My first kiss was with him, my first love Braden. We had been together over a month before our first kiss. That seemed like a long time but we wanted to actually know if we were going to be together. I have dated other guys before but they never wanted to wait for me. I knew he was the right one for me. We have known each other for many years but we never were close until our freshman year. My boyfriend at the time was yelling at me in the school hallway. Everyone was just watching us. He kept calling me a tease and a prude. My eyes were filled with tears but before I completely started to ball my eyes out. Braden came in and punched my boyfriend in the face. He took me and walked away from the crowd. He hugged me and let me cry on his shoulders. A week later he and I went on our first date. We were happy together and after a month I knew I could trust him. Our first kiss was in a motel. We rented it because we were going to a concert. He and I were sitting on the bed and he pulled me into him and made our lips touch. It was a long kiss he bit my lip which made my mouth open for his tongue to explore my mouth. It lasted long enough for us to be laying on the bed.

Our relationship was going strong our 1 year anniversary happened on a weekend and we spent the weekend together in a cabin four hours away from where we lived. We had planned on having sex that weekend. I trusted him enough to give myself to him. I loved him. He wasn't a virgin he had given himself to his ex girlfriend before we met.

We got to the cabin and we immediately started to kiss and take off our clothes. He laid me on the bed and kissed me tenderly along my body. His lips traced the outline of my body. He warned me that it was going to hurt but it would feel good after awhile. I bared myself for the pain and it stung but he was right it started to feel good. We did it a couple of more times during the weekend and I was hooked. I loved the feeling of us together, being one.

There was a night though a few months after our first time we got into a fight and I went out to a party. I found my ex boyfriend and I grabbed him and kissed him I told him I wanted to have sex with and we went into the nearest room. It strangely felt right to be kissing him. I forced my tongue into his mouth and while doing that we ripped of our clothes. I pinned him onto the bed and kissed his body. We did it about 5 times before he finally got tired I still wanted more but I went back home. Braden was on my bed when I got back home with flowers. He said he was sorry and we did it. A few weeks after though I was never going to be the same the stick said yes. I was pregnant. I Braden but I wonder if he would still love me I the morning when I told him that I didn't know who the father was.

Authors Note:

So this was my first one shot I wrote it a while ago but just now decided to publish it. I hope you enjoy it review please.

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