're telling the truth, fine. But if you lose, I'll kiss you."

Athena: She nodded and placed a card down.

Shinichi: He placed a card that matched the color on it.

Miaso: She reversed it back to Shinichi.

Shinichi: Placed a card that was the same color.

Athena: Placed a card that had the same number. "And if I win?"

Daniel: he placed a card down to make Athena pick up four new cards and lose her turn, "Color is green. If you win, that means you were lying. So you get the couch."

Athena: She picked up four cards and nodded.

Shinichi: He placed a green card down.

Miaso: She placed a green card down as well. "Uno!" She smiled.

Daniel: he frowned and reversed the play so Athena was skipped again.

Athena: She sighed and waited.

Miaso: She placed her card down. "I win again!" She clapped.

Shinichi: He smiled

Daniel: "Oh look at that. You lose. I guess you were telling the truth." he smirked.

Athena: "I told you I was." She started to shuffle the cards again.

Daniel: "So it seems you need to kiss me."

Athena: "I seem to recall you said 'If you're telling the truth, fine. But if you lose, I'll kiss you." She quoted him.

Daniel: "So I'll kiss you. Same difference."

Athena: She rolled her eyes a little as she continued to shuffle the cards.

Daniel: "Well, never mind then."

Miaso: "No, you made a deal, Daniel."

Shinichi: "You have to go through with it."

Daniel: "Not if she doesn't want it."

Miaso: She smiled. "She wants it."

Shinichi: He nodded. "It's all she talks about."

Daniel: he looked confused, "What?"

Shinichi: "She wants you to kiss her."

Miaso: "It's all she talks about when you're not around."

Daniel: he looked at Athena, "Oh really?"

Athena: She wasn't paying attention.

Miaso: "Yep."

Daniel: "Athena."

Athena: "Hm?"

Daniel: "Are you seriously that desperate to kiss me you talk about it all the time?"

Athena: "What? I do not." She denied. "Who told you that?"

Daniel: he pointed to Shinichi and Miaso."

Athena: She just looked at them. "Oh, really? I talk about it all the time, huh?"

Miaso: She smiled. "Yes, you do."

Shinichi: He nodded.

Athena: "Well, I guess, I'm just going to tickle some kids, now don't I?" She smiled.

Miaso and Shinichi: She stood and ran into a different room.

Athena: She smiled more and just watched them. She laughed softly and shook her head.

Daniel: "Well do you or don't you? Honesty policy."

Athena: "I talked about it once and once only."

Daniel: "And when you talked about it once, what did you say?"

Athena: "What do you think I said?"

Daniel: he cleared his voice to imitate hers, "No way on earth would I want to kiss the man who insults me with those lips."

Athena: She laughed. That's all she could do at the moment.

Daniel: he spoke, his voice back to his own, "I think I'll save the kiss for when we both want it."

Athena: "So I guess the kids were right. You don't want it; otherwise you would have done it already." She said after she quit laughing. She stood and walked away to go find the kids.

Daniel: he stood and teleported in front of her and pushed her back against the wall, "What did I tell you about walking away from me?"

Athena: "Not to do it, but I don't listen. If you haven't noticed."

Daniel: "Apparently you hear me."

Athena: She smiled slightly. "Yes."

Daniel: he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers and kissed her, not gently, but not hard. It was a firm kiss.

Athena: She couldn't help but kiss him back

Daniel: he put his hands on the sides of her face and held her face to his so he could kiss her more.

Athena: She kissed him back more, relaxed slightly for she was tense at first.

Miaso and Shinichi: They watched and held their giggles.

Daniel: he stopped the kiss for a moment and turned and hissed at them before teleporting him and Athena to his room. The door was closed. He just continued to kiss her again.

Athena: She kissed him back again.

Miaso and Shinichi: They went to the living room and turned the TV on and watched cartoons.

Daniel: he kissed her more deeply with each passing moment.

Athena: She didn't stop him from kissing her; she kissed him back just as deep each time.

Daniel: "When will the kiss be over?" he whispered and kissed along her jaw.

Athena: "I...I don't know." She whispered back.

Daniel: "Oh." he smirked and kissed her neck and leaned back and then teleported to the living room and sat down on the couch.

Athena: She let out a breath and just sat on the bed. "What just happened?" She whispered to herself.

Daniel: "You two, what am I going to do with you?" he said to Shinichi and Miaso.

Miaso and Shinichi: They just smiled.

Daniel: "Got any cards?"

Miaso: "Depends on what kind of cards."

Daniel: "Playing cards."

Shinichi: Tossed him a deck of playing cards.

Daniel: "Athena!" he yelled.

Athena: She came into the living room a few minutes later. "Yes?"

Daniel: "Want to play some poker?"

Athena: "I don't know how to play."

Daniel: "I can teach you."

Athena: "Okay..."

Daniel: he sat on the floor in the living room and patted the space in front of him.

Athena: She sat in front of him.

Daniel: he dealt out the cards, "I was thinking we could make some bets. Or have you ever heard of s-t-r-i-p poker?" he spelled the word like adults do for little kids so they don't know what the adults are talking about.

Athena: "Yes, I've heard of it. I'll go for the bets for my first time though." She smiled a little.

Daniel: he shrugged a bit, "It'll be the same difference. I'll bet you to take off your clothes." he looked at his cards.

Athena: "I may not know how to play but I have seen it being played. You make bets with something and I'll do the same." She looked at her cards and looked a little confused. "Also if we were going to play the other way shouldn't we play when the kids are in bed?"

Daniel: "Why? Are you self conscious?"

Athena: "No, it's just I was thinking, I'll be losing a lot and Shinichi shouldn't be seeing certain things the same with Miaso in case I win the right amount."

Daniel: he smiled a bit, "Oh you will be losing? Yea, they should be in bed. I was just teasing before. They don't have a bed time though."

Athena: "Well, I don't know how to play so I kind of figured that I'd be losing." She looked up at him. "Then maybe they should start having one."

Daniel: "Why?" he asked her.

Athena: She sighed. "Never mind."

Daniel: "I'm their brother, not their dad." he pointed out.

Athena: "I know that." She was reminded every day.

Daniel: "So I have no right to give them a bedtime."

Athena: "I won't continue to play until they're in bed." She placed the cards down and stood. She sat on the couch.

Daniel: he shrugged, "Oh well." he put the cards away."

Shinichi and Miaso: They were whispering to each other.

Daniel: he got up and sat on the couch and took the remote and changed the channel.

Athena: She sat there and watched whatever Daniel put on.

Shinichi and Miaso: They got up and went into Shinichi's room to play.

Daniel: he didn't move from his spot.

Athena: She bit her lip a little, not knowing what to say or do at the moment.

Daniel: "We will wait for the kids to go to bed then, mother."

Athena: "Don't call me that."

Daniel: "What? Mom?"

Athena: "Yes, exactly."

Daniel: "Whatever you say mom."

Athena: She growled and got up and went into a different room.

Daniel: "Mom, come back!"

Athena: She slammed the door to the house.

Shinichi and Miaso: They came out and frowned.

Daniel: he looked over at them, "What did you hear? Were you listening?"

Miaso: "Everything."

Shinichi: "And yes, we were listening."

Daniel: "Why are you frowning? I told you she is going to be your new mom so I was just calling her mom..."

Miaso: She just turned around and went back into Shinichi's room.

Shinichi: "No one can replace mother. Not even Athena or Arya. We could never see her as our mother or mom. She'll always be Athena to us, just like Arya will always be Arya to us." He turned around and shut his door

Daniel: he looked at the spot where Shinichi and Miaso stood just a second ago. Shinichi was right. No one could replace mom. But he hadn't even really meant it to be serious. He had just been joking. He sighed and went to Shinichi's room, "Shinichi, you're right. I'm sorry. I never meant it like that. No one can replace mom."

Miaso: She looked away from Daniel.

Shinichi: He was beside her, rubbing her back.

Daniel: he sighed and walked in and sat beside Miaso. "Miaso I'm sorry."

Miaso: She sniffled and looked down.

Daniel: "I didn't mean it like the way you two took it.

Miaso: She continued to look down.

Shinichi: "Then explain what you did mean."

Daniel: "Just as a mother figure. Maybe. See, this is why I can't be a father figure to you two. You'd freak out on me."

Shinichi: "We won't be able to call her mom though."

Miaso: "She won't be a mother figure anyhow, she's gone."

Daniel: "Gone? What do you mean gone?"

Miaso: "She left."

Shinichi: He nodded. "She went out the front door."

Daniel: "She'll be back."

Shinichi: He shrugged.

Miaso: She didn't say anything.

Daniel: he sighed, "What do you know that I don't know?" he asked them both.

Shinichi: "I don't know anything."

Miaso: "It didn't look like she'd be back."

Daniel: he looked out the window and then got up, "I'll be back. Don't you two leave this house. He vanished from the room and reappeared outside. "ATHENA!" he yelled.

Athena: She was sitting on a branch, in a tree that was by his house. She didn't answer him though.

Daniel: "ATHENA!" he yelled again and teleported to deeper into the woods.

Athena: She still didn't answer him, she just rolled her eyes.

Daniel: he growled, "I SWEAR IT WOMAN ANSWER ME!"

Athena: "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" She yelled.

Daniel: he turned around and looked up and saw her in the tree. He sighed and put a hand on his chest, "Thank the lord. I thought you had really left."

Athena: "Would it have mattered?"

Daniel: "Yes."

Athena: "How would it have?"

Daniel: "Because the kids were telling me you left for good."

Athena: "And if I did?"

Daniel: "It's your choice. But just to let you know it's bad etiquette to kiss and run."

Athena: "I'm use to just kissing and running because I do that to get what I need to survive."

Daniel: "Oh. Well then never mind then." he started to walk back to the house, "Have a nice life."

Athena: She just rolled her eyes but stayed in the tree. She brought on of her knees to her chest and let the other one hang over the side of the branch she was sitting on.

Daniel: "I'll tell Shinichi and Miaso that even though they're great kids, you're abandoning them, like all the other adult figures in their lives. Don't worry about it." he said dismissively with the wave of his hand.

Athena: She had Daniel pinned to the ground where he was pinned on his stomach. She leaned down next to his ear."I never said I was leaving, you're more or less telling me that I should leave. So if you tell them that, you'd be lying." She whispered then she got up off him and stepped back a few steps. She watched him with her arms crossed.

Daniel: he didn't get up. He just folded his arms and rested his head on them and shut his eyes a bit, "Yea darlin'. That's why it's called blackmail. Duh." he laughed softly before letting his eyes fully close.

Athena: She made it where he was laying on his back and she somewhat pinned him again. "Blackmailing a Snyde isn't a good thing to do, you know? People can get hurt...badly hurt."

Daniel: he opened up his eyes and smiled a bit at her, "See, you are violent. So don't be complaining about Xavier." he paused, "Better yet, don't be complaining about me either. You're as mean to me as I am to you."

Athena: "I'm not as violent as him. You have no idea what I went through with him and don't act like you do." She took a small breath. "At least, I don't call you names and do things after you tell me not to do them." She smiled slightly.

Daniel: "Yea. And what's the fun in that?"

Athena: She just rolled her eyes a little.

Daniel: "You didn't answer my question."

Athena: "Maybe I don't want to."

Daniel: "If you're going to lean over me at least take your shirt off."

Athena: She just looked at him. "Why?"

Daniel: "Because it'll give me pleasure to look at them besides your face."

Athena: "Oh thanks." She said sarcastically and got off him.

Daniel: "I didn't quite mean it like that." he sat up this time and got up to his feet.

Athena: She looked at him as she leaned against a tree.

Daniel: "Are you coming back inside?"

Athena: "You going to keep calling me 'mom'?"

Daniel: "I won't. But I don't know if Shinichi or Miaso will."

Athena: "Then I'll come back in."

Daniel: "So it's just me not allowed to call you mom?"

Athena: "It'll be kind of weird if my boyfriend called me mom. Don't you think?" She started to walk to the house.

Daniel: "Aren't I supposed to be your daddy though?" he smirked.

Athena: She didn't answer him; she just continued to walk to the house. She smiled to herself though.

Daniel: "Athena..."

Athena: She looked back at him after stopping. "Yes, Daniel?"

Daniel: "You didn't answer my question."

Athena: "As I said before. Maybe I don't want to."

Daniel: "Then I am no longer answering any questions you have for me."

Athens: "I've answered most of your questions, it's just that one, that you just asked, I don't want to answer at the moment." She opened the door and walked in.

Daniel: "That's actually the second one."

Athena: "Whatever. You won't have to answer two of my questions then."

Daniel: "Good. I'll choose which two." he walked past her and down to Miaso's room, "Guys she's back."

Miaso: "We know."

Shinichi: He smiled to himself.

Athena: She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. She started the water and let her hair out of the bun.

Daniel: "What's with the smiling?" he looked at them suspiciously.

Miaso: "What smiling?"

Shinichi: He put some toys away and got different ones out.

Daniel: he made the 'I'm watching you' motion to both of them again and shut their door and went down to the living room. He stopped in front of the closed bathroom door, hearing the water run.

Athena: She took her clothes off and stepped into the bathtub. She eased herself down into the tub and let the water fill the tub. She shut the water off after it was filled. She relaxed and closed her eyes. The hot water felt good, it helped her relax.

Daniel: he smiled when he heard the water shut off and put his hand on the doorknob. He found the key above the frame and unlocked the door and in a fast moment he opened the door and stepped inside, "Hello!" he shut the door behind him and locked it again. He went and sat on the toilet lid, watching her.

Athena: She jumped a little and looked at him and rolled her eyes then closed them again. She was still relaxed.

Daniel: he took off his shirt and leaned over the edge of the tub and let his fingers dangle in the water, "Aren't you going to say hello back?"

Athena: She smiled slightly. "Why would I want to say hello to someone that is intruding in my bath time?" She said jokingly.

Daniel: he let his hand go deeper into the water and ran his finger over the skin on her thigh, "Because it's nice..."

Athena: "And who said I was nice?"

Daniel: "You are very nice."

Athena: She laughed softly. "I'm mean and nice now. is that possible?" She looked at him now.

Daniel: "A girl like you could always be mean and nice, all at once." he stepped back and pulled his hand out of the water and pulled off his socks and unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans.

Athena: "What are you doing?" She watched him.

Daniel: "Going to join you." he stood and pulled off his jeans and underwear all at once.

Athena: She blushed and looked away. "Why do you want to do that?"

Daniel: he stepped over to the tub after kicking his clothes away and put his foot over the side into the water and eased himself down, "I need a bath too. Some girl was slamming me into the ground and getting me all muddy earlier."

Athena: She blushed more. "Oh." Was all she could say.

Daniel: "Are you uncomfortable sweet cheeks?" he sounded amused.

Athena: "Not really." She whispered, not being able to keep eye contact with him.

Daniel: "Finally getting a peek at what you've been wanting to see for awhile, eh?" his eyes scanned her body, "Me too."

Athena: She blushed more. She didn't think she could blush this much. She didn't know what to say.

Daniel: "There you go not answering my questions again."

Athena: "I...umm..." She swallowed a little.

Daniel: "You...what?" he leaned forward.

Athena: "Don't...know...what to say." She whispered.

Daniel: "I do. Do you want to know what I say?"

Athena: She nodded yes.

Daniel: there was a long dramatic pause as he looked back at her eyes. A small smile pulled back his lips. He licked them before he spoke. "I just wanted to say..." he smirked, "Can you pass the soap?"

Athena: She did so. She told herself she wasn't expecting something else. She told herself this over and over again until she started to believe it.

Daniel: "Thank you sweet cheeks." he put some on a rag and started to lather himself up. His knees were bent to give her space, each leg on a side of Athena as they sat in the tub since it was really only a one person tub.

Athena: She watched him for a few minutes before she could look away.

Daniel: "You just going to sit there?"

Athena: "Well, I was going to relax a bit before I washed up. It seems like I won't be able to do that." She whispered while looking away from him.

Daniel: "Do I...excite you that much, my dear?"

Athena: "No." She smoothly lied.

Daniel: "Then why is it you can't relax?"

Athena: "Because I won't be able to."

Daniel: "Why?"

Athena: "Because."

Daniel: "Why?"

Athena: "Because I won't be. Okay? Can we drop this subject now?"

Daniel: he smirked, "No. I want to know why."

Athena: She sighed. "You already know why." She whispered.

Daniel: "So you lie then when you say I don't excite you? It's either that or I make your blood curl so much you can't relax."

Athena: She nodded yes to his question.

Daniel: "What are you saying yes to?"

Athena: "Yes, I lied. Okay?"

Daniel: "There's a punishment for liars, Athena." he said sternly.

Athena: "Fine, punish me." She looked at him.

Daniel: "Are you sure? The punishment is hard. Not many people can take it." he looked straight back at her, showing her he was serious.

Athena: "I'm sure I can handle it." He didn't know what she went through with Xavier.

Daniel: "Okay if you say so." he sat back and propped his elbows on the ledges of the tub and pressed his fingertips together in a steeple point as he watched her.

Athena: She sat there, wondering what he was going to do.

Daniel: all in a sudden moment he took his hands and dipped them in the water and swished them from one side of the tub to the other, creating a wave of water to come up and splash Athena in the face. Then he brought his hands back to the other side through the water creating another wave, and then he kept doing it back and forth.

Athena: She closed her eyes and turned her face to the side. It was easy for her to hold her breath.

Daniel: he laughed and stopped after a moment. "Athena?"

Athena: She looked at him.

Daniel: as soon as she looked at him he splashed her in the face with water.

Athena: She sighed a little.

Daniel: "Aww, you're not as fun as my little brother. You can't handle the punishment. I knew it." he grabbed some shampoo and lathered up his hair and scooped up some water in his hands and threw it on his head to rinse it off.

Athena: "I can's just a dumb punishment. I've had worse." She started to wash her body with the soap, trying not looking at him.

Daniel: "Well, whatever. Shinichi doesn't think it's dumb." he was insulted. He got out of the tub and grabbed a towel and dried off.

Athena: "Shinichi's a little kid too." She pointed out. She rinsed off and started to wash her hair.

Daniel: "Just stop talking." he put his clothes back on and left the bathroom, leaving the door open.

Athena: She sighed and shut the door without even getting out of the tub.

Daniel: he went into his office and shut the door.

Miaso: She watched him and sighed. What happened now? She wondered.

Daniel: he didn't come out.

Miaso: She knocked on the door a few hours later. "Daniel?" She said softly.

Daniel: "Yes Miaso?"

Miaso: "You okay?" She spoke just as soft as before.

Daniel: "Yep. Just okay."

Miaso: She looked down and nodded. "Okay." She whispered and walked away. She went to her room and lay in the bed and sighed.

Shinichi: He was in his room as well, lying in his bed.

Athena: She lay on the couch, her eyes closed. She sighed softly.

Daniel: "Nothing more than just okay." he muttered. He threw a dart at the wall.

Athena: She got up and went to Miaso and Shinichi's room. She told them goodbye and that if they ever need her or wanted to see her just call her cell. She explained how it felt like she didn't belong here or like she wasn't wanted here anymore. She left her number with both of them. She stopped in front of Daniel's office door for a minute then looked down and continued to walk to the door. She opened and closed it quietly. She then forced herself to run from the house.

Daniel: he didn't know what was going on so he didn't leave his desk.

There was a loud crash in the kitchen.

Daniel: he looked to his door and got up quickly and went out to the kitchen, teleporting there, "What happened?"

Miaso: "I...I was trying to get something to drink." She whispered through tears. There was glass all around her. It looked like two glasses fell from the self.

Daniel: he walked over and picked her up and grabbed her a glass and handed it to her. He set her in a chair at the kitchen table and got her a drink out of the fridge and put it on the table by her, "It's okay Miaso you don't have to cry." he told her and kissed the top of her head before he grabbed a broom and dust pan and went to clean up the glass shards.

Miaso: She poured the drink and filled her glass half full. She sniffled and took a drink or it.

Daniel: he threw the glass pieces away and sat down at the table with her, "There's a step stool in the cupboard if you want to get another glass next time."

Miaso: "Okay." She said softly.

Daniel: "Did Athena make dinner?"

Miaso: She looked down.

Daniel: "What?"

Miaso: "She's not here anymore."

Daniel: "Since when?"

Miaso: "Half an hour ago."

Daniel: "To shop or something?"

Miaso: She shook her head no. "She's not going to be back. She felt like she wasn't wanted here anymore by you or she didn't belong here."

Daniel: "What would make her feel that way?"

Miaso: She shrugged. "I don't know." She said truthfully.

Daniel: "And you and Shinichi just...let her go?"

Miaso: "What could we do? We're only kids."

Daniel: "You could have come and told me right after she left! Or right before! Instead of waiting a half hour until I found out myself! That's it. You're both grounded. Go to your room."

Miaso: She looked at him, surprised but did as she was told. She told Shinichi that he was grounded too before she went into her room.

Daniel: he got up and grabbed the phone and found Athena's phone number and called her.

Athena: She answered "Hey." She sounded a little sad.

Daniel: "Is this going to become a repeated problem with you leaving and me chasing after you?"

Athena: "Daniel." She paused. "I didn't feel welcomed there anymore. Not after what happened in the bathroom between us. I won't stay somewhere where I don't feel welcome."

Daniel: "And what did I do?"

Athena: "The way you acted towards me after your little...punishment."

Daniel: "You're the one who called it stupid."

Athena: "It is for adults."

Daniel: "I don't do well with punishments. My extremes go from torture to children punishments."

Athena: "Then if you had to you could have done a torture for my punishment."

Daniel: "I was just joking about punishing you."

Athena: "Sometimes I think I need it though." She whispered.

Daniel: "Why?"

Athena: "Because I deserve it. I've done so many things that I need punished for. Talking back, running away, and not doing as told. At times, yes, I rebel."

Daniel: "You're sort of ridiculous."

Athena: "But you put up with me. I would have been punished for doing those things by Xavier. I've learned to take the pain and...other things."

Daniel: "So is this your running off to tell me you're breaking up with me?"

Athena: "I don't want to break up with you, Daniel. I just need one good reason on why I should stay."

Daniel: "Because it upsets me when you leave."

Athena: "Why?"

Daniel: "You said one good reason, I gave it to you. I seem to recall that I have three questions of yours I can refuse to answer. And that's one of them."

Athena: "Technically, two."

Daniel: "Well here's one of them."

Athena:"Then I have no reason to stay."

Daniel: "So you don't mind upsetting me? Okay. Then I guess you weren't a good girlfriend in the first place."

Athena: "Why does it upset you when I leave?" She asked again.

Daniel: "That's the same question I said I'm not answering."

Athena: "Why won't you, other than the reason that you don't have to because I didn't answer yours?"

Daniel: "Because it's complicated."

Athena: "It can't be that complicated."

Daniel: "I prefer not to talk to you on the phone. So if you want to know, I suggest you come home." he hung up the phone.

Athena: Home? She smiled slightly and put her phone away. She willingly turned around and ran back to the house. She was there in a few minutes. She stopped at the edge of the woods and walked up to the door.

Daniel: he was in the kitchen making dinner.

Athena: She quietly opened and shut the door. She walked up behind him, covered his eyes. "Guess who?" She tried to say happily.

Daniel: "My girlfriend?" he guessed.

Athena: She smiled slightly and uncovered his eyes. She then leaned against the counter next to him.

Daniel: "I'm making dinner." he said as he worked, "Out of the way please." he said as he tried to grab something behind her.

Athena: She sighed and went into the living room. She sat in there.

Daniel: after dinner was made he gave everyone their dish and then took Athena's drink into her. He sat down beside her, eating dinner.

Athena: She took her drink, but didn't feel thirsty at the moment. She chewed on her cheek a little.

Daniel: "Something wrong?"

Athena: She shook her head no.

Daniel: he didn't know what to say.

Athena: "I'm just trying to remember your questions that I didn't answer." She admitted softly.

Daniel: "The one from the bathroom was if you were finally seeing what you've wanted to see."

Athena: "And the answer to that was yes. Yes I was." She blushed as she admitted it.

Daniel: he smiled a bit, "There. Now that's an answer I like."

Athena: "I can't remember the other one."

Daniel: "Neither can I. It must be unimportant." he ate more of his food.

Athena: "So can I not have one question where it's unanswered?"

Daniel: "I guess so."

Athena: She smiled. "So now you have to answer my questions that you didn't answer."

Daniel: "I chose my one question to not answer. So any other than that."

Athena: "I answered your questions that I chose not to answer." She sighed a little. "Never mind then." She stood and went into the kitchen. Daniel could hear the kids say Athena's name, excited and happily. She laughed softly.

Daniel: "Athena..."

Athena: She came back after a few minutes. She didn't have anything in her hand when she returned. She sat on the couch again.

Daniel: "What question did you want me to answer?"

Athena: "Why does it make you upset when I leave?"

Daniel: "Because it feels like rejection. And I like your company. So I miss it when you're gone."

Athena: "Is that why you told me not to walk away from you?"

Daniel: he nodded, "Yea, a lot of girls have walked away from me. I don't like it."

Athena: She nodded in understanding.

Daniel: "Answer your question?"

Athena: "For now."

Daniel: "Next time you leave I won't come after you."

Athena: "You won't have to."

Daniel: "Because you won't want me to, or because you won't leave?"

Athena: "Because I won't leave tell me that you don't ever want to see me again and mean it."

Daniel: "I don't think I will unless you're going to turn into this soft mushy person that I can't stand."

Athena: She laughs. "Don't count on it."

Daniel: "Over the phone you sounded like you were getting there."

Athena: "I wasn't."

Daniel: "Alright." he kissed her forehead and got up and took his plate to the kitchen.

Athena: She smiled slightly and watched him leave.

Daniel: when he came back in he just had a drink in his hand. He sat next to Athena again, "So tell me...why couldn't you relax when I was in the tub with you? I don't know me that well so it was probably creepy."

Athena: "I thought we already discussed this."

Daniel: "You didn't really answer what I wanted to know."

Athena: "And that was, what, exactly?"

Daniel: "Are you afraid of men because of your other boyfriend?"

Athena: She bit her lip. "Define afraid, as in the way you use it."

Daniel: "As in...if he used sex as a means to show you punishment, you won't want it anymore because every time it happens, you'll think you did something wrong."

Athena: "Well, he didn't use it as a punishment...yet he didn't use it as pleasure for both of us...just for him."

Daniel: "How can that be?"

Athena: "I didn't want it when he did so he forced me." She admitted softly.

Daniel: "Did you ever want it from him?"

Athena: "No." She stated simply.

Daniel: "I thought you loved him."

Athena: "At first, I thought I did too. Then things started to get worse with him and by that time he threatened to kill everyone that I ever loved if I ever left him."

Daniel: "Before he threatened you, when you did love him, did he ever force sex on you? Or did you sleep together willingly?"

Athena: "No and no. We never had sex before he threatened me, it all happened afterwards."

Daniel: "All happened after you took him from when I had him?"

Athena: She shook her head no. "When I took him from you, I thought he would have changed after I saved his life and that. He didn't. He was worse. The forcing me to have sex with him was every day and night. It happened about three times each day. Then when I decided to fight back, he gave me a black eye and the gash that I told you about. That same day, Daray called and killed Xavier after I told him what Xavier did to me."

Daniel: he nodded, "I see. I'm surprised you never had his child."

Athena: "That's where some of my powers and the recipes from my father's book come in."

Daniel: "That's good, I guess. Won't want his offspring in the world."

Athena: She smiled slightly. "Yeah."

Daniel: he put his hand lightly on hers, "I'm sorry that happened to you. Least I never touched the women I tortured that way."

Athena: She looked up at him and smiled. "Now who's getting all mushy?" She laughed softly. "It's okay. I'll get past it someday."

Daniel: "I'm not getting mushy. I just hate getting yelled at by my siblings for picking on you..." he pulled his hand back, "I'm glad."

Athena: She laughed softly. "They get after you too, huh?" She shook her head a little.

Daniel: "What do you mean?"

Athena: "They're trying to keep us together and get us to get along."

Daniel: "Do we really need their help?"

Athena:"I don't think we do but they seem to think we do."

Daniel: "They might be right, considering I've chased you off two times now."

Athena: She shrugged a little. "Should we start listening to them then?" She looked at him.

Daniel: "And what? Stay together?"

Athena: She nodded "Unless you don't want to stay together."

Daniel: "I was leaving that up to you."

Athena: "Why do you think I'm still here?"

Daniel: "Why do you think I'm still here? Erasing the fact that this is my house, of course."

Athena: She sighed a little. "Daniel, I really like you. Alright? I want to stay with you. I'm willing to make this work, if you are." She looked at him.

Daniel: "I'll try. But I can't guarantee stopping the insults cold turkey."

Athena: "I've dealt with them so far."

Daniel: "But they might hurt worse if I'm your boyfriend."

Athena: "I think I'll be able to deal with them."

Daniel: he smiled a bit, "Okay."

Athena: She smiled back a bit then looked over to the entry of the living room and laughed softly. "I don't think we're alone anymore." She whispered to Daniel.

Daniel: he looked where she was looking.

Miaso and Shinichi: They hid from view.

Athena: "Are you willing to go along with something?" She looked at him, still whispering.

Daniel: "With what?" he looked back at her.

Athena: She bit her lip a little before she kissed him softly at first, she then whispered. "Just do what you think would get them to leave where it makes them think that we don't know they're there." She kissed him again.

Daniel: he returned her kisses, "Why?"

Athena: "Unless they're not grounded anymore." She softly kissed along his jaw. "Or you just don't care if they see."

Daniel: "You're the one who wanted me to give them..." he paused, feeling her kiss down his jaw. It felt good. "You want this? So soon?"

Athena: She smiled and pulled out a deck of playing cards but softly kissed down his neck. "If I win, you have to cut back the insults to one a day. If you win, you get to choose whatever you win." She whispered between each kiss. "Unless you have something else you rather do."

Daniel: "My strip poker?"

Athena: "Yes."

Daniel: "Cool." he sat up slowly and took the cards from her, "You won't win because you've never played this before."

Athena: She smiled slightly and shrugged. "There's no harm in trying."

Daniel: he dealt her hand to her and sat back. He explained to her the gist of the game before he picked up two cards and threw two away.

Athena: She kept her hand all except for one; she threw it away and got one.

Daniel: they went a few more rounds before he showed her his hand. He had a straight.

Athena: She laid her hand down; she had a straight from King to ten.

Daniel: he glanced between the two.

Athena: She watched him carefully.

Daniel: "That was pretty good for a first time. I'll give you that round." he took his shirt off. "I'm more eager than you are to strip anyways."

Athena: She smiled slightly.

Daniel: he dealt the cars again.

Athena: She threw two cards away after looking at them, and then when she got her two new ones, she smiled slightly.

Daniel: "What's with the smile?"

Athena: "You'll see."

Daniel: he switched a few of his cards, "You lay down first."

Athena: She laid her hand down; she had a royal flush in diamonds.

Daniel: he tossed his cards at her without even looking at them, "For crying out loud."

Athena: "Did I win this round again?"

Daniel: "Yes." he pulled off one sock.

Athena: She laughed softly. "That was the reason of my smile."

Daniel: "You aren't supposed to show emotions in poker...that's why I lost."

Athena: "Oh. Well, I can do that. Deal."

Daniel: he stopped and just pushed the cards aside and pressed her back onto the couch and kissed her. "Let's forget about it."

Athena: She kissed him back. "Alright." She kissed him more.

Daniel: he teleported them to his bedroom and leaned over her, "Is this something you want? Or am I forgoing what you want and being like Xavier?"

Athena: "No, I want this." She whispered and kissed him again, eagerly.

Daniel: "Just...making sure." he said between kisses. He slid Athena's shirt off of her.

Athena: "I understand." She whispered as she helped him. She unhooked her bra and let it slide off her. She kissed him again, letting herself be up against him.

Daniel: "Do you do this...this fast with all your boyfriends?" he started to kiss along her jaw and down her neck softly.

Athena: "No but we can stop." She said softly as she closed her eye and tilted her head back a little.

Daniel: "So...what makes me so special, baby cakes?" he rested his hands on her sides as he kissed across her throat and down the center of her chest.

Athena: "You're...not forceful." She let her hands trail down to his pants. She unbuttoned and unzipped them.

Daniel: "So you want me to be?" he slid his hands down to her jeans and unbuttoned and unzipped them also.

Athena: "No. Please don't be." She whispered as she took his jeans off him.

Daniel: "Not even a little rough?"

Athena: "I don't mind roughness...just no forcefulness. Please."

Daniel: "If you want this how could it at all be forceful?" he finished taking her pants off.

Athena: She thought about that for a moment then smiled. "I don't know." She started to take his boxers off him.

Daniel: "Oh." he pulled her panties off.

Athena: She kissed him again, pulling him to where their bodies were touching.

Daniel: "Good thing the door is locked." he smirked and didn't wait long before he made love to her.


Athena: She had her head on Daniel's chest, her eyes were closed and her breathing was even.

Daniel: he kissed her head and got off the bed without disturbing her. He wasn't one for cuddling. He pulled his boxers on and then his jeans.

Athena: She was asleep so she wasn't disturbed.

Daniel: he pulled on his shirt and left the room, shutting the door behind him. He went to check on Shinichi and Miaso.

Miaso and Shinichi: They fell asleep on the couch while watching cartoons.

Daniel: he shut off the television and picked up first Shinichi and put him to bed, and then Miaso. He made sure all the lights were off in the house.

Miaso and Shinichi: They stayed asleep the whole time they were being moved.

Daniel: he came back into the living room and slept on the couch.


Athena: She woke up and looked over to where Daniel was supposed to be and when he wasn't there she looked down. She got up and got dressed, slower than normal though.

Daniel: was still asleep on the couch.

Athena: She walked out of Daniel's room and got her something to drink. She stood at the counter just looking at her glass when she wasn't taking a drink of it.

Daniel: he finally woke up and sat up slowly. He got up and walked into the kitchen for breakfast, "Good morning Athena." he said as he got a drink.

Athena: "Morning." She took a drink of hers.

Daniel: he walked back over to her and sat down in front of her as he drank and ate his breakfast, "How did you sleep?"

Athena: "Good, thank you for asking." She looked at her glass.

Daniel: "You do know that as long as you are here and part of my family I will treat you like my family, don't you?"

Athena: "I do now."

Daniel: "This means I will protect you with my life, Athena. I hope you know that."

Athena: A small smile came to her lips. "Again, I do now. But you also must know, I'll be doing the same."

Daniel: "Fine with me. Let the best man or woman live, right?"

Athena: She just nodded.

Daniel: "I'm not much for cuddling, just to warn you."

Athena: "Understood."

Daniel: "But I will make sure it doesn't make you feel any less loved, okay?" he promised.

Athena: "Loved?" She shook her head slightly. There was no way anyone could love her.

Daniel: "Isn't that what you want? Or do you not want me to love you?"

Athena: She looked up at him. "You..." she paused "You love me?" She was in disbelief. "Since when?"

Daniel: "I never said that...exactly."

Athena: "Then what exactly did you say then?" She whispered, she knew it wasn't true. It was too good to be true.

Daniel: "I asked if that was what you wanted."

Athena: "Yes, I want you to love me." She admitted softly.

Daniel: he smiled a bit, "Alright. Now you can ask if I love you. Because I will admit, yes."

Athena: She smiled.

Miaso and Shinichi: They smiled when they heard Daniel admit that he loved Athena.

Daniel: he looked over at his brother and sister, "Are you two eaves dropping again?"

Miaso and Shinichi: They giggled and ran into the living room.

Daniel: he looked back at Athena, "It's cool you don't respond back, you know." he shrugged a bit and took another drink.

Athena: "You know I love you as well." She took a drink of hers then got up and rinsed her glass out.

Daniel: "Oh really? Since when?"

Athena: "Why do you think I've been spying on you and that for as long as I have?"

Daniel: he thought about that, "How long have you been doing that?"

Athena: "Awhile."

Daniel: "Since the last time I've seen you?"

Athena: "When was that?" She was stalling now.

Daniel: he shrugged a bit, "I dunno. Over a year."

Athena: "I've been following you a little over than a year."

Daniel: "So even while you were with Xavier? Wow. You're a cheater."

Athena: "Xavier was dead when I started following you."

Daniel: "Oh. Pity."

Athena: She just shrugged.

Daniel: "At least I know even if they are mean to you, you stay with them. However, you have no problem running from me."

Athena: "They threatened to kill my family if I didn't stay with them."

Daniel: "I wouldn't do that. I think I would just bar you from this family if you ever betrayed us in that way."

Athena: "Betrayed you in what way?"

Daniel: "Leading us on to believe you care about us, and then leaving."

Athena: "I do care about you, Miaso and Shinichi."

Daniel: "Let's hope that never changes."

Athena: "It won't."

Daniel: "Good." he got up and rinsed his glass out.

Athena: She nodded and moved out of his way so he could get to the sink.

Daniel: he kissed her cheek lightly; "I'll be in my office if you need me." he went to his office.

Athena: "Always in your office. Don't spend any time with your siblings now that they are here." She walked into the living room.

Daniel: he stopped and looked back at her, "Excuse me? I have plenty of bonding time with them."

Athena: "Miaso doesn't feel that way."

Daniel: "Why? What has she told you?"

Athena: "She hasn't told me anything, just the way her emotions are." She stated then went into the other room, leaving him where he was standing.

Daniel: "Athena."

Athena: She didn't answer him or come back.

Daniel: he didn't follow her. Instead he went down to Miaso's room and knocked on the door


Miaso: "Yes?"

Daniel: "Want to go...I don't know. What do you girls do these days?"

Miaso: "You don't remember that I don't do girly things?" The door still shut.

Daniel: "How about...roller skating?"

Miaso: "I guess so.:

Daniel: "Or do you want to"

Miaso: She opened the door and she was smiling. "Fishing sounds good."

Daniel: he smiled, "Okay. Now this is your choice. You and me, or you and me and Shinichi, or you and me and Shinichi and Athena?"

Miaso: "Just me and you. If that's okay." She whispered.

Daniel: he nodded a bit and smiled, "Sure. Get dressed." he left to grab his jacket and went out to the storage shed to grab his fishing pole and one for Miaso.

Miaso: She did what she was told. When Daniel came back in, she was sitting at the table.

Daniel: he went in to Athena first and kissed her for a moment, "I'll be back tonight."

Athena: She kissed him back then nodded. "Alright."

Daniel: "Do you have my cell number?"

Athena: "No, but Shinichi should."

Daniel: "He does." he stepped back and called, "Bye Shinichi!"

Shinichi: "Bye Daniel!" He called from his room.

Daniel: he walked into the kitchen, "Let's go girly."

Miaso: She stood and smiled.

Daniel: he left with Miaso to go fishing.

Athena and Shinichi: They played a few games together while they were gone; they decided to start fixing supper.


There was a knock on the door.

Shinichi: He opened the door. "Hello?"

Daray: "Hello Athena here?"

Shinichi: He nodded and opened the door wider for them to come in. "Come on in. She's in the bathroom right now. She'll be out in a few minutes."

Daray: "Thank you." he stepped inside and took Luca off his shoulders.

Angelia and Arya: Followed them inside as well. Closing the door behind them.

Shinichi: "No problem." He went into the living room.

Athena: She stepped out of the bathroom a few seconds later, catching the last bit of what Daray was telling Luca.

Daray: "Athena is your Aunt. Which is your mom's sister- like Angelia is your sister."

Luca: He smiled, he understood.

Athena: "Which I'm glad to have her as a sister." She said as she walked in.

Daray: he looked at Athena, "Hey! I thought I told you to choose a BETTER boyfriend next time."

Athena: "I did. He doesn't beat me or force me to do things that I don't want to do. More or less, he's not like Xavier." She went over and hugged Arya. "Ah, sister I've missed you so much. I'm sorry that I didn't keep in touch like I said I was going to do."

Arya: She hugged her back. "It's alright. You've been busy, I understand."

Daray: "Yes. Instead you choose one who wants to kill you."

Athena: "He doesn't want to kill me. If he did, he would have done it by now." She looked at him then looked at Luca. "Who's this little guy?" She smiled.

Daray: "A child. Which hopefully you will never have with the devils spawn."

Athena: "May I hold my nephew?" She looked at Daray. "And by the way, Daniel isn't as bad as you think."

Daray: rolled his eyes and then handed Luca to Athena, "Sure. Says the girl in love."

Athena: She takes Luca and holds him. "What's his name?" She asked when she looked up and after she rolled her eyes.

Daray: "Luca Rayder Aleron." he told her. "So where is the scum?"

Athena: "He's not scum and when Daniel returns, you'll be nice." She looked at Luca again. "Hi Luca, I'm your Aunt Athena." She spoke kindly, not like she spoke to Daray.

Luca: He smiled.

Daray: "He says to put him down."

Arya: She looked over at Daray, not believing that Luca said that.

Athena: She rolled her eyes and put him down gently.

Luca: He looked like he was going to cry when Athena put him down. "Dada," He whined.

Daray: he went and picked up Luca.

Luca: He didn't look like he was going to cry anymore.

Daray: "See? I'm right." he said to Athena, "And I will not be nice to him."

Athena: She rolled her eyes. "Whatever Daray."

The front door opened.

Miaso: She was smiling as she came into the house; she had fun today with Daniel. She hoped they could do it again soon.

Daray: "Hello Miaso."

Miaso: She just stopped and looked at him. "I know you...I've seen you before." She whispered.

Daray: "Good or bad memories?"

Miaso: "You were outside the cave the one day."

Daray: "What cave?"

Miaso: "The one that Arya kept us in after our parents were killed."

Daray: he looked shocked, "Huh? No one could see me."

Miaso: "I could. I knew you were there."

Arya: She was talking with Athena so she wasn't paying attention.

Daray: he looked back at Miaso.

Daniel: came in the door.

Miaso: She was watching Daray.

Arya: She looked at Daniel, smiled a little. "Good evening, Daniel."

Daniel: "Arya..." he acknowledged before he walked over to Athena and kissed her. "Hi."

Daray: he looked to Arya, "You're going to be THAT civil with him after what he's done?"

Arya: "Daray, be nice. He's with Athena and I try not to think about it. I've gotten past it...or at least I think I have."

Athena: She kissed him back.

Daray: "I will not be nice. Unless I find out this is all a ploy so she can get close to him to kill him on day while he's sleeping."

Arya: "Maybe this wasn't a good idea." She sighed. "I'm going to go get Angelia then we're going home." She went to go find Angelia.

Daray: "I'm staying."

Athena: She watched Daniel a little.

Daray: "I'm not going home." he said simply, talking to Arya in his head.

Daniel: "Maybe you're not welcome."

Athena: She placed a hand on Daniel's shoulder, watching Daray now.

Daray: "No." he looked away from Daniel and went to sit in the living room, taking Luca with him.

Daniel: he watched him go.

Arya: 'Bye Athena.' She said mentally, coming out of the living room with Luca.

Daray: he followed her back out of the living room and into the hallway, "Arya you should stay."

Athena: She sighed and sat in one of the chairs at the table. She rubbed her temples with her forefingers.

Arya: "Why? Give me one good reason on why I should stay." She let go of Luca so he didn't get hurt and crossed her arms.

Daray: "Because I'm here."

Arya: "You're only here because you're being stubborn and won't except that Athena is happy. Unless you want to ruin that happiness for her. It seems he's treating her well, Shinichi's told me nothing but wonderful things that has happened around here since Athena's been here. It's the same with Miaso."

Daray: "And since when have you had time to talk to Shinichi or Miaso? I think you're making that up."

Daniel: "I just think Daray holds grudges."

Arya: "You don't believe me? Ask them yourself then." She went into the bathroom.

Athena: "I think so too."

Daray: he turned to Daniel, "Yes. When you were supposed to be dead and SHE," he pointed to Athena, "Was supposed to be your killer."

Daniel: "She has killed me. She's killed my ache for revenge."

Daray: "I mean kill your body!"

Daniel: he smirked, "Yea. She's done that too."

Daray: he growled, a low a ferocious sound.

Daniel: he still smirked.

Athena: She stepped in between them, facing Daray. "Daray, I think you should leave. Now." She wasn't happy and a little authority was in her voice. The authority of a pureblood.

Daniel: he laughed, "Ah. You're being ordered around."

Daray: "Arya we're leaving!" he yelled and as he walked by Daniel he slammed him back into the wall of the house, hard enough to where Daniel broke the dry wall.

Daniel: "Ouch."

Daray: "SUCK IT UP!" he slammed the door behind him after going outside with Arya and Angelia and Luca.

Athena: She walked over to Daniel. "You okay?" She asked dryly.

Daniel: he brushed himself off, "Yea. Fine." he looked at the hole in the wall.

Athena: She just nodded, watching outside. When Daray, Arya and the kids were gone, she relaxed and leaned against a wall. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back against the wall.

Daniel: "What's wrong?"

Athena: "My head hurts a little." She whispered.

Daniel: "Yea, well my back hurts a little."

Athena: "I'm sorry. I would have never let them come if I knew Daray was going to come too. I just thought it would be my sister and her daughter, Angelia. I know how much Shinichi likes Angelia as well. I thought it would have been a good idea and I could have caught up with my sister as the kids played." She looked at him. "I can make it stop hurting or whatever, if you want. It's not that hard for me to do."

Daniel: "No, you make your head feel better. I'm fine."

Athena: "My head will be fine in an hour or so."

Daniel: "Why do you do things that make your head hurt?"

Athena: "It only hurts when I don't use certain things for so long. My authority as a pureblood can make any Snyde listen to me and I haven't had to use it since I was in The Great Ones, which was almost 100 years ago."

Daniel: "Interesting. Good thing I'm not a Snyde. It won't work on me,"

Athena: She nodded.

Daniel: "Want to see the fish Miaso caught?"

Athena: "Sure."

Daniel: he took Athena's hand and took her outside to the garage.

Athena: She followed him, holding his hand.


There was a knock on the door.

Shinichi: He opened the door and just looked at Lance.

Daniel: "Who the heck is it?" he called from the kitchen.

Shinichi: "I don't know." He called back to him.

Lance: "Um, is..." he looked at the paper, "Athena," he looked back at Shinichi, "Here?"

Shinichi: He nodded a bit. "Athena!" He called into the house, still looking at him.

Athena: "What?" She called from somewhere inside the house.

Shinichi: "Someone's at the door looking for you."

Athena: "Who?"

Shinichi: "I don't know."

Athena: She sighed and came to the door. She looked just like Arya but her hair was longer. "Who are you?"

Daniel: "Yea, who?" he came up behind Shinichi and looked at Lance.

Lance: "My name's Lance. I got your name and address from your sister, Arya." he glanced at Daniel and looked back at Athena, "I'm dating her daughter Angelia. And we bonded the other day. I didn't know it was marriage. Neither did she."

Daniel: "Man that sucks." he laughed a bi then cleared his throat.

Athena: She crossed her arm a bit. "And my sister sent you here?" She smiled and laughed a bit. She looked at Daniel then back at Lance. "So, what would you like me to do? To say good for you or what?"

Lance: "No. I want you to break the bond without her knowing." he didn't think this was funny at all.

Athena: "If you didn't want to bond to her, then why did you do it?"

Lance: "I wanted to. But I don't want to be married."

Daniel: "Sometimes teenagers are stupid." he sighed, "You're bonded to them...that's marriage. Two goes hand in hand. Think about it."

Lance: he glared at Daniel, "We weren't thinking about it. It was a moment thing."

Daniel: "I guess so." he shook his head.

Athena: "Ah, I see." She sighed a bit. "Well, love, is he allowed to come in so I can help him?" She looked back at him. "I mean, my niece does have her moments of stupidity. Just like my sister." She shook her head a bit. "I guess it runs in the family."

Daniel: "Yea. It does." he leaned over and whispered to her, "I mean, look at where you are." he smirked and kicked the door open.

Lance: he stepped inside, "Thanks. Angelia is not stupid. For your information, I love her."

Athena: She rolled her eyes a bit. "I'm not as stupid as my sister is. I don't bring harm to myself when I'm depressed." She looked at Lance. "You two are teenagers. You only think you two are in love." She turned a bit. "This way."

Daniel: he nodded and shut the door. He agreed to that. He got the better end of the deal when it came to marrying Athena. He fingered the ring in his pocket. He'd been carrying it around for awhile. He needed to pop the question soon, but he wasn't sure when he would.

Lance: he followed her, "I don't appreciate that statement."

Athena: "You'll get over it." She pulled out a book and sat down on the floor. She motioned for him to sit as well.

Lance: he sat down in front of her, "I will get over the statement, but not my love for Angelia. I'm going to propose to her when I'm older. When she turns 18, we are living together in my apartment."

Athena: "Am I supposed to jump for joy and be extremely happy for you two?" She rolled her eyes a bit. "Things can change in two years." She opened the book and started to flip through pages, trying to find the recipe that they needed.

Lance: he sighed, "Whatever. All I know, is I want to break this, but do it so she doesn't find out. Can you do that?"

Athena: "That would take two different recipes."

Lance: "That's fine."

Athena: She found the recipe that would be needed to break the bond between Lance and Angelia, she marked it. She then looked for the recipe that would keep Angelia from finding out and marked it. "Which one do you want me to do first?" She looked at him.

Lance: "The one so she won't find out when it's broken. Then break it."

Athena: She nodded. She read the recipe then closed her eyes and said the recipe. She then turned to the one that would break the bond. "I need some of your blood for this recipe." She stood and went into the kitchen. She came back with a small bowl, a candle and some matches.

Lance: "Um...okay..." he let his fangs come down and bit his wrist.

Athena: She put the bowl in front of Lance.

Lance: he let his blood drip into the bowl.

Athena: "That should be enough." She said softly.

Lance: he licked his wound closed and sat back.

Athena: She took the bowl and set it in front of her. She lit the candle and waited until the wax melted into a small pool of it. She looked at Lance. "You might feel some heat in your veins when I do this." She warned him. She then looked at the book, read the recipe then started to say it while pouring the liquid wax into the bowl of blood.

Lance: he started to feel a bit warm, but it wasn't too uncomfortable. He endured it.

Athena: When all the liquid wax was poured in, she put the flame out by putting the flame into the blood while finishing up the recipe, for that was how the recipe said to complete it.

Lance: "Done?" he asked.

Athena: She nodded. "Yes."

Lance: "So she won't know?"

Athena: "Not unless you tell her."

Lance: he sighed, "And we aren't married anymore?"

Athena: "No you're not."

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Sweet. Thanks Athena." he stood.

Athena: "Sure." She stayed where she was at.

Lance: "I guess I'll go."

Athena: "Probably be best. My husband doesn't like visitors that he doesn't know to stay very long." She smiled slightly.

Lance: "I caught that vibe. Thanks again." he smiled then teleported away.

Athena: she smirked, "I'm so not keeping quiet about this." She said to herself after Lance left. She walked in where Daniel was and kissed his cheek, "I'm going to visit my sister." She whispered to him.

Daniel: he glanced at her, "Alright. See you later."

Athena: she then left, sneaking into Daray and Arya's house when she got there, going up into Daray's office. She sat down at his desk and started going through his scrapbooks on the desk.


Daray: he teleported up to his office.

Athena: She was sitting in Daray's office chair. She had the back turned towards the door. She was looking through the picture books of Luca and Angelia.

Daray: "Athena? What are you doing here?"

Athena: "It's nice to see you too, brother-in-law." She set down the picture book she was looking at.

Daray: he picked up the book and shut it, "And you're looking through my things, why?"

Athena: "I was looking at pictures of my niece. Also my nephew I didn't know I had." She crossed her arms a bit.

Daray: "Sorry. We've been busy." he looked to the door, "Arya!"

Athena: She was over by the door and she locked it.

Arya: She came up to Daray's office and tried to open the door. She failed for it was locked.

Athena: She leaned against the door, looking at Daray. She crossed her arms a bit.

Daray: "What do you want Athena?" he was sure Arya could hear.

Athena: "To tell you about the little trip that Angelia's boyfriend made to me today."

Arya: "Athena!" She growled. "Let me in!"

Athena: "Oh, shut up Arya. You knew about what, what's his face, was doing at my house for you sent him there." She said through the door then looked back at Daray.

Daray: "What?" he looked to the door then to Athena, "What is it? Why would Lance go to you and why would Arya send him there?"

Athena: "To have me perform some recipes for him."

Arya: She growled. "Athena!" She pounded on the door.

Athena: She pretended not to notice.

Daray: "Athena let her in. If she knows why is she being locked out?"

Athena: "No. She's being locked out because she'll try to stop me from telling you or kind of telling you. She's my twin sister. I know her a lot better than you do, Daray."

Daray: "Babe calm down." he told Arya through the door. He looked to Athena, "What is it? Spit it out. If it's about him confessing to bonding to her or the fact he comes over at night pretty much every night to sleep with Angelia in her bed, I already know that. So save your breath. I'm not as dumb as people think."

Athena: "No, it's not that. It's about him breaking the bond that he had with Angelia and him not wanting her to know that it was broken." She looked at her nails when she told him then looked at him.

Daray: his eyes widened, "What!"

Athena: She nodded. "Yeah. He wanted me to cast two recipes. One to have it where she didn't know and one to break the bond. Of course, I broke it for him but I didn't have it where she wouldn't know."

Arya: "Athena, you're the most evil person that I know!" She growled again.

Daray: "So she knows but Lance thinks she doesn't know?"

Lance: he came out of Angelia's room hearing the commotion, "Arya? What's wrong?"

Athena: "Correct."

Arya: She growled softy. "My sister is talking to Daray; she locked the door so I can't get in. She's talking about you."

Lance: he stopped and looked at the door, "Oh shoot."

Daray: "Now you've told me. Thank you. Let me out."

Arya: "Exactly." She looked to the door then back at Lance. "I think it would be best if you left right about now."

Athena: She hid a smile then unlocked the door. She was then sitting in Daray's office chair again, looking at the picture book she was looking at before Daray came in.

Lance: "Is Athena in there?" he pointed to Daray's office.

Daray: he came out, was about to say something to Arya and looked to Lance, "Lance."

Lance: he vanished and reappeared inside Daray's office and turned Athena around in the chair and punched her in the face before she could do anything about it. Then he teleported away back home.

Arya: She looked at Daray and sighed a bit. "I was going to tell you." She said softly.

Athena: She growled softly and wiped blood out from under her nose.

Daray: he nodded, looked at Athena. He didn't really care she was punched.

Daniel: he walked into the house and went up to Daray's office, walking past Arya, "Athena? What the heck happened?"

Athena: "Got punched by that kid that came to our house earlier." She growled softly.

Daniel: "That Lance kid?" he growled, "I kill him." he looked to Arya, "Don't worry I'm gone." he kissed Athena's forehead and teleported away.

Angelia: "No, he can't!" She stood and ran out of her room. Looking for Daniel.

Arya: She growled and looked at Athena. "If your husband lays one finger on Lance, I swear I'll kill him. I don't care if you hate me for the rest of our life. I will kill him if he lays one finger on Lance."

Athena: She sat where she was at. She just glared at Arya. Finally, she left and went back to Daniel's place. She waited for him to get home.


Daniel: he came home, finally, after he made sure Lance was taken care of for punching Athena. By now the kids were asleep and he wasn't sure if Athena was awake or asleep also. After stepping inside he shrugged off his jacket and hung it on the hook by the door and then started to remove his shoes. There were a few bruises forming on his body, beneath his shirt, and a few on his face. One right across the right cheek bone and another under his left eye.

Athena: She was coming out of the bathroom, drying her hair off with a towel.

Where Lance punched her, there was a red mark, which would later form to a bruise.

Daniel: he looked up from her, where he was bent over as he removed his shoes, his fingers still unlacing them as he watched her, "Hey. I like the new outfit." his mouth tilted up in a smirk for a second before he stopped, as the motion caused him a bit of pain because of the bruises on his face.

Athena: She rolled her eyes a bit but smiled slightly. "It's not an outfit. I'm not wearing this the whole time" She walked down the hall, taking the towel off of her as she walked into the bedroom.

Daniel: "You should. It's a lot better than some of your outfits." he stepped out of his shoes and kicked them to the side, his eyes still on the bedroom door Athena walked into. He walked down the hallway and into the bedroom door after her.

Athena: "Well, maybe I should go to the store and buy better outfits then." She turned around and looked at him. She was wearing a silky, short, blue night gown. It only came down to her mid-top thigh.

Daniel: a grin slowly spread across his face, "Outfits like that I like. You should wear those all day and not just save them for night."

Athena: "Well, this was made for the night, hence the reason it's called a night gown." She smiled then sat on the bed with her legs crossed. She watched him.

Daniel: he walked up to her, placing his right hand on her thigh, "Aw, look at that. I'm touching you. Are you going to tell me to stop touching you?" he leaned down slowly, towards her lips.

Athena: "Why would I do that when I can easily just push your hand away?" She watched him, leaning back a bit.

Daniel: he almost laughed. She was being difficult again. He squeezed her thigh in his hand gently, "Try it. My hand isn't going anywhere easily."

Athena: She still hasn't gotten use to live with a guy. She was use to being difficult, stubborn and in control with everything. She took a hold of his hand then in that same moment she had him pinned against the bed on his stomach. "You were saying?"

Daniel: "Ah- crud. Athena!" he growled a bit, his face pressed against the bed comforter. He turned his head to the side, "I was teasing. You know you're freakin' stronger than me. I'm not a Snyde like you. Now let go of my arm- it's twisted in a not so great position and it sort of hurts."

Athena: She let go of him. "I wasn't even using any of my strength, just my speed." She rolled her eyes.

Daniel: he moved his arm and pushed himself off the bed and to his feet, "Ungrateful girlfriend I'll tell you that. Don't even know why I beat up that Lance kid for hitting you if you can't even let me kiss you."

Athena: "Ungrateful girlfriend?" She shook her head a bit. "You're allowed to tease and play around but when I do that to you, you freak. I don't even know why you care if I get hit or not." She grabbed her robe, put it on and walked out of the room.

Daniel: he grabbed her waist from behind, a hand at each of her sides and pulled her back against his body, "You know why, Athena." he kissed her cheek gently, "Now that robe is something I'd classify as an outfit I don't like." he smiled a bit and kissed her temple.

Athena: "No, I don't know why. Please tell me." He could tell that she was a bit upset. She let him kiss her cheek and her temple.

Daniel: "I've only told you like a hundred times since we've been together, babe."

Athena: "Tell me again."

Daniel: "Will I get a kiss if I do?"

Athena: "Maybe."

Daniel: he whispered in her ear, "I love you? Were those the words you wanted to hear?"

Athena: "Prove it." She whispered.

Daniel: "Hmm? How?" he moved his hands to her shoulders and slowly started to take off her robe, lifting it from her shoulders and sliding it down her arms.

Athena: She turned around and looked at him. "Let me mark you." She whispered, completely serious.

Daniel: "Mark me?" he raised an eyebrow, "Ah, you want to connect with me?" he dropped her robe.

Athena: She nodded, watching him. Waiting for his answer

Daniel: "Well, you can bite me but only if I get to bite you back." he laughed a bit, watching her.

Athena: "That's fine with me." She then leaned in and kissed him.

Daniel: he kissed her back, "Mmm, hey," he leaned back, "Careful, I'm bruised. Hurts a bit."

Athena: "I'm sorry." She whispered and looked at him. She then carefully leaned in and kissed him again, being as careful as she possible could.

Daniel: he put his hands on her upper arms and walked backwards towards the bed, turning so her back was to the bed as he stepped back, making her trip back on the bed, laying on it, him leaning over her. He did not break the kiss.

Athena: She kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck lightly.

Daniel: as Athena kissed him, he let his teeth elongate and become pointed, all of them like sharks teeth in his mouth. His teeth multiplied; now he had many sharp teeth in many rows of his mouth.

Athena: She let her fangs come down and she softly kissed down his neck.

Daniel: when she started to kiss down his neck, he spoke, "So...tell me, on a scale of one- one being no pain at all, to a ten- ten being what it feels like when you glare at me with that paralyzing stare of yours, how much will this hurt?"

Athena: "From my experience of being bitten by others like myself. It's different for different species, my dear." She said between kisses.

Daniel: "Well what's your experience?"

Athena: "It's an eight if unexpected about six or seven if you are."

Daniel: "Alright." he waited, bracing himself on the bed.

Athena: She bit into his neck, draining blood. She closed her eyes.

Daniel: his eyes were shut as he gripped the bed spread. He groaned a bit, "Having fun?" he asked strained, trying not to show how it hurt. It was a weird feeling. While it hurt, at the same time, it felt...nice. He couldn't explain it.

Athena: She pulled back after a minute and licked the wound close. She looked up at him. "I'm sorry I hurt you." She whispered.

Daniel: "Ain't half as bad as a shark bite, love." he kissed her, pressing her back onto the bed. "'Sides..." he whispered, moving his lips to her neck, "It was strangely...addicting..." he kissed down to the top of her breast.

Athena: She closed her eyes as he kissed her neck and down to the top of her breast. "That's what usually happens after the very first bit from my kind." She whispered.

Daniel: "It won't happen again?" he lifted his eyes to look up at her face.

Athena: "Only if you ask me to do it again." She looked down at him.

Daniel: "I never knew I had to ask you to do something to make you do it. Normally you do things with or without my permission." he smiled slowly, his pointed teeth showing.

Athena: "Or I could do it whenever I want, even when you're not expecting it." She smiled a bit, her fangs still down. She noted his teeth and knew his bite was going to hurt more than the bites she's gotten from her kind.

Daniel: "My bites don't just mark in two spots, babe. When my kind bites, it marks in a circle, like a full on mouth bite."

Athena: "I think I figured that out, love." She stated.

Daniel: "Can I mark you where I want?"

Athena: "Where is that...exactly?"

Daniel: he moved his lips to kiss the top of her breast.

Athena: She shook her head no. "Not there." She said softly.

Daniel: "Aw," he frowned a bit, "Why not?"

Athena: "They're more sensitive than most of the rest of the body."

Daniel: "I wasn't going to bite hard."

Athena: "You need to break the skin, love."

Daniel: "I know that."

Athena: "It'll hurt worse if you bite there."

Daniel: "So where can I bite you?"

Athena: "Anywhere but there."

Daniel: "Hmmm..." he thought about it, glancing over her body, though his mind kept going back to her breast. He wasn't sure what else was small, and round and he could fit in his mouth to make a perfect circle bite.

Athena: She watched him, playing with the bottom of his shirt.

Daniel: he moved up, kissing her left shoulder gently, "Here?" he asked.

Athena: "That's fine with me, my love." She relaxed as much as she could.

Daniel: he gently kissed her shoulder and then, slipping the strap off her shoulder so it hung on her arm, he opened his mouth and then closed it around her shoulder, slowly, not biting too hard. His teeth were sharp- they slit skin like butter when in their pointed form. He didn't have to bite much to break the skin, but the fact was, it was a thousand points in Athena's skin, so the pain was about the same as a Snyde bite, if not more.

Athena: She closed her eyes, trying not to pull away. It wasn't as bad as she thought it was.

Daniel: the blood ran down Athena's back. Finally, he released the bite and licked over her wounds, letting his saliva heal it closed.

Athena: She opened her eyes and looked at him before she just kissed him.

Daniel: he smiled a bit before kissing her. He let his teeth slowly change back to normal.

Athena: She grabbed a hold of his lip lightly with her teeth. She smiled; her fangs still down. It was the excitement of everything that caused it.

Daniel: 'Want to seal the deal?' he asked her mentally. 'We should make love again. You know. Just a suggestion.'

Athena: She smiled more. 'I have no objection to that.' She replied mentally.

Daniel: 'Finally something we agree on.'


Daniel: during the night, after they had marked each other, and made love, he had fallen asleep on the bed with Athena; but he woke up before she did that morning. Getting out of bed, he pulled on a pair of jeans and then he walked over to his dresser and lifted some of the clothes in the top drawer and pulled out the little box. He opened it and smiled a bit at the ring. It was a small silver band with small purple stones around the band, the colors ranging from light to dark. He shut the box, threw it back in the dresser and closed the drawer before he walked back over to the bed and leaned over. Taking Athena's left hand he slipped the ring on her ring finger; her wedding ring in his mind. That is if she said yes when she woke up. Then after he kissed her head gently, he left the room and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

Athena: She stirred a bit but stayed asleep. She slept for another half hour before she woke up. She sat up and stretched a bit. She was in a good morning this morning. She got up and got dressed. She started to pull her hair back when she noticed the ring. She let her hair drop and looked at the ring. It was beautiful to her. She smiled a bit and looked up at the door. She smiled then walked into the kitchen. She walked right over to Daniel and kissed him. Then leaned back and looked at him. She was smiling.

Daniel: he smiled, "Morning babe."

Athena: "Morning, my dear."

Daniel: "Smiling about last night?" he guessed.

Athena: "No, about this morning."

Daniel: "Normally you're mad when you wake up and I'm not in the bed with you yet. So what's making you smile now?" he took a sip of his coffee.

Athena: "This." She showed him her ring. "My answer is yes, by the way."

Daniel: "You'll wear it so when people ask if you're my wife you'll say yes?" he stood, setting his coffee on the table.

Athena: "Yes." She smiled and watched him.

Daniel: he smiled and stepped up to her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly, "Now you really are a permanent part of my family. You'll have me, Miaso, Shinichi...and hopefully, we can have a child ourselves, one day." he held her close, "We are married, you are my wife...I am your husband. What do you say to that?"

Athena: "I have nothing to say about it except for the part about us having a child of our own one day." She looked at him.

Daniel: "And what about that?" he asked, looking down at her.

Athena: "We might be having one sooner than we thought." She played with some of her hair, looking at her hair as she spoke.

Daniel: he smiled slowly, "I did a good job last night?"

Athena: "Yes's more towards a few weeks ago." She admitted.

Daniel: "That's because I do great every time." he hugged her and kissed the top of her head. A family of his own. This was the happiest day of his life for him- second only to getting his sister and brother back.

Athena: She smiled and hugged him back. She was glad that he was happy. She was happy too. She was actually looking forward to having a family of her own. Her and Daniel- together, forever.