The inconsequential yet more than coincidental sounds of life's punctuation;

the sound of my dog's wagging tail on whatever he happens to be near;

the rhythm of a chess clock during a blitz game, and the modest sound of one after the finding of a good move (if such a thing exists);

the last chirp of a lone cricket as I approach, and the sounds of my distancing steps until its return;

the first recognizable sound after waking;

the distinguished hum of a familiar car, and the other cars that pass and remind you of it;

the sound of a keyboard, fingers typing with original intent;

applause on a live jazz album, and the muffled conversations and recorded ambience of chiming glasses 'gainst plates – also therein;

the subtle scratches and pops when putting on vinyl (not that overlooked, but it still gets to me);

the silence between songs of your favorite band;

the first few measures of a song you've never heard – soon to be your favorite, and the sound of the song(s) it reminds you of which play in your head and make you want to remember their titles (immediately)...