Taking a drag from his cigarette, Brad Foster stood with his two best friends. Aaron Sanders and Victor Chang were both standing close to Brad, searching for their prey. Brad Foster grinned at all the females that walked past him, giving all of them looks that had 'Fuck me' written all over their faces.

A smile tugged on Brad's lips and he nudged Aaron with his elbow and they watched as Victor tried to pick up a chick walking past.

"Amateur," Brad mumbled to Aaron, who nodded his head in agreement.

"It's because I'm Asian!" Victor threw his hands up in defeat and let his head fall forward.

He was Asian, but he was a good looking Asian. He had black spiky hair and dark brown eyes that looked almost black. He was on the football team with both Brad and Aaron, so he was pretty fit. Well, you had to be fit to be on the football team. It was because he wasn't good with picking up chicks.

Aaron shook his head, his blonde hair falling into his dark green eyes, laughing to himself. "It's not because you're Asian," Aaron said, putting his arm around Victor's shoulder. "It's because you don't know how to pick up a chick."

"Oh, and you know how too?" Victor replied back quickly, stepping out of Aaron's arm.

"Hey, I learned from the best," Aaron smiled, glancing at Brad.

Brad smiled proudly and blew smoke out of his mouth. He put his cigarette on the floor and squished it with his black converse. Brad hardly ever smoked. He recently made a promise to himself to back down on the smoking. He only had a cigarette when he wanted to relax. Brad was the best at picking up chicks. At his school, he was the schools playboy. He could get any girl, or guy (but he didn't swing that way) he wanted.

Victor's eyebrow twitched upwards. They hadn't been friends for long but Victor was aware of Brad's sexual experience. He had just never seen it action before. He had just moved from China but he could speak English really well. Both Brad and Aaron instantly clicked with Victor and they were friends before they knew it. Victor was about to witness Brad show his womanizing skills.

"The best you say?" Victor asked, smirking. Brad didn't like the sound of that. "Show me your ways, Mr I-Can-Get-Anyone-I-Want-In-Bed."

Brad smiled, showing his perfectly white straight teeth. He loved a challenge. "With pleasure," he spun on his heel in search of his victim.

He chose the girl with straight blonde hair and very revealing clothes. In less than five minutes, she was whispering his ear about how he should call her later tonight for some 'fun'. He walked back over to Victor and Aaron. Victor had his jaw to the ground and Aaron had a smug look on his face, and Brad showed Victor the piece of paper that had her number on it.

"How did you do that?" Victor demanded, once his jaw had safely returned to his head. His eyes were wide and were shining with determination.

"Ah, young grasshopper," Brad said, smiling when Aaron tried to hide his laughter. "If I told you that, I'd have to kill you."

The three of them all laughed together. Victor then frowned and licked his bottom lip. Aaron and Brad glanced at each other. Victor only licked his bottom lip when he was in deep concentration, or when he was thinking of a really good idea.

"I bet you can't get anyone," Victor smirked at Brad.

"Not cool, dude," Aaron mumbled, knowing that Brad would love to prove him wrong. Brad loved challenges and bets. He'd never back down from one. One time, when he was in year 11, he streaked across his school for $100.

Brad flicked his dark brown windswept hair out of his baby blue eyes and raised an eyebrow at Victor. "You don't think I can get anyone I want, Chang?"

"No," Victor said, folding his arms over his chest. "I don't you can, Foster."

"Dude–" Aaron started but was cut off by Brad.

"Want to make a bet?" Brad suggested.

Aaron groaned.

"Bring it," Victor's replied.

"What's the deal?"

Victor licked his bottom lip, frowning. Brad hid a smirk, which quickly faded when Victor smiled and his eyes shone.

"There is this girl in my maths class. She's a wallflower, pretty much a loner. The bet is that you have to make her fall head over in heels in love with you, treat her like a princess and make her think she is the only girl for you," Brad snorted at that. "Then screw the fuck out of her, and then of course, dump her. If you do that and we'll give you $600." Aaron's eyes widened and he tried to say something but knew he wanted to see what happened. "Do we have a deal?"

Brad looked at Victor's outstretched hand.

"You're on," he said, shaking Victor's hand firmly.

"Good, you have until the end of the school year."

"Who's the target?"

Victor grinned. Brad realised he could have probably made the worse mistake ever. But he never backed down from a challenge.

"Tamara Johnson."

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